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  1. From the ridiculous to the darn right stupid shit ive seen in the gym over the years, its become clear to me that the vast majority of "personal trainers" haven't got the slightest clue what their at, moreover most of them offer nutritional advise as a part of the service....even though most of them arent even qualified to do so! I second Ross's opinion, fire the asshole and tell him if animal protein is so important for building muscle, then how come theres well documented research that shows muscle can be built on starvation diet as long as an adequate stimulus is employed. Unfortunately gyms are now riddled today are with these over groomed, fake tan, cheesy bastards!
  2. 9-8-15 Chest / back 1. Pec deck - stack (110kgs) + training partner applying manuel resistance to the top of the stack x one static hold to fail immediately followed by... 2. Seated converging chest press machine - stack (130kgs) x 3 reps to fail + two negatives 3. Close grip palms up pulldowns - 100kgs x one set to failure + one static hold to failure 4. Seated cable row - 95kgs to failure 12-8-15 Legs / abs 1. Power squat machine - 150kgs x one set to failure + 120kgs x one set to failure 2. Calf presses - static + training partner applying manuel resistance x 2 sets to failure 3. Static crunch performed on a pulldown machine and using ab slings x 1 set to failure Ive been in the gym am at now for several weeks and didnt even realise theres a power squat machine, was nice a change, no knee or back pain:)
  3. Hey lads, Use the BCAA's both pre and post, but even more importantly, take them with glucose (pre to improve prefromance as the high order fibers are glycolytic /post for to replenish glycogen stores and for to provoke an insulinogentic anabolic effect) or the body will just use the BCAA's to replenish the glycogen stores. I also take a pre workout loaded with creatine and caffeine. The whole combo has really done wonders for me. (Though my wife wants me to stop taking the preworkout at night, apparently I kick her in my sleep lol:)
  4. Hi Ross, I'd the same problem when becoming fat adapted, but since I've start taking glucose and amino acids pre, intra and post workout, my performance and recovery rate has sky rocketed:)
  5. 5-8-15 Just got done with a MCT arm workout...lotta fun, I cant remember the last time I hit the gym for the sole purpose of training arms:) Started with heavy Tricep pressdowns with a revolving straight bar, worked up to 45kgs for several strict reps, then attacted the rope to the cable machine and performed a maximal static contraction extension, with my arm drawn right back by my side using 30kgs per arm, as soon as my triceps give out i took a 10 second rest pause and then went at it again to failure. Triceps toasted! For Biceps, I shimmed over to the technogym biceps machine (an awsome device), here I worked up to a maximal static hold using the stack + 7.5kg plates added to the lever arms, here I did the same as with the triceps extension, I held the resistance to failure, took a 10 second rest pause then went at it again. For dessert, I performed a single maximal static hold on underhand pulldowns (with the resistance held in the bottom position). Job done, really enjoyable workout, felt fantastic. Recovering well, and getting stronger by the week, I still feel this is down to the added supplementation and improved diet plan. Post workout meal was a jalapeño and tomato pasta with added chickpeas, for afters I had 200grams of soy yoguart with one scoop of chocolate flavored rice protein thrown in (40grams of protein). Num Num Num:)
  6. 2-8-15 BACK / BICEPS Close Grip Palms Up Pulldown 110kgs x static hold to failure Immediate drop set 90kgs x static hold to failure Seated Cable Row 95kgs x one set to failure 3. Machine Curl (Technogym) 75kgs x one static hold to failure immediate drop set 50kgs x one static hold to failure Done in 9 minutes! 4-8-15 LEGS Leverage Leg Press 400kgs x one set to failure (slightly static hold in the bottom position, before an explosive positive) 3-4 minute rest 300kgs x high rep set to failure Calf Presses 200kgs + training partner applying manuel resistance x 2 sets to failure + partial reps Static Crunch (using ab slings on a pulldown machine) 65kgs x 2 static holds to failure 11 minute workout (well in fairness the machine took a while to load and unload:)
