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  1. Salsa verde....now your talking:) Found a couple of good EB recipes on line, love them... Chocolate chip cookie EB's... -2-3 scoops of rice, hemp or soy protein powder -1 cup of almond meal -1/2 cup of almond butter -1/4 cup of maple syrup -1/4 cups of dairy free mini chocolate drops Mixed them all up into a dough like consistency, roll into to balls and refrigerate. Lemon and blueberry EB's... -1 1/2 cups of cashews -1/2 cup of shredded coconut -1/2 cup of dried blueberries -3/4 cup of pitted dates -Juice of one fresh lemon -teaspoon of lemon zest -teaspoon of vanilla extract Mix in a food processor (bar the coconut) until it the mixture is a dough like consistency, then roll into small balls, and roll in coconut. These suckers taste great and well keep ya going strong:)
  2. Salsa's the bomb:) Trying to be a wee bit more adventurous in the kitchen, started experimenting with different flavoured "energy balls" and flaxseed muffins etc. Yum Yum:)) 8-3-15 LEGS (After warm-up sets) 1. SEATED LEG PRESS Zone training - 1 working set to failure 2. CALF PRESSES Zone training - 1 working set to failure 3. WEIGHTED BACK EXTENSION (Hams & Glutes) 2 working sets to sub-failure
  3. Getting my hands on a copy of Brian Johnston's new book aimed at the natural trainee looking to optimize hypertrophy book next week, it called "high density training" (by high density, he refers to techniques and methods that produce more contractions per unit of time). If its anything as good as his variation book/dvd combo I'll be well chuffed. I liked his recent post on the Dr Darden HIT forum entitled "How NOT to bodybuild". http://www.drdarden.com/readTopic.do?id=665842&pageNo=0 4-3-15 CHEST / SHOULDERS / TRICEPS 1. PEC DECK FLYE (Zone training) ** 2. HAMMER INCLINE PRESS (piston/rhythmical high reps) ** 3. NEGATIVE DIPS (BW only) * 4. MACHINE LATERAL RAISE (Zone training) ** 5. ONE ARM LEANING D-B LATERAL RAISE (Regular full range) * 6. TRICEPS PRESSDOWNS (Zone training) ** 7. LYING TRICEPS EXTENSION (Straight bar) * * 2 working sets to sub failure * 1 set to failure 6-3-15 BACK / BICEPS 1. MACHINE PULLOVER (Zone training) ** 2. UNDERHAND PULLDOWN (Zone training) * 3. SEATED CABLE ROW (Piston/rhythmical high reps) ** 4. BB SHRUG (Regular full range) * 5. PREACHER CURL MACHINE (Zone training) ** 6. D-B HAMMER CURLS (Regular full range) * 7. WEIGHTED BACK EXTENSION (piston / rhythmical high reps) ** *2 working sets to sub fail * 1 set to failure Both workouts completed within 30 minutes. Diets going well, found a good source of organic brown rice protein powder, didn't realize what a great amino acid profile it has. Todays munching... 1. Oatmeal with 2 scoops of rice protein mixed in + 2 chopped banana's 2. Chocolate flavoured almond butter on Ezekiel bread 3. Two black bean and quinoa stuffed peppers + one scoop of rice protein + a handful of walnuts 4. 3 portions of fruit (grapes and melon) 5. CHRIS SALSA AND BROCCOLI SALAD (hat tip to him:) 6. 2 scoops of hemp protein and some mixed nuts
  4. Happy days Chris, good stuff, I've had to do it a good few times myself. It was a wee tip I heard in a John Little interview a few years ago:) 26-2-15 Back / Biceps Underhand Pulldowns (1 1/4 reps) One Arm Hammer Row Stiff Arm Pulldowns BB Shrugs 1-3-15 Legs / Lower Back Leverage Leg Press Calf Press Machine Weighted Back Extension One set to failure per movement
  5. Hi Chris, Nausea while training is usually the result of glycogen being burned out of the muscles, the muscles then attempts to continue contracting by manufacturing more glucose out of the lactic acid that has been building up within the muscle, resulting in ph levels dropping (especially when using compound movements were several large muscles are working in concert). What you can do, is when you feel the nausea coming on, pop a tea spoonful of sugar under your tongue, it'll very quickly bring up your ph levels, I find it works well. Also you could take a slightly longer rests between sets and /or exercises. Hopefully that helps:) Rob
