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  1. I would cancel milk, chesse, eggs and animal based supplements and add Amaranth, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, raisins, peas, maize, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, dates, nuts (walnuts, hazelnutes, almonds ), lupine flour & a raw protein Powder like Sunnwarrior oder growing naturals. Just my suggestions. The rest of your list looks pretty much the same as my grocery list
  2. Well I salute you then buddy. Have you started up a training journal on here yet?.. Thank you! I havnt started one yet. Maybe i will do it in the future.
  3. If that is you in your avi, congrats man. You look amazing !! Thx mate Yes its me
  4. i became vegetarian 3 or 4 years ago. One year later i began to reduce milk, chesse and egg (I ate them maybe once a week). I am now approximately one year 100% vegan (my pic was made one month ago). I am training for 10 years now, its right i had (obvisously) already muscles before i became vegan. But i am right now in the best shape of my life. I order my sunwarrior protein from http://www.american-supps.com/de/Vegetarisch/Vegan
  5. For me (personally) is counting calories really easy. I am from Germany and there is a smartphone app called "FDDB Scanner". It is really simple with this app. I am pretty sure a similar app exists in other countries. I know there exists also a Facebook app called "Cronometer" to count calories. In my opinion it is really helpful (maybe you try it least for a few weeks to get a "feeling" on what/how much you have to eat). I prefer to work out between the 2. and 3. Meal. Generally i work out 5-7 times a week. 5 times when i am doing "normal split training" and 7 times when im doing "highfrequency training" (i dont know if you have heard about it). I dont care too much about the time when i getting protein. Everything in between 2 hours after working out is ok for me. Maybe its better to get it directly after working out, but i am not a professional bodybuilder, so i dont care about it
  6. i also use the Sunwarrior protein. It tastes not bad and it works. I am really happy with it.
  7. Hey, i am not doing calistenics but i am training in gym for about 10 years now. I will just tell you how i get my protein, and my opinion on "how much do we really need". I am 25 years old and i weigh also 165lbs. I am eating 100 - 110 g of Protein every day and I had great success with this amount of protein. I think 120g is the upper limit, you do not need more. In my opinion is the most important point that you eat "smart", which means high carb (fruits), low fat and enough calories (i eat 2700-2900 kcal every day). In general i get 60 to 80% of my calories from carbs, 10 to 20% from protein and 10 to 20% from fat. Most of the time its 70/15/15. A normal day looks like this: - first meal (10-15 minutes after i wake up): Smoothie: 2-3 bananas + 2-3 apples + spinach + frozen fruits + lupine flour ( 20g, lupine flour consists of 40% protein) + cannabis seeds (10g) + flaxseed (10g) (~600kcal and 15-20g Protein) - sendond meal (30-40 minutes after the Smoothie): Oatmeal + raisins + "milk" (soy, oat, almond, hazel, rice...) (~600kcal and 15-20g Protein, 10 additional with soy "milk") - third meal: A great Stew with beans, chickpeas, lenses, maize (beans+ maize = great biological value). (500kcal and 20-25g protein). I often add some rice or potatoes => 900 kcal and 30-35 protein. I always add a salad to this meal (2-3g protein). - fourth meal: some vegetable: I really like broccoli and cauliflower. Both has almost no calories but 2-3 g protein per 100g. 300g broccoli has approximately 100kcal and 9 g Protein => Summarized : 2200 kcal and ~72-87g Protein. During the day i often eat some sprouts, bananas, dates (almost any kind of fuits) and nuts (not more than 20-30g) to fill up my calories. (5 - 15g protein) In total i reach 80-100g protein. 100g are fine, but 80 is a bit low. If i only reach 80 g of protein, i just add one Sunnwarrior protein shake.
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