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  1. Thank you, Iris! I was unaware of the vegan eating out website. That will definitely be of use to me. I definitely appreciate the suggestions! Thanks!
  2. Hello all! My name is Todd and I am a 42 year old IT security consultant living in Dubuque, Iowa but about to move back to Denver, Colorado with my wife and son. I was raised in the Denver area so I am excited to move back! I am not new to vegan-ism as about 6 years ago my wife and I decided to try it due to the inhumane way the animals are being treated and for a healthier lifestyle. We followed the vegan recipes and lifestyle for about 7 months and I had never felt so good physically and mentally. Then I lost my job and it was more difficult to keep going with all the fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains as it became too expensive for us and had to go back to the overly-processed cheap foods. We tried to eat as healthy as possible but slowly fell back into the meats and dairy. My wife and I are determined to try it again and stick with it mainly for health reasons. Our son is very interested to give it a try too. I left another post about advice for a traveling vegetarian earlier today and I am always looking for suggestions and ideas about how to transition to a vegan way of eating while traveling pretty consistently for my job. In fact as I write this I am in Nairobi Kenya on a project. I am also interested in getting back to body building for myself and for my health. I am not talking spending hours in the gym and competitions, I just want to look better and feel better about myself and getting my wife to give me a double-take every now and then like she used to do when we met and I was in much better shape (I have a good 20 lbs of fat to lose before I can feel better about myself). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you! Todd
  3. Hello all! I am a new "re-convert" back to vegetarianism on the fence about becoming a vegan for a couple simple reasons and I was hoping someone could give me some advice; 1) I travel pretty consistently for my job so eating vegetarian is hard enough and what I seen going vegan would be even harder. I try to stay at hotels with kitchenettes but it doesn't always work out that way. In addition sometimes it is very difficult to find a health food store in the area. How can I make the final transition to becoming vegan when it is so difficult to find true vegan food? 2) I am also trying to get into shape with body building and running but with all of the traveling I do it can be difficult to track calories, carbs, protein intake, etc. plus if my normal food is more difficult to find how can I make adjustments to keep eating healthy, not eat too much soy, lose the weight I need to lose while lifting? Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Todd
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