  6. Strong workout today... 1. Hammer Incline Press - 140kgs x 5 reps to failure + 2 negatives 2. Machine Lateral Raise - 80kgs x 8 reps to failure + static hold 3. Weighted Negative Dips - BW (245lb) + 25kg x 7 superslow reps Resorted back to my old 3 set workouts, 3 way split as they allow me to maximize intensity better, though I enjoy a good full body workout, for me it becomes too much in one sitting after only a few weeks. Happy with todays workout, the negative Dips are thickening up my triceps and frontal delts like nobody's business:) Upper arm is sitting at 17 1/4", forearms are 15 1/2". I believe my forearms have increased in size due to no longer using wrist straps....should have burned them things long time ago! Enjoying being vegan again, my recovery from the workouts seems better, moreover my back and joints don't seem to be flaring up as much, I guess my body isn't as inflamed:0
  7. Been performing the following workout this last few weeks... Once every 5-7 days... Leg Presses (accentuating the negative so as not to go too heavy or high in reps) Hammer Rows (love this machine) Negative Dips (negative only as am having issues with my shoulder) + 2 varying isolation movements First workout - Pec Deck Flye & Stiff Arm Pulldown Second workout - Curl & Press-downs Third workout - Calf Presses & Weighted Back Extension - Just one set to failure per movement, done and dusted in a mere 20 minutes.
  8. Hey Chris, thanks mate:) Its been on my mind for a while now, eating eggs and dairy has not produced any better gains than being 100% plant based diet, though, even if it did, its not fair that a animal must suffer for me. I also think us vegans are more creative when it comes to food, you think more about what foods to eat and combined. Its a more varied and thus balanced way of eating.
  9. Today i made the choice to eliminate the eggs and dairy from my diet, and once again go fully vegan. I recently watched some videos that really annoyed me and got to me. After watching it, i just cant bring myself to eat by-products. The last time i went vegan it was for health reasons, this time its for ethical reason's.
  10. Hi Own-It, I understood what your were saying, but from what your saying there's a few basic fundamental's you've not grasped yet. There is a principle within exercise science referred to as the SAID - specific adaptation to imposed demands (you may will have heard of this), which means the body adapts in a specific fashion to specific demands. If your goal is to carry out large volumes of work, then you must train in a specific fashion, ie., with low to moderate intensity, employing large volumes of work / sets etc. If on the other hand your goal is to increase your muscular size and strength, then you must also train in a specific manner, ie., with high intensity and a low volume of work / sets. The body does not have 100 units of adaptive resources available for adaptation for size and strength, and another 100 units of adaptive resources available for adaptation from endurance training, its has but 100 units period! As the former Mr Universe Mike Mentzer told me "training guided by mixed premises will NOT yield results of the same magnitude as adaptive specific training". On a side note, zone training enables you to reduce the overall volume of work/sets considerable as it allows for more contractions per unit of time. A good thing for the natural trainee with a very limited recovery ability that wants to optimize hypertrophy. Why is it bad to training anaerobically all the time? Aerobic activity does not increase lean muscle mass (aerobic activity can actually cause you lose lean mass, this is why more and more bodybuilders are no longer partaking in aerobic pre-contest), improve flexibility, increase bone density, or ramp up your metabolism the way anaerobic training does. Aerobic activity is an efficient way of losing bodyfat, and contrary to popular belief, aerobics is not the best method for improving cardiovascular efficiency (this has been proven of the last several decades).
  11. Pardon me all over the place, i thought you were asking for advice with regards to little being made in 2 years... Whether your trying to lose bodyfat or gain muscle or both, its all the same. Activity in and off itself, is inefficient for losing bodyfat, as a single pound of fat can fuel the body for up to 10-12 hours of continuous steady state activity. I was able to lose 55lbs of fat and gained 8lbs of muscle in a six month period a few years ago, the only exercise i did, was a HIT workout once per week lasting mere 12-15 minutes. The number one factor in a fat loss program is the maintenance of muscle tissue, and excess activity will actually cause you to lose muscle (not to mention increased wear and tear on the body).
