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  1. Absolutely, but point being, he did it without any changing his calorie intake. Just to be clear, am not advocating people should go on a starvation diet here, am merely pointing out that there is research that's been done showing that a degree of muscle can be built on a starvation diet. Point being, i now feel that consuming a vast number of calories above are maintenance level (ie bulking) is not the best way to proceed.
  2. The research shows a degree of muscle can actually be built on a starvation diet (albeit fairly short term research), as long as the proper training stress is present AND a sufficient recovery period followed. But this is not my point, the point is, people have transformed their physiques with no addition to their diets. Ive a friend who's been powerlifted in the same weight division for years, hes now a bodybuilder (same weight) and he looks completely different, hes leaner, stronger than ever, and his muscularity is outstanding,YET he has never upped his calories.
  3. So today I had a wee nosy in hotel gym a few miles from my new house, well, when I got in and seen what machines they had I near shit myself lol, they had the old school pulse star machines, I joined immediately (I spite of it costing £600 per year)! What I love about these particular machines, is that there on a belt rather than a chain or cable, with the belt there's no friction at all, there as smooth as silk. The gym is very small and private (perfect for my high intensity circuit training) it has no free weights at all and with that, no hairless fake tanned freaks. Couldn't resist a blast today...went with Underhand Pull-down Seated chest press (wide grip) Seated chest supported row Shoulder press (palms facing grip) Pec deck (static hold) Preacher curl machine Seated chest press (close grip) Leg extension Seated leg curl Horizontal squat machine Kinda over did it, but i wanted to get a feel for each machine, they felt great, no joint or back issues and a hellva contraction on each machine. The only downside is that my training partner has more sense when it comes to money and won't join lol. After that I went for a 2hr walk around the country lines that surround my house, lifes great:)
  4. There has been studies conducted at Harvard University that indicated that muscle can be built on a starvation diet...IF, and only IF a the first requisite of building bigger and stronger muscles, ie a proper training stress is present. The first concern of the body with regards to growing bigger and stronger muscles, is that it must be taxed / stimulated by way of a threating stress, only then does nutrition become a concern. The notion that bodybuilding is 85% diet or that we should consume 6 or more meals a day, or that we should consume thousands of calories above our maintenance level (bulk) is simply retarded. As I mentioned, I seen and spoken with far too many individuals that have transformed the physiques with no real dietary changes.
  5. I'm not so sure about that anymore, I've seen and spoken with far too many that have increased their lean mass without any dietary changes. They were training hard, getting adequate rest, staying well hydrated and they were consuming a well balanced diet. It makes sense to me given that there's research that's shown lean mass can be increased on a near starvation diet.
  6. Hey Kathy, go for it, I purchased a maize bag and speed rope today as well. I find it a bit more stimulating than rowing, running or cycling, its also good to sharpen ones tools as well:)
  7. If your genetics has it that your going to have larger muscles, then that's just the way it's gonna be. You've as much chance of rapidly losing muscle as a hardgainer has of rapidly gaining muscle.
  8. 26-10-15 Parallel grip chins Weighted Dips Bent over two arm DB row DB push press BB Curl Trap Bar Deadlift Home workout tonight, had to take a few extra days off due to moving house and my sister getting married. Did a High intensity circuit training workout, kept things KISS, performed one set to vanilla failure per, with no rest between each movement. After a minute or two's rest I banged out a few all out punching /elbow drills on the heavy bag. Been enjoying focusing less on the stimulus component lately and more of the compensation and overcompensation. Feel great and no loss of muscle or strength, quite this opposite actually.
  9. Hi Ubik, I would recommend you look into a form of high intensity, low force training called superslow, whereby you move resistance very slowly (to kill momentum and inertia), this creates a deep level of fatigue without exposing your joints and connective tissues to a lot of wear and tear. Here natural Mr USA Josh Trentine BB champion explains and demonstrates the method (which was actually first developed in the early 80s as a way for woman with osteoporosis to safety strength train). And here is Josh doing a great presentation on HIT.. Diet wise, id recommend you look into trying intermittent fasting (if you havent already), its a great way of reducing inflammation:) Best of luck Rob
  10. It is Kathy, am still feeling the systemic effect from moving thousands of pounds in a little over 7 minutes, great for total conditioning:) Decided not to go with any HIIT mid week, exercising the two day rule.
  11. 17-10-15 1. Underhand pulldown 2. Dips 3. Hammer rows 4. Converging shoulder press machine 5. Leverage leg press 6. BB curl Decided to go back to training once a week, using a high intensity circuit training routine. No rest was taking between each exercise (I trained when the gym was almost empty and I set up the machines ready to rock before hand). Each exercise was preformed with a 2-2-4 cadance, for 5-7 reps each. I love the demand and inroad with this type of training, but I hate loading and unloading the fecken machines lol.... Workout lasted a total of 7 minutes and 22 seconds. Mid week I will do some HIIT on the C2 rower. Diet wise I have made another few changes, after talking with Skeering on his log, he stimulated my thinking with regards to IFing again. So from last Wednesday Ive been eating 3 meals within an 8hr feeding window (spaced 4 hours apart), first few days were tough, but it doesnt take long for the body to adapt. Since Wednesday ive experienced less bloating, so I may try upping my carbs another bit. So farso good:)
  12. Not "trying" to say anything, am stating a fact... Again, I am fully aware of the topic at hand, and the point I made was valid, ie that the body will not utilised what it does not NEED. It was discovered a long time ago by reputable nutritional scientists that protein requirements are not based on activity, but bodyweight, yes a 200lb bodybuilder requires as much protein as a 200lb secretary, of course, i understand that this concept goes right over the head of most bodybuilders.... Protein consumption has been grossly over emphasised within the culture purely for marketing reasons. In my experience, when people arent making progress for a period of years, Its almost always because they arent properly stimulating growth or overtraining...not because a of lack of brotein. Hell, it was even discovered that muscle can be increased on a near starvation diet as long as a proper stimulu and recovery period is employed. That makes sense, given that its only went the first requisite (the stimulus) has been employed does the second requisite (nutrition) come into play. HIT pioneer Dr Darden has been advocating a low protein diet for over 4 decades to thousands upon thousands of clients with great success, some of his studies (some of which were fairly long term) are on record as being some of the highest rates of fat loss with lean tissue retention and gain.
