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  1. Hi all, Every now and then i flick though some BB videos on youtube, and one thing that seems to be being promoted I've noticed (by drug users), is this ridiculous notion that one cannot overtraining, that overtraining is somehow a myth, these same individuals say their workouts are "brutal" and last for up to 3 hours... This is the kinda of thing am talking about.... Lee doesn't seem to understand the S.A.I.D principle, and that bodybuilding is not an endurance sport/activity, it makes me laugh when he says "anyone who train's for only 45 minutes looks like shit", Dorian Yates must have slipped his memory lol. I also cant help but think that is it any wonder Lee's workouts last so long if he stands talking shit for 6-7 minutes between sets. You'd almost get the impression that this video of Dorian was in response to Lee's comments... But i feel MM sums it up best here... I recall MM telling me this around the same time the above video was made, "overtraining isn't something kinda, sorta negative, its the biggest fucking mistake you can make". Best Rob
  2. Are you suggesting Rob has multiple personalities? He does seem like a vegan possessed by Dr. Atkins vengeful spirit. First came intelligence Then the ability and curiosity to cook Then came so much disease..... disease that goes away by eating Raw. I think I get the "Flat earth" reference: Rob continues to believe a falsehood though the truth has been clearly shown. Human body prefers fat for fuel????? Tell that to Low-carb athlete Timothy Olson who eats carbs during races. Gary High-Fruit (150 videos) Gary, you are aware am not advocating anyone here should eat meat aren't you? I'm merely pointing out (based on the evidence) that eating meat and cooking may well have play a large role in making us what we are today. This is something that even as a none meat eater i have no issues with. You clea And am hardy an Atkins diet promoter, i've not eaten meat in over a decade.... Are you really suggesting that cooking food is the sole reason for what has lead to the metabolic syndrome that sweeps are nation's today? If so, NONE of the doctors or nutritionists that work in the same hospital as me would agree with you. Neither does the British heart and stroke foundation, nor the British cancer association. Btw, had it not have been for a high fat diet, we my never have made it as a species, it also is the preferred source of fuel for most of the hunter gatherer societies that still exist today. Fat at keeps us fueled for longer (which stands to reason from a survival point of view) and it plays many important roles within the body. In my own experience over the last several months, I've found this to be true, since increasing my fat intake and lowering my carb intake, my irregular heart beat has improved, as has my joint and lower back health. I require only 2-3 feeding's a day, as opposed to the 5-6 feeding a day i required on a high carb diet, and my bodyfat has dropped by 6%. Rob
  3. Hey Chris, Sorry mate, i just noticed your post... I did the same, diffo an honest mistake:) To answer your question: With HIT, you're performing at tremendous amount of work per unit of time, its a threatening form of intense physical stress, which is turn sparks a host of chemical reactions and systemic fatigue within the body. The sensation you get the morning after training intensely the day before, i guess could be referred to as a workout hangover, and the severity of the symptoms, not too mention how quickly you'll recover will depend heavily on just how many units of intensity you exposed yourself to in a given time frame. Hope that that make sense? Best Rob
  4. yes am sure:) http://m2.wish.co.uk/v4/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/b/i/bigcats.jpg https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcROzfcXbCW1n6JnVLXLc_za7x-G10VnuNMGhzBUhsMPwqzKA43b Speculation? Yes and No, if your interested watch the video i posted and give me your opinion...we are the only species that cooks are food, and we are also the smartest species on the plant, the doc show's how our brains had a growth spurt around the time we began cooking. That being said, I've have no doubt there are other factors that contributed to are larger brains (as mentioned in the doc), however i am convinced cooking had a lot to do with it. Animals that use tools...Crows, sea otters, rodents, to name but a few.... Here again, i never said don't eat nuts and fatty seeds....by all means, their good foods...
