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  1. Hey y'all, so been doing some reflecting recently with regards to the intensity and volume ratio aspect of training. Had been panning through some of my books again and reread about the work of a pioneering physiologist by the name of Roux, who, in the very early 1900s discoverd the relationship by "work in a unit of time", I, e.,intensity by the being the single most important factor for increasing muscle size and strength, he stated "results are proportional to the intensity of effort put forth, whereas volume is without significantance". Pretty big discovery, yet not very many people within the bodybuilding community havent even heard of the man. Mike Mentzer pointed out years ago that such research was "sweeped under the carpet" by the BB community and replaced with the "more is better" mindset. So I was thinking about my training I did for the army in the 90s, I can safely say I spent several months in a push up position, performing latterly hundreds daily. Did my chest, shoulders and triceps get any bigger? NOPE! This brings me to the conclusion that volume indeed IS "without significance". Only when the intensity of my training was increased...did I grow! Going forward to maximise intensity, what ive decided to do is to preform just 2-3 all out sets per workout, in the form of max static holds or low rep rest pause training. Am still going to keep with an upper / lower body split. Today's workout was... Underhand pulldowns 145kg x 1 max static hold to failure (14 seconds) Shoulder width grip smith machine bench press 130kg x 5 rest pause reps to failure (5 second rest pause between reps) Job done! After warm ups and main workoing sets, I was in and out of the gym in 15 minutes. Could I have done more? Yes, but it would have been with sub-maximal effort. Do I need more? Doubt it, maximal effort was employed, and the two chosen exercises cover all of the upper body musculature. Next workout will be in a few days (leverage LP and Standing calf raise).
  2. Ah, am with ya now lol. At the rate your going you'll be heading for a 550 or more. Something a guy Ive been following on HIT forums now for several (who deadlifted 620lb @165lb ), said "strength is finite, and with good programming you'll reach your upper limits quicker than you think". From what ive seen in those trying to optimise strength/skill in specific lifts (natural trainee's of course), he seems to be right on the money with that statement. Alls good here mate, and indeed...still HIT to the core baby:) In fact the misses asked me what did i want for our 20th wedding anniversary at the end of the month, thinking of adding a heavy duty and/or HIT Mafia tattoo on my forearm/s...faithful to the core lol.
  3. Hey Ross, looking good mate, I think if I was to DL that much id be like your man thats back snapped on youtube lol. Reckon youll hit 5he 500lber before the contest is May?
  4. Hi all, Just thought id share this article written by HIT and powerbuilding expert Bill Sahli, one of my favs.... for me and those i train, no other method has produced results as faster or like it. http://ezinearticles.com/?Stop-Being-So-Positive&id=1029720
  5. Certainly is Mike, between the Ruhl titty twisters and the push ups (done with a 2 second positive and 4 second negative) they should keep things ticking over until ya can get back to benchen again. Let me know how ya get on:) So, ive changed gyms again, me qnd my training partner were in the middle of a max contraction workout on Sunday afternoon when a staff member came over told us and said we weren't allowed to attach weight to the stacks...for "safety reasons" (even though the cables on the machines are military grade and can withstand well over 1500lb lol). Strange I said, its ok for people to come in here and swing, yank, hoist, throw, drop weights etc, yet securely attaching a weight disc to a stack is deemed not safe lol. I then mentioned that I once noticed one of the gyms PT's have a client perform one legged leg presses on a fucking smith machine. At this point I was asked to leave the premises, id be happy to I said. Thankfully I live within a few miles of a few other big well equipped gyms, the one I joined yesterday has a full line of my favourite plate loaded laverage machines (the technogym isotonic range...far better the matrix, hammer, cybex etc). The technogym dumbbells are also good, the handles rotate to give a more natural feel when preforming rotational movements like curls and lateral raises. Had my first workout today...which was "push" 1. Seated Incline Press Machine (plate loaded leverage) 80kg x 8 120kg x 6 150kg x 5 to failure + 2 more reps after a 30 second rest pause 2. Seated Bench Machine 120kg x 6 160kg x 6 reps to failure + 2 more reps after a 30 second rest pause 3. Cable Pushdowns Stack x 8 reps to failure + 3 more reps after a 30 second rest pause 4. Leverage Leg Press 200kg x 8 300kg x 8 400kg x 11 rest paused reps to failure (2 deep breaths between reps) 5. Calf Presses Stack x 9 reps to failure (5 second contracted hold on each rep) Dam good workout! Love these machines, the leg press being my fav, no knee or lower back pressure:) "Pull" workout next time, which will probably include chest supported rows, low rows or smith machine high pulls, curls and stiff legged deadlifts. Looking forward to it, ill give it a couple of days.