  12. 22-1-15 Legs(Zone training 1/2's) 1. Leg Extension (bottom half, then top half) 2 x working sets - last set to failure 2. Seated Leg Press (bottom half, rest pause then top half) x 2 working sets - last one to failure 3. Seated Leg Curl (top half, then bottom half) x 2 working sets - last one to failure 4. Calf Press Machine (top half, then bottom half) x 2 working sets - last one to failure 25-1-15 Back/Chest (Zone training 1/2's) 1. Pullover machine (bottom half, then top half) 2 working sets - last one to failure 2. Hammer Rows (top half, then bottom half) 2 working sets - last set to failure 3. Pec Deck Flye (top half, then bottom half) 2 working sets - last set to failure 4. Dips (bottom half, then top half) 2 working sets - last set to failure Happy with how training is going this weather, utilizing zone training and pre-exhaustion has help reduce the stress of my workouts, though their still providing growth stimulation. Diet wise, still consuming eggs and a little dairy again, but I've eliminate the fish.
  13. Hey Eden, Looks good, nice ratio's... I use to have 2 spoonful's of coconut oil mid morning, and or one scoop of protein powder, seemed to help take the edge of little, i found as long as the small snacks were low in carbohydrate it didn't seem to stimulate my appetite. Then carb backload later. Are you training fasted?
  14. Hi Own-It, No worries:) I would recommend you don't focus so much on how many calories were burned as the result of a workout, its possible to significantly inroad and stimulate the body without burning all that many calories. I made my best gains keeping my workouts very intense and below 30 minutes, with a maximum of 2 workouts per workout. Results are proportional to the intensity of effort put forth, not the volume. Best of luck Rob
  15. No worries:) I like a combination of both compound and isolation movements, for function reason's, compound movements don't provide the correct physics to thoroughly stimulate a each and every individual muscle group, so from the pov of someone wanting to optimize their hypertrophy and overall balance, it only stands to reason they would salt in some isolation movements.
  16. Hey Chris No worries mate:) Zone training (aka J-Reps, aka staged reps)... The performance of this is a difficult one to explain, but this article explains it well... http://www.trulyhuge.com/news/tips68y.html Here is some videos... What makes this rep method superior for hypertrophy optimization, is that your achieving more contractions per unit of time, if you perform a squat in thirds for example, you'd get 3 times as many contractions as you would do if you were to perform the movement through a regular full ROM, this is turn creates a far greater level of congestion within the muscle, with less overall movement. Also, its also been noted in recent years, that muscular contractions are somewhat more diverse than simply happening from origin to insertion, it seems there is a shifting of tension among the fibers, that is, when one "section" of fibers become fatigued, another set or section literately gets "tagged in" and takes over, so with that in mind, it would suggest zone training is a perfect tool for optimizing fiber recruitment and hypertrophy as it has you fatigue one set of fibers before moving onto the next set. Another nice by-product of zone training, is that you only require 60-70% of the weight you would normally use with regular performed reps (meaning less load impinging upon the joints and connective tissues), and although there is less resistance being using, the tension is more targeted and specific. With regards to performance, one can perform them in half's or thirds, you could preform one zone right after another, or you can take a 10 second rest pause between zones, or you could for example, preform 3 bottom 1/3 reps, 3 middle 1/3 reps and then 3 top 1/3 reps, then take a 10 second rest pause and go again (repeat 4-5 times over until failure). Hope that explains it a wee bit:) Rob
  17. Hi Own-It, I'd echo some of Chris's thoughts... With regards to natural bodybuilding, its important you don't overtrain, i would recommend you use hypertrophy specific techniques such as zone training / J-Reps and 1 1/4 reps, these techniques allow for more contractions per unit of time (thus enabling you to reduce the volume of your workouts), which in turn produces a greater level of congestion within the muscles. If its bodybuilding your training for, many will tell you that all you need to do is add more weight to the bar or machine (that's strength training), what these people have failed to understand or just don't realize, is that strength is finite. Moreover, just because we get stronger at certain movements, it does not mean that lifting extra weight will automatically translate into more muscle. Muscle is a metabolically expensive tissue, so