  5. Not assumptions, facts... How do i explain big cats? They don't have huge stomach's, moreover they don't cook their meat....which also has a lot to do with stomach and brain size:) It is a physiology fact the humans are omnivores, there's nothing flat earth thinking about it... "All animals are omnivorous" First i heard of it lol, IF an animal is forced out of desperation to eat a certain foodstuff that may make them sick, their certainly not going to be a staple of them. Which is kind of whats happened with humans and grains.... It is true humans prefer fat for fuel, however nothing, am not saying don't eat fruits and vegetables Even small brained animals use tools... Btw, am not Irish, i live in Northern Ireland, I'm British with Dutch ancestors:) Rob
  6. Hey mate, Not that far from ya, am from Northern Ireland:) The research is very clear Martin, a physiologist by the name of Professor Goldberg (out of Harvard Med School) a few years ago proved in several well conducted studies that muscle can be built on a near starvation diet, as long as 3 things are in place, A) the muscles are being properly stimulated B) and given enough time for recovery and C) progressive overload/intensity is being observed. I would say that, dont be shoveling down everything and anything (aka "bulking"), focus more on nutrient uptake and proper digestion, its not so much a case of "you are what you eat", rather, more a case of you are what are your metabolism does with what you eat. If its hints and tips you would like, i would recommend you look into High Intensity Training... In particular the work of Mike Mentzer, Dr Darden, Drew Baye and John Little.... Hope this helps and best of luck Rob
  7. Excellent progress mate, getting leaner and fuller by the day:) Keep up the good work Rob
  8. Bit reluctant to post here anymore, as weeks of people posts have been deleted with no explanation as to why... Last few workouts... 24-10-14 Abbreviated HIT Workout 1. Seated Leg Press 2. Parallel Grip Chins 3. Hammer Chest Press 4. Cable Curl 5. Seated Dip Machine one set to failure per movement, after a 10 second rest, a static hold to failure as well on exercises 1, 2, and 4 (resistance held in the position of maximum motor arm). 20-10-14 Arm Wrestling club, had to hard fought bouts against 2 other heavyweight club members, one loss, one win.... 17-10-14 Abbreviated HIT workout 1. Seated Leg Press 2. Hammer Row 3. Shoulder Press Machine 4. Cable Curls 5. Seated Dip Machine one set to failure per movement, and after a 10 second rest, a static hold to failure on exercises 1, 2, 3 and 4 13-10-14 Arm Wrestling club, working on techniques, no bouts... Diet wise, things could not be better, feeding just 2 and at most 3 times per day, today was... 11AM 5 poached omega3 enriched free range eggs mushrooms (cooked in butter) blackberries 4pm tub of full fat cottage cheese 1 apple 1 pear almonds 9pm wild Salmon potatoes Vegetables
  9. Ah, so you pick and choose what you answer, and when you cant answer you go down the personal insults route or little non-nonsensical jibs. Well, if you want to go down that road...am no "failo dieter", nor do i look like malnourished twig! I've nothing against vegan's at all, as i stated, i was one for a year... am just not ignorant to ALL of the evolutionary facts... "Tell it to the Africans, Sri Lankans, ancient Egyptions, Aztecs, etc" The meta analysis of the 220 studies on modern day hunter gatherer societies showed their diets on average rarely exceed 25-40% carbohydrate intake. Btw, if you actually watch the video i posted you'll see modern day hunter gatherers in Africa hunting for meat, moreover, Egypt, Iraq and India have seen an explosion in type diabetes in recent years (with favor grain based diets). So i watched your video, you seemed to spend most of your day eating (something our species never evolved to do), but i guess that's something you've got to do when eating less calorie and nutrient dense raw foodstuffs. "I can eat off the land without any tools" In civilizations, there is no clean running water or food without technology.....none. Am done with this nonsense.
  10. And if your best defense of your claims is quoting an anthropologist and zoo keeper (neither of which are experts in the field human nutrition - nor are chiropractor's for that matter) you are going to have a hard time convincing eating disorder groups that a raw food high fruit and grain based diet is the natural with for us to eat. Cows - ah yes, another mammal with in this case 4 stomachs and a small brain relative to its mass. Btw how do you get through so much fruit in a day or one sitting? Put it in a blender and wizz it up? The tooth chart is irrelevant, not to mention wrong and ignorant to the facts, its well established we are omnivores. When comparing the teeth of OUR species from one evolutionary time frame to the next, its clear to see our teeth and bodies became better adapted for eating and processing meat. (As the doc i posted proves). Btw, there's not too many dentists out there that will recommend consuming huge quantities of fructose...nor many nutritionists for that matter. How is living in the UK unnatural? Yes i live in a house, yes i have heating, shelter and warmth are basic needs, just as is food, point is, a natural diet would have you eat locally produced in-season fruits and vegetables, not ones shipped or flown half way across the world. As far as buying into paleo half truths are concerned, my view of that is that it is romantic marketing at best...but what bugs me more about the paleo movement, is that its pushed by more individuals who AGAIN are speaking outside of their field of expertise, causing all sorts of confusion. I value truth, regardless of whether of not it goes against my moral eating views, and the evidence tells me that a high fruit / grain based diet is most certainly not the "natural" way for homo sapiens to eat. Rob