  13. Its no contradiction, in your ignorance you just fail to see the distinction between the two.
  14. Thanks, am well aware of the threads title, however within the thread a debate was going on with regards to protein requirements, so what i said was indeed relevant here... I just love that saying "everyone is different", of course if that were true, the fields of physiology, biology and medical science could not exist, doctors would not be able to perform surgeries, make diagnosises or dispense medicine. What there is, is independent variables from one individual to the next, however the same universal principles still apply.
  15. Some of the best natural bodybuilders in history used a macro ratio of 60/20/20, including the likes of Steve Reeves, of course, back in his day bodybuilders didnt believe having ridiculously low levels of bodyfat. The concept of NEED is something that reverberates thoughout biology, and when it comes to nutrition, NEED is something the CAN NOT be transcended. If someone for example NEEDS 60mg daily of vitamin C, and that someone decided to consume hundreds or even thousands and milligrams over that by way of supplementation, the body will not use a single milligram more than it NEEDS, it will simply excrete what it doesnt NEED. The same is true with protein, the only difference being, protein contains calories, and gorging on protein can make someone just as fat as any other macronutrient. I know quite a few individuals who consume high protein diets and have big bellies! "Less is not better and more is not better, PERCISE is best" Mike Mentzer
  16. Love it, am a big fan of Lalanne and the bodybuilders/ althetes from his era (Steeve Reeves being my fav). Are you into IF?
  17. 11-10-15 Legs 1. Leverage squat machine 160kgs x 10 reps 180kgs x 8 reps 200kgs x 6 reps 120kgs x 15 reps 2. Leg extension stack x static hold to failure immediately followed by 3. Hip belt static squat (a former trainer reffered to this exericse as the electric chair, as when your begin to reach failure you began to shake all over lol) BW x static hold to failure 4. Lying leg curl 57.5 kgs x 2 sets of 21s 5. Calf presses Stack x one set to failure Nice change of pace, though the squat irritated my low back, back to leverage leg pressing me thinks! Heart scared a lower back flair up.
  18. Good stuff:) The guys and gals here are open minded mate, your intentions are good and thats what matters:) You could also try rice or hemp protein, lentils are another great source of protein aswell. Best Rob
  19. Hi Skeering, Wow, zero carbs, that tough. Am a low carber myself, but I still shoot for 80-100 grams of carbs a day, plus I use simple sugars for performance and glycogen replenishment. You can indeed ample protein from a varied whole food plant based diet, of course, you'll also clock up a lot of carbs and fiber with that....not a bad thing for some, but if your like me and dont have the insulin sensitivity you once had...not a good thing. Moreover, grains, beans, pluses etc can and cause a host of digestive issues for many...myself included. Ive personally brought fish, omega 3 enriched eggs and some full fat dairy back into my diet. But experiment for yourself and see how you good, may work very well for you:) Just checked out convict conditioning, looks good. Ive been mulling over bodyweight resistance training for a while now, I recently got a copy of the HIT coach Drew Baye's project Kratos, its pretty good. Best of luck, and will be following your journel. Rob
  20. Yeah mate, though i think ill cut it to just 3 sprintsin future, my low back started getting sore on the last sprint:(
  21. Change of pace today... Underhand pulldown x 2 max static holds with 130kgs supersetted with Flat barbell bench press x 2 sets of 5 repswith 120kgs Bent over two arm DB rows x 2 sets of 8 with 2x45kgs + one drop set with 2x35kgs supersetted with Flat v-grip DB bench press x 2 sets of 6 with 2x50kgs + one drop set with 2x40kgs BB shrugs x 2 sets of 6 reps with 160kgs + one max static hold with 180kgs Concept 2 rower 4 x 500 metre sprints Decided to add a little cardio (no, you didnt misread that lol), ive been taking longer between sets lately as am trying to maximise my strength, therefore, im going to add some HIIT to the end of each training session (got the idea from watching a Svend Karlsson training video on youtube) Who knows, I may even throw in some squats and standing miliary presses next:))
  22. Can you imagine a true strength athlete with lovely soft hands? After 2 and half decades of training ive yet to meet one...
  23. Hi Kathy, Yes, there's the max contraction training book and advanced max contraction book, you can also watch the hour long max contraction training video on youtube. Its also discussed in the body by science books. There also a brilliant interview with the creator of MCT John Little on high intensity nation.
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