rather than producing more muscle, the body learns cope and uses itself more proficiently. For the most part, strength increases are more to do with improvement's in intramuscular coordination and neuromuscular adaptations. This is why for someone wanting to their optimize hypertrophy, they should regularly change their workouts, sets and reps, resistance, techniques used etc. Present the body with new challenges, have you ever notice when trying out a new exercise or technique for the first time for example, it feels great, you get a much greater pump, you sorer for longer etc, even though you may be using a light weight, and yet, the second or third time you perform it the same thing, it just doesn't seem to feel the same as it did the first time, even if this time you could will be using a heavier weight. See were am coming from? After 23+ years of training, i can honestly say that the biggest growth spurts i ever had came as the result of changing something, whether that was switching from Volume training to HIT, new routine, new technique or a new exercise. Variation IS the mother of all innovation, of course most people don't like change, no one likes to be taking out of their comfort zone:) Hope this helps Best Rob
  18. Hey Eden, Sound's like your brain may be deprived of too much glucose, especially if your not able to consume a sufficient number of calories in your overeating phase. The research show's that natural feasters are able to overeat because they have low levels of two particular hormones, namely GLP-1 and PYY, they are what signals our brain to tell us were full. Since I've never liked eating massive meals (even after a day's fasting), I've came to the logical conclusion that I must have normal levels of these hormones. My brother on the other hand will fast all day and then polish of 3000+ calories in one sitting at night (btw, hes fat). Of course, super huge meals of 1000+ calories trigger's a heavy insulin response, this is why most reputable nutritionist recommend consuming smaller, more regular meals, with carb's coming from low glycemic sources such as beans, whole grains, fruits and vegatables etc. (Yes this contradicts what I've said in past posts, but I've turned a counter in this last few months:) The number ONE factor in any fat loss program, is the maintenance of lean muscle tissue, the second most important thing is the fat loss itself, it's important to remember the order of these factors. In the first few weeks you'll more than likely lose mostly water, after that it will mostly come from fat. To do this, make sure and... - keep your workouts intense, but brief and infrequent - Eat carbohydrate rich meals (Carb's are hydrated carbon atoms, remember, muscle is mostly water. Carbs also have a protein sparring effect) with ample amounts protein and fats. - Drink your water ice cold to enhance fat burning. - Take after dinner walks to enhance fat burning. - Get plenty of sleep, extra sleep if possible. - Avoid excessive cardio sessions. I would strongly recommend you read exercise Dr Darden's book "the bodyfat breakthrough", Dr D has been conducting fat loss and muscle building research for over 4 decades, he was also a competitive natural bodybuilder for 10 years, so he know's were the strength athlete is coming from. His latest study had the biggest fat losses (with muscle retention and gain) ever recorded, (several of the participants were vegans or vegetarians), brilliant book. Unlike Hofmekler and many others like him (paleo and fad diet promoters), Darden is actually qualified to dispense nutritional advise:) Ultimately, you need to ask yourself the question, is warrior diet way of eating something you can sustain longterm? OR is it better to stick with the basic eating plan that is better suited to your physiology and lifestyle, and thus, something you can stick with long term. Hope this helps Rob
  19. Hey Eden, That's cool, a little cooked food will do ya no harm:) I've tried the warrior diet myself, i like Ori's theory behind the warrior diet, and his anti estrogen diet book, but for me, it was a bit too hard to stick with long term (i now no why). I've went back to using the 5:2 diet plan, ie limiting calories to only 600 on fasting days. I think the reason why the warrior diet (20hr undereating phase, 4 hr overeating phase) is because naturally, i'm not much of a "feaster", am more a "constant carver" so limiting calories to only 600 2 days a week is for me a little more doable. Best of luck Rob
  20. Hi Eden, Why no cooked foods? Am kinda on the fence with this one, I like the idea of eating whole natural foods and what have you, BUT, I cant help but notice that not one of the paleo diets biggest promoters (Cordain, Wolf, Sisson, De Vany) are qualified nutritionist, they are advising outside of their actual field of expertise...(probably with financial gain in mind).
