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  1. It's been a pleasure rob, always nice chatting to you! All the best my friend Just seen this, thanks Ross. Ive actually went back to being a lacto ovo veggie, but ill still pop in to see them sweet gains yaz are making:) Best Rob
  2. Hows it goin Holmes? Still worken dat sweet lat action I hope;)
  3. Getting stronger my friend!! Contest well be a blast, maybe me and Mike should go with bom-boms and be like cheerleaders "is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S, I said this shit - is bananas":) To your sucuss:)
  4. Hey Mike, Pleasure my friend, and the same to yourself:) Ive started a log on Dr Dardens HIT forum, would be great to see ya there:) Ive uploaded some photos for once, ill have videos up soon enough. Best wishes Rob
  5. Hi guys, Its with a heavy heart that I say this, but Ill not be keeping a log here anymore, in the last several days Ive went back to including meat in my diet again, therefore I dont feel its right to post here anymore. I just want to take the opportunity to thank everyone and wish all here the very best of luck for the future. Best wishes Rob
  6. Hey Mike, thanks mate, I had one of the worst days of my life yesterday, had to have my wee cat put to sleep yesterday, she was 18 and had kidney failure, absolutely heart broken. But she had a great life and was treated like a queen, lots of great memories of her. I'll probably take some time away from the gym until my mindset returns. Hope you have a great Easter too:) Best Rob
  7. Went for a 9 mile powerwalk last night, took the bus ul the coast line and walked back home round the coast line up into the country lines that lead to my home, had some Lisa Gerrard on my earphones to boot, bless. That woman's vocal range is off the chart! Lunch time workout today... 1. Plate loaded iso shoulder press 60kg x 8 90kg x 6 120kg x 3 135kg x 1 150kg x 4 rest pause reps to failure (10-15 second rest pauses between reps) 2. Seated cable row (slight hold in peak contraction position) 80kg x 6 Stack x 3 stack + 20kg attached x 6 to failure 3. Leverage Leg Press (technogym) 250kg x 6 300kg x 4 350kg x 3 400kg x 2 450kg x 8 negative only reps to failure / several seconds to lower each rep. Pressed on knees and had training partner help with the lifting. Strength continues to go up, eating well, sleeping well, staying stress free etc, ill probably continue with daily evening walks (for relaxation), shooting for 3-10miles depending on how I feel. Of to the silent vally tomorrow, beautiful place, so peaceful:)
  8. Couldnt go keto mate, I still not about 100-150g of carbs daily, mostly around the workouts. Forgot to mention, the only time I have issues with my diet is when im switching from a high carb diet to a high fat diet, takes a week or so for the brain fog to clear, plus am peeing 15-20 times a day given that the water in leaving the muscles.
  9. Sounds the business man, if I ever decide to go to Wales id be up for it. Moure mountain's here arent too bad, its more distance. You should try to get sponsored for Everst, used to work with a guy that 18,000ft base camp, he just got people to sponsor him. Are you watching the new show on about the rescue helicopters at Everest? Havent seen it as yet but looks good.
  10. Hey Ross, the 100kg sounds the ticket as with that extra weight will come more strength. Remember this tuna salad / chicken and sweet potato munching donut at work saying to me one time, my diet wasnt very good for a gym enthusiast, I laughed at him and say best of luck optimising strength and power eaten "clean", then took another bit of my king size mars bar washed with coke lol. All joking aside, I lived in the same town as Glenn Ross and seen him about all the time, there's a well known cafe/bakery I seen him in once with his wife and child, he had 2 foot long rolls with chicken, cheese and slaw hanging out of them, a bowl of beef stew, 2 cream buns and a pint of coke, minis the meat thats my kinda eaten;) Same here with the veggie mate, love Skyr, its 80% casein, 20% whey, good before bed:) I get the plain one and mix in vanilla powder or cacao, or sometimes just through a scoop of whey or rice protein in....umm umm;) Also loving the chocolate flavoured rice cakes with peanut or almond butter, and dont start me on spuds (remember were am from), I get baby spuds, slice them bitches up and boil em, then drain them of and fry them in the pan with butter Right thats it....am off, hungry as fcuk now:)
  11. Hey Mike, for me I find in fairly easy, gaining mass I go with higher carbs and 5-6 feeds a day, leaning out high fat / low carb with refeeds. I stick with Dr Dardens recommendation on protein of 0.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, that may seem pretty low, but I honestly dont believe we need a lot of protein.
  12. Stones and now logs, lucky son of a....I bet it has a good atmosphere, no monkeys playing on their phones etc. Whats you food intake like this weather Ross? Have you to stay a certian weight[list=] ?
  13. Good stuff, can take a little getting used to. 400ft cliffs, nooooo way would ya get me doing that, if I did id probably need a spare set of draws lol. I check that book out, like that kinda thing, recently watched a good doc again about a cave explorer that got lost for 40+ days back in the early 80s, it was about how is body went into survival mode, absolutely amazing. Think its on youtube, its called the ultimate machine, the brain episode. Theres another story in the same episode of a rock climber who had a 400lb slab of rock land on him and how he pressed it off to survive.
  14. Hey Ross, not strong enough bud lol, gotta be careful though, nearly blackout on the second pulldown hold, blood pressure was way up...opps;) Today's workout... 1. Low Incline Smith Machine Press (matrix - super smooth, best smith ive ever used) 80kg x 6 100kg x 4 120kg x 2 130kg x 1 150g x 5 rest pause reps to failure (10-15 second rest pauses between reps) 2. Plated loaded iso chest supported row (technogym) 100kg x 6 130kg x 3 170kg x 7 reps to failure + 2 more reps to failure after a 10 second rest pause Job done!! Again, workouts are short but brutal, I could add in laterals, curls, extensions etc, but I honestly dont believe I need to, excess is just that...EXCESS! Bodyweight is back at 265lb / 120.2kg, ill probably bring that up to the 280lb / 127kg mark, then ill do a u-turn again and drop down to the 240 mark again, every time I do this I get leaner when in the higher numbers. Currently 4% leaner than the last time I was this weight am at now. Most people like to lean out for summer and clean bulk in the winter, but personally I prefer to bulk in the summer, I feel its also more congruent with our geno, I.,e store energy during times of abundance to get through lomg winters, of course lol, we now have abundance year round and store energy for winters that never come.
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