  7. That's true, In fact Mike Mentzer believed one could actualize his or her genetic potential in one year or less (if following a properly conducted hit program), I would agree with him on this, as most make the bulk of their gains in the first year of proper training. So I guess its possible to use s tape for the first while, of course as you near your genetic potential its not going to be really possible. The mirror is a good quide as well:) BBS is a good approach, I used it several years ago when I started back training after suffering a stroke. But I dont feel its ideal appoarch if one is trying to optimise his or her development. Im also not so sure anymore in the one set to failure theroy nethier, ive been experiementing with 3-4 sets to failure on certian bodyparts and am liking the response. Am beginning to believe that the first heavy set with max load merely primes cns, its possibly the second and third sets with lighter loads that cause most of the hypertrophic response. Ive also in recent years become a big believer variation....so that the body doesn't adapt to doing the same thing over and over ( in line with the SAID princple and GAS). Best of luck Rob
  8. When you go low carb / high protein, your liver will simply convert the access protein into glucose and your body will sercte insulin just as much as if your eating carbs. If going low carb, its your fat intake that needs to be high (ketogenic diet), with just enough protein and no more ( that can take a bit of trail and error ). Best Rob
  9. Lets say for instance your were to train once a week in hit style for the next year, and you added 5lbs of lean muscle to your frame. That would average a mere 0.096 grams of muscle stimulated from each training session, so thats not going to be all that measurable with a tape from one workout to the next. I would only recommend using tape once in a blue moon. Are you following the body by science big 5 workout by any chance?
  10. Hi BA, Thanks:) I would say if your goal is to just improve your general health its fine, but if your goal is to optimize your development, then I'd say its not enough. I base that opinion on my own experience and the experience of many other advanced hitters. After several months of infrequent training (2-3 workouts per mon,th) , it became apparent to me that I was becoming more and more deconditioned from the lack of metabolic effect of training (in spite of the fact i was becoming stronger each and every workout). In my opinion, you'd be better to keep your current freqency as it is, but reduce the volume and or stress of your workouts, so rather than a 5 compound movements all in one workout, reduce it to 2-3 compound movements and then one or two smaller isolation movements (which are less stressful). Growth can be measured, body by science co authur and max contraction creator John little used bod pod testing on over 1000 of his clients, he found the average individual required 6.6 days before anything showed up as the result of a workout. Of course thats not a one size fits all, you may requre more or less. Persoanlly I found another hit proponent (BIll Sahli) idea better (since must of us dont have access to bod pods), he refers to it as the 2 day rule, basically you wait until you feel 100% fully recovered from a workout, you then take 2 additional days off (to allow for overcompsion to take place). Hope that answers your questions:) Rob
  11. Maximally contracted holds are extremely productive (no gimmick , they work best on single joint machines ( though they can be used with certian compound movements as well) ie pec deck, machine lateral raise, machine curls, leg extensions/curls etc. Have your training parnter or ask someone in the gym to help you into the fully contracted position with at least 30-40% more resitance than you cant normally lift through a full range of motion. Ideally, you would have them help you lower the weight when you can no longer sustain the hold. Theres many other techniques that can be salted into the routine, rest pause training, pre exhaustion, J-Reps etc, but in the last 24 years of my training ive found nothing to be as productive as max contraction training, not only is it a superior method for developing size and strength, its greatly reduces the wear and tear on the joints and connective tissues (that might not be important to you now, but when you get older it will:) One thing to keep in mind, maximal static contractions are a high stress technique, so you need to ensure and properly regulate your volume and frequency our youll very quickly become over trained. hope this helps Rob