  21. Hi All, Hope everyone had a great Xmas and is having a great new year:) I've shifted my focus again to hypertrophy specific techniques again, specifically Zone training / J-reps, my focus is also purely on rotational / isolation movements. On these movements the bottom position doesn't irritate my injuries the way compound movements do. Am currently using a 3 way split, training once every 3 days. With each cycle of the 3 way split, i'm switching up how i perform the movement, the last cycle i did, i performed the bottom/stretched zone of the movement first, then took a 10 second rest pause and then followed up with the top / fully contracted half of the movement to failure (2 sets to failure per movement). On the next cycle i'll reverse this, performing the top/fully contracted half of the movement first, then the bottom/stretched half. On movements were the ROM is short, ie calf presses, shrugs etc, i just use a normal fully ROM. The last cycle was... 13-1-15 - Legs 1. Leg Extension 2. Lying Leg Curl (bottom half) - Seated Leg Curl (fully contracted half) 3. Hip machines 4. Calf Presses 10-1-15 1. Pullover Machine 2. BB Shrugs 3. Preacher Curl Machine 4. Low Back Machine 7-1-15 1. Pec Deck Flye 2. Machine Lateral Raise 3. Rear Delt Machine 4. Triceps Press-down Despite the fact am only using 70-75% of the resistance of my fully ROM, the level of fatigue and the level of congestion within the muscle is far superior than when using a normal full ROM. Tonight's leg workout left me feeling light heading and sick for a good while after the workout. Forgot just how effective and intense this technique is:)
  22. Hi Eden, For the very same reason why bullshit like p90x, insanity, spinning, bowflex, Tae Bo, Jane Fonda videos, Instant Abs, Zumba, boot camps, "power" plates and vibrating belts etc, became so popular.......marketing! Once something catches on in the fitness industry (usually when an A list celeb is doing it), it becomes ingrained into peoples thinking. The crossfit "community" / "functional" training trend is no different.
  23. Hi Eden, My opinion on crossfit is this... Effective (as its high intensity in nature), BUT, it has inherently HUGE wear and tear issues that may very well return to bit the practitioner on the ass in years to come. Moreover, what these "functional training" donuts just cant seem to grasp, is that anything that improves strength throughout the body will improve functional ability. It is not necessary for exercise movements to mimic other activities to improve upon your ability to improve perform them, and attempting to do so simply reduces the effectiveness of exercise. Here's what Drew Baye (world renowned HIT expert) had to say to some of Crossfits biggest names... http://baye.com/conversations-with-crossfitters/ http://baye.com/dark-ages/ Rob
  24. Been really busy this weather so haven't been posting as much... Been back to max/static contraction training this last month, training once every 4-5 days and hitting each bodypart once every 2 weeks. Current routine... W/O A Chest 1. MCT Pec Deck superseetted with.. 2. Static Chest Press Machine Shoulders 3. MCT Machine Lateral Raise supersetted with 4. Static Shoulder Press Machine Triceps 5. MCT D-B Kick-Backs supersetted with 6. Weighted Negative Only Dips W/O B Back / Biceps 1. Weighted Parallel Grip Static Chins 2. Smith Machine Static Bent Over Row 3. MCT BB Shrugs 4. MCT Back Extension 5. MCT Preacher Curl Machine W.O C Legs Tri set 1. MCT Seated Leg Curl 2. MCT Leg Extension 3. Static Leg Press Calf's & Abs 4. MCT Calf Press 5. MCT Static Crunch - With all compound exercises, resistance is held in the position of maximum motor arm, with isolation exercises, the resistance is held in the position of full contraction. - After warm-ups, one set to static failure on each exercise, 10-20 second holds on upper body movements and 25-40 second holds for legs. Still Arm wrestling as well, contemplating on entering a local open comp in April, the max contraction and static contraction training has really helped improve my strength. That being said, due to the high stress nature of MCT, am going to switch to another less stressful (though still brutal:) HIT technique called 30/30/30. Its a 30 second, negative, 30 second positive and then a 30 second negative, i may experiment with the time under tension, maybe 20/20/20, but i'll give it a go. Diet wise, I've reduced my daily fat intake and increased my carbs a bit again. I've also eliminated dairy from my diet, but am still consuming some eggs and fish. Feeling good. Rob
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