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  1. So this is my first post. I took my first BCAA supplement (mrm bcaa+g), and I felt like a monster in the gym this morning! I took 6grams pre and 6grams post work out. Was this a fluke, or is it something I really needed? A little history about my diet. -Pescetarian for 8years -5years ago I cut out all dairy -2years ago I really picked up my training and only ate fish about 3-4times a week -3months ago I cut out all the fish and I'm now totally vegan I felt like my recovery after workouts was slower after cutting out all fish so I wanted to try some Bcaa's. The only other supplements I currently take are Garden of Life-brand raw protein and Now-brand Pea protein. Was I really just lacking Bcaa's or was today's workout a fluke? I really felt like a monster! lol Thanks
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