  12. 29-7-15 Chest / Triceps 1. Seated converging chest press Stack (130kgs) x 5 reps to failure 90kgs + resitance bands x 9 reps to failure 70kgs + resistance bands x 10 rest pause reps to failure 2. Pec deck stack (110kgs) + training partner applying manuel resistance to stack x one static hold to failure 3. Triceps pressdowns 42.5 kgs x one set to failure 4. One arm cable rope extension 27.5kgs x one static hold to failure Done and dusted after 13 minutes of training. Left shoulders out today, have a little touch of tendinitis in my left elbow, laterals seem to irritate it. Legs up next in a day or two, however it goes better than last time:)
  13. I would agree with Ross, soreness is not an indicator that growth has been stimulated. There were times ive used super heavy negative only training, with as much as 40% more weight that I can lift normally, the level of DOMS I had was extreme which could last for up to a week or more, but this extreme appoarch did not produce superior results. In fact I would now argue against the notion ythat we need to cause mirco truma/tears in our muscles for them to recover and grow back bigger and stronger, reason being, one can increase their muscular strength and size using static holds with no micro truma taking place, moreover the human heart can enlarge without any micro truma being caused to it. For me, the 3 undisputed factors to size and strength increases are high intensity training, progressive intensity and sufficient recovery periods. Nutrition is a secondly factor in the process. Just my 2 cents:) Rob
  14. Hit zee back, biceps & calves today after a 3 day rest... 1. Close grip palms up pulldown - One working set with 100kgs to failure - 30 second rest - One static hold with 100kgs to failure (weight held in the finnished position) 2. Seated cable row - One working set to failure with 95kgs (holding the weight in the contracted position for a second or 2 with sach rep) 3. Machine curl (technogym) - One static hold with 67.5kgs to failure 4. Calf press machine - One working with the stack (200kgs) + training partner applying additional resistance to failure + serveral partials Job done! Workout lasted a mere 15 minutes ( including a few warmup sets not mentioned). Ive come back fo my senses lol, its not the volume of mechanical work done with muscle, but the intensity that counts:) Happy training Rob
  15. Yeah mate, I decline press is a superior pec exercise (not just the lower pecs, but for the entire pec), but if one is looking for too maximise the pec development, then a flye movement that provides resistance in the contracted position is imo a must. Moreover, if your such an individual such as myself with strong but quick to fatigue fast twich triceps, then your pecs will not / can not receive full stimulation from any pressing movement. With db flyes, you get the timber effect were the resistance kicks in the pecs weakest position (straining the rotor cuff), with almost no resistance being provided in the position you need it most, ie the fully contracted position. Of course for the home trainee, I realise youve got to go with what youve got, when I trained at home for a serveral year period, I use one arm cable crossovers from my pulldown machine, wasnt bad, but nothing as good as maximal static contractions on a pec deck, at least, thats been my findings:)
  16. Opps...sorry:) Was just having one of those days yesterday, back to cutting today.....well maybe tomorrow:)
  17. Leg day Technogym leverage leg press 2 warm up sets with 200, then 300kgs for several reps each, then one all out set with 400kgs for several reps (want to own this weight before taking it up another notch). After a 3 minute rest, I followed up with a second working set to failure, this time with 350kgs. I then rested a further 3 minutes and then performed a static hold to failure with 300kgs, holding the resistance in the position of maximum motor arm. Legs were by this time were completely f#$ked. I proceeded to do the jello walk over to the calf press machine, were I sat down on the machine and said to my training partner..f##ked it, am done. I then went home i glugged down fresh orange juice with BC amino's and glucose mixed in, I then flaked out on the couch for a solid 3 hours lol. Think I may have over done it today, just a tad:) when I woke up I was as hungry (for carbs) as a bear out of hibernation, I polished off two soy burgers in muili seeded bread, with tomatoes, lettuce, gherkins, fried onions and sweet corn relish, followed up with a medium tub of this morroccon sweet potato, curried chick pea stuff my misses gets me, and then nicely rounded off with a a big ass fruit salad and a rice protein shake...calories?? Hmm...probably a few thousand+ Back and biceps are up next ( ill through in some calf presses to make up for todays fiasco ), ill give it a day or two.
