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  1. Lol yes Tobias you look massive! Thank you for recommending the apps, I will check them out. So why is that protein powder so expensive? Have you heard of Nitrofusion?
  2. Tobias, thanks for your reply and sharing personal experience/examples. I don't think I can do too well counting my calories and proteins though because my diet varies so vastly from day to day. I try to make a smoothie every morning as well but this ends up happening only 3-5x a week. In between which meals do you work out? And how often? What do you think about the time in between working out and getting protein in our system? I have heard that the sooner the better (but no real explanation as to why) and I usually don't get any protein in my system sometimes for even up to an hour after working out.
  3. Hi guys. I just realized that after over a year of being a vegan and over a year of body-weight workouts I have not been watching my protein at all and I also just realized that this is probably why I haven't been seeing the results I believe I deserve. I have always just thought that protein is extremely overrated and whatever I eat is just enough. I don't like to rely or even use shakes. I am 22 years old about 165 lbs and I work hard. I have been trying to put on weight for a long time but it just doesn't happen. I realized that even though I may eat enough, I definitely do not get enough protein. So, how much protein do we really need? I know that it is hard to gain using body-weight fitness only, but I am pretty sure that I deserve some gains considering how hard and regularly I work out. Please advise. Thank you. Also, what do you guys use for protein? I eat a lot of peanut butter but I feel like I have been eating way too much bread. Also not too fond of soy. Thank you.
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