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  1. Is protein powder safe? Here's the scoop I was an idiot and did fasting and worked out and lost a lot of muscle. I'm very upset. I just don't want to have any negative health consequences as a result of taking them. Other than protein powders, I eat extremely healthy. No oils, and 80/10/10. Any studies on the safety of protein powders?


    Also, what is the best vegan sources of protein powder? Would about soy, pea, and brown rice I was I was looking at. Any advice on what is best? What have you found to be most helpful to gaining muscle?

  2. I'm bulking right now. My biggest concern is getting too much protein and the health effects with getting too much. However I don't want it to hinder my gains. I heard 80/10/10 is the healthiest diet.


    Any research on diets and gaing muscle? I want to do it and not harm my body. Protein is acidic and can't get rid of excess however you need the protein as your muscles are being broken down. I was looking at bulking on an 80/10/10. Any advice? I don't know what to do.

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