  18. This is exactly why I no longer preform bb benchs, its more a shoulder and triceps movement. The function of pectoralis major to draw the arms down and across the chest, so its important to choose exercises that furfills that function. Cable crossovers satisfy that function perfectly. Another cracker is a max contracted static holds on a pec deck, holding the resistance in the position of full contraction...(Static holds....an equaliser for us long ams apes:)
  19. 20.7.15 Chest 1. Murkus Ruhl style Cable crossover x 2 sets to failure 2. Pec deck machine x 1 static hold omega set to failure Shoulders 1. Machine lateral raise x 1 static hold set to failure 2. Underhand front cable raises x 2 sets to failure Triceps 1. Straight bar pressdowns x 2 sets to failure 2. One arm cable rope extension x 1 static hold to failure Felt great after 3 days off, fancied a taste of some max contraction training, lol pecs are sore as hell after the omega set on the pec deck. On all static holds, the resistance is held in the fully contracted position. On the one arm cable rope extension, I make sure to take 3-4 steps back away from the machine to insure the motor arm is at its fullest in the contracted position. MCT legs on Wednesday or Thursday, cant wait:(
  20. Yeah, the last time I attempted 400kgs I failed on the first rep lol, this time round I got 7 slow, controlled, deep reps:) Am no mr universe, but i guess its not bad for a natural stroke victim with degenerative disc syndrome lol. Have a great weekend Rob
  21. Good stuff, good to see, my only issue is that this individual has all the tell tale signs of a serious drug user. After training with the Mr Northern Ireland and Mr Universe competitor John Martini, I was informed of just how much drug use there is...even within amatuer organisations such as NABBA. Rob
  22. Just got done with a back and biceps workout 1. Underhand pulldowns - 95kgs x 2 working sets to failure + static hold to failure 2. Seated cable row - 90kgs x 2 working sets to failure 3. Mike Quinn style one arm DB rows ( pulling the DB into the hip / lower lat)- 45kgs x 2 working set to failure 4. Cable curls - 40kgs x 2 working sets to failure Job done! Leg workout 14-7-15 1. Leg extension (to pre exhaust the quads) - 90kgs x 2 working set to failure + static hold to failure 2. Leverage leg press - 400kgs x 1 working set to failure + 1 working set to failure with 350kgs 3.calf presses - 200kgs ( stack ) - 1 working set to failure + several partials. Job done! Chest / shoulders / Triceps 13-7-15 1. Markus Ruhl style cable crossover ( to pre exhaust the pecs ) 80kgs x 2 working sets to failure 2. Iso leverge Incline press 130kgs x 2 working sets to failure 3. Assisted dips x 2 working sets to failure 4. One arm cable lateral raise 20kgs x 2 working sets to failure 5. Pressdowns 45kgs x 2 working sets to failure Job done! Very happy with my training at the mo, strength is up, condition is improving every week, and my recovery rate is still much better than it was, that being said, am gonna take 3 days off for some R&R. Just one small issue with my left elbow/forearm, seems I may have a little tendinitis beginning, so am avoiding anything that causes any pain. Rob.
  23. Bar my lot (loyalists) letting themselves down rioting again during marching season, that and were not getting much in the way of a summer..all good:) Do you still look after the bats? Been doing a lot this weather to help with the stray sea front cats in my home town (Bangor), the local council has been dying to get them put down for years now, however because a group of us have claimed them and look after them they cant touch them:) Take it easy mate (by the way, dem pipes are getting bigger ). Rob
  24. Keep in mind, the bodies first priority is not to grow, but to replenish lost glycogen after an intense workout, so ensure and take some sort of easly aposorbing sugar (I like glucose) with that post workout shake, other wise the body will just use the protein to replenish lost glycogen (keep in mind carbs are protein sparring). If getting lean were your goal, then sugary sports drinks would be out, but since you are lean, I wouldnt see having the odd sports drink to be a huge problem, of course id still recommend gluggin down good old fashioned h20, theres better options for increasing ones calories. Best Rob
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