  11. Hey NWV, Interesting view.... My reading of research has brought me to another conclusion... It is a physiological fact that we are omnivores, we have evolved the ability to derive nutrients from both many plants and animals. Moreover, gorilla's and apes have large stomach's and small brains relative to their size, this was the evolutionary gamble our species took, bigger brains and smaller stomachs resulted in a higher probability of child birth death. But of course it's a gamble that paid off:) The experiment at the beginning of this doc show's why a raw food vegan diet is not our natural diet, it also show's how our teeth evolved to better chew meat and fat. (Fat and meat being the preferred source of fuel for most hunter gatherers). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOuv4U7u1j0 And then there's the environment, my natural environment here in the Northern Ireland/UK does not produce large quantities of fruit in the winter or spring, for me to eat large amounts of fruit in those season's they would need to be imported from half way across the world (hardly what you'd call natural) and when it comes to grains (which are processed), they make me and million's of others sick, probably because they contain digestive system disturbing agents. There again, grains were never a staple in the diet until 10,000 years ago, which on an evolutionary scale, is the blink of an eye. I respect peoples reasons for not consuming meat or animal by-products, whether it be for moral or religious , but to suggest a that a high fruit and grain raw food diet is our "natural" way to eat is just complete and utter nonsense. That is the view of individual that has long closed the ears AND eyes to "nature's infinitely wise guidance", as well as logic and reason. Rob
  12. Hi NWV, As a health professional myself, am interested in how do you have concluded that a high fruit / grain raw vegan diet is "the natural way to eat" and how does one define "the natural way to eat"?
  13. Found this to be an interesting article... http://sciencebasedpharmacy.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/the-detox-myth-what-your-alternative-health-provider-isnt-telling-you/
  14. Imo it is advisable to separate fats and carbs, they digest on a different medium, moreover there are no natural foodstuffs that are high in both fat and carbs. I've personally been doing much better on a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet, and then one day a week i go high carb, medium protein, low fat to replenish glycogen stores.
  15. Hi Eden, How's it going.... I've also had issues with knee pain (left knee ACL injury), a few years back, the pain got so bad i could barely walk up a set of stairs, and in the gym i was unable preform any full range lower body movements. After doing much research, i decided to turn down surgery (as I've heard good and bad opinions from people who've had knee surgery) and began to rehab the knee myself with static contraction training....since moving through the position's of disadvantaged leverage caused pain. What helped the most was static contraction leg extension's, ie having a training partner help me into the fully contracted position and statically holding the resistance to failure. After just 3 weeks, i was able to perform static leg presses and squats (holding the resistance in the position of maximum motor arm), and then just a few weeks after that i was able to once again perform lower body movements through a full range of motion...pain free. Maybe static contraction training could help you too:) Best Rob
  16. Last few workouts.... 23-9-14 Upper Body / Arm focus 1. Underhand Grip Pulldown -main set - 110kgs x 5 reps to failure 2. Seated Dip Machine -main set - 120kgs/stack x 7 reps to failure 3. BB Curl -main set - 50kgs x 7 reps to failure 4. Close Grip Bench (EZ-Bar) -main set - 75kgs x 8 reps to failure 5. D-B Hammer Curl -main set - 2x26kgs x 10 reps to failure 6. Standing BB Wrist Curl - main set - 60kgs x 8 reps + 6 partial's to failure 28-9-14 Lower Body 1. Seated Leg Press -main set - 250kgs/stack x 15 reps to failure 2. Static Hip Belt Squat (performed immediately after the seated leg press) -BW x static hold to failure (did not time) 3. Seated Calf Press -main set - 150kgs/stack x 16 reps to failure 4. Weighted Hypers -2 work sets x 12 reps holding a 20kg disc 5. Static Crunch (performed on a pull-down machine) - main set - 75kgs x static hold to failure (did not time) Current eating plan is a metabolic diet approach (Low carb / high fat 5-6 days per week, then 1-2 high carb / low fat days per week), been doing this for the last month and quickly getting to were i want too be. Yesterday was a high carb / low fat day Breakfast -Large bowl of Porridge's oats with a scoop of whey thrown it -2 banana's Lunch -Large tuna and hard boiled egg white salad with low fat coleslaw -blueberry muffin Dinner -Vegetable curry and white rice -whey protein shake (48 grams) Supper -peanut butter on whole meal bread toast Today was a high fat / low carb day Breakfast - 4 omega 3 enriched egg vegetable omelette, cooked in coconut oil - one cup of coffee with heavy whipping cream Lunch -Whey Protein Shake (48 grams), handful of mixed nuts, and blueberries Dinner -8oz of Mackerel, large salad with olive oil Supper -cottage cheese n walnuts
  17. Hi there, Just a few points if you like... You mentioned about light days, or as some call it "active rest", this isn't a good idea in my opinion. Reason being, the human muscular system requires a stimulus of specific nature and magnitude in order for it to warrant an adaptive response. In the context of building muscle, the nature and magnitude of the stimulus is 100 percent of a muscle's momentary ability. So any other stimuli that does not meet that criteria will not produce the same adaptive response. Put simply, results are proportional to the intensity of effort put forth, the greater the intensity of effort, the greater the muscle growth stimulation. Lactic acid is the result of glycogen within the muscle's being burnt as fuel (glycogen is what powers high intensity muscular contractions)... Your routine isn't too bad, it may become too much in one setting for you in the future (due to becoming stronger/greater energy output) you may for example split it upper body one workout, lower body/abs the next. One thing i would recommend is this, instead of preforming 3-4 sets with the same weight per exercise, i would recommend performing one or two warm-ups sets, followed by one all out super intense set to muscular failure of around 8-12 reps, and when you do that, there will be no need to perform another set for that exercise. I would also recommend focusing on progressive intensity/overload, the strength of a muscle is related to its cross sectional area, just like a steel cable, the bigger it is, the stronger it is. Hope this helps, best of luck Rob
  18. Great way to train, pick an exercise the puts a lot of strain on the pec/shoulder tendon (ie the flat barbell bench press) then proceed to lift in an explosive manner, making sure to bounce the bar of your chest. On the bright side, at least the steroid's he takes will help him heal faster
  19. The fatigue your experiencing from those movements is systemic, but that's a good thing, muscle growth for the most part happens systemically, not just from localized movements. Heavy leg and back training has improved my power and strength throughout my entire body. As the late great Paul Anderson said "the legs and back of the seed of all strength".
  20. Training's been going really well this weather, been making some good strength gains. I've also been attending an arm wrestling club once a week (something I've always fancied a bash at as my forearm and grip strength are good), that's been real interesting, just getting to grips with the different techniques, early sign's show am a good "hooker". I've added some forearm and grip work (though not too much) to my training, ie farmers walk, Standing BB Wrist Curl, and heavy hammer curls. Current weight is 245lbs.
  21. You haven't built shit for several decades, as someone of that age would not be making such immature comments. Get a life kid!
  22. Praying to the toilet gods Yeap I've been there too, juicing veg is just not my cup of tea, i'd rather have my someone fart in me gub than trying to take down a veg juice. A few years back i bought one of those Jack Lalane power juicer (fell hook, link and sinker for the ad:), anyway i decided one day to have a go at one of the recipes in the accompanying booklet, it was apple, carrot and ginger, i juice the apples, then the carrots, and then went to add the ginger, it said use just a one inch chunk, well, i'd never had ginger before and thought that a one inch chuck was a bit stingy, so i threw in two whole roots. I then give the juice of the apples, carrots and ginger a good stir and took one huge gulp. it was at this point i got "schooled" in the potency of ginger, felt like my throat had been set a light, i shit ya not, i was talking like chewbacca for days after. I've never juiced since:)
  23. Just found out yesterday that the former Mr Olympia competitor Mike Matarazzo has passed away aged just 48 - due to heart complications, this came of the back of having open heart surgery ten years ago aged 38. I recall Mike stating in an interview 10 years ago, that were he'd had some good times at the IFBB, it wasn't worth it, he openly admitted that the bodybuilding lifestyle and steroid abuse destroyed his life. Unfortunately he join's a long line off bodybuilders from that 90s era that have suffered and passed far to soon, makes me think as to what lies ahead of today's top champs... Rob
  24. Hi Megan, In response to your original post, I would recommend decreasing the volume of work and increasing the intensity/quality of work, and focus on progressive intensity as it IS the only thing that will continue to warrant new adaptive response's. I an advocate of machines (in combination with certain free weight movements) - and not merely because its my opinion:) There are many who claim that free weight's and / or bodyweight training are superior, however the reality is, it's simply not necessary for an exercise movement to mimic other activities to improve upon your ability to perform them, what am saying is (and what physiology is saying), is that anything that improves strength throughout your body will improve your functional ability. Moreover, if machine's are so bad for our joint and connective tissue health as many free weight only advocates claim they are, then why do most rehabilitation centers treat patients on expensive resistance machines to improve upon function ability? Why do many top athletes today use machines now over or in combination with free weights? Here's a brilliant article by Drew Baye (HIT and highly experienced world renowned trainer) http://baye.com/machine-training-myths/ Force, over-training (over exposure to the stimulus / wear and tear) and moving resistance through positions of disadvantaged leverage are what cause injuries. Best Rob
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