  6. No sweat mate, we're all in them same boat:) Yeah his version of the crossover gives a greater contraction, its a game changer for sure. As ya know am not much into the drug user's, but Ruhl is one a have respect for, I have yet to see a human being train as hard as he does in the dvd "big and lovin it", this was in spite of the fact he'd suffered a pec tear not too long before the making of the movie, as well as that he'd acute tendinitis and a hernia. The man is relentless, he still trains the same way. If youve not seen that movie...treat yourself. With the push ups your 100% on the money, I like a "v grip" (hands not facing each other, and not standard, but in between...does that make sense?), I also prefer a reasonable narrower shoulder width grip, theres more pec involvement this way and less strain on the shoulders...contrary to popular belief. See, I knew that extra bodyweight would come in handy some day haha....another beer please govner:) Thank you for your kind words Mike, I was just fortunate to have a couple of great mentors, one of which ( Bill Sahli) is talking about starting up an old school HIT forum again, I was lucky enough to be a part of his first one, there was many very experienced natural Hitters and champion powerlifters there. Keep your eyes peeled.
  7. Hey Mike, no worries bud:) Your pecs arent being challenged enough, I do like the dip machine, but I think you mentioned before that you'd outgrown the weight stack on the one at your gym? The crossovers, had you ever tried that as Markus Rulh does them? (Youtube Markus Rulh cable crossover instruction), I feel much more pec involvement preforming them this way. Your pec muscles obviously like that movement, I.e., benching movement, Id recommend (bare with me) feet elevated push ups (using push up bars / takes the pressure of the wrists), possibly weighted at that. Its the same movement pattern, but there'll be no pressure on your neck and your scapula can do its thing freely. When I train at home this is my first choice pec movement (good job we're heavy bruts lol). Gotta say I lost no size with it. Are DB or cable incline flyes also off the menu? They shouldn't as much neck discomfort. Hope this helps and tred carefully mate, its your neck...we only get one lol.
  8. Haha very good mate, a friend of mine had a baby boy last week and him and his misses are still arguing over a name lol. Good to hear your still hard at it:) Alls good this end mate, since "retiring" I seemed to be busier than ever lol, hiking, training and when possible help out at a local animal protection centre, currently fostering 2 mad kittens, theyve done a number on the misses new curtains, theyve tore them to shreds, I wanta keep them:) Take it easy Rob
  9. Hows it going Chris? Hope all is good, any pitter patter of tiny feet yet mate?
  10. Hey y'all, been a while since ive updated...so here goes. Took a 9 day layoff at the end of January (to allow for systemic recovery), have since rebounded nicely. Ive put a focus again on static holds and rest pause, I believe I may well have reached my genetic ceiling (by natural means), and training to mere positive failure is no longer enough to signal an adaptation. Am also looking to aviod "outroading", i was recently reminded by a HITer with 50 years of experience that this thing we do is called RESIST[ance] training, not performance exercise. Am not trying to become more skilled at specific lifts, my goal is achieve greater / more intense muscular contractions, given that a full range of motion reduces the amount of weight the muscles can maximally contract against, ive opted again for a static protocol exclusively that focuses on maximal loaded in the fully / peak contracted position. This time round im using a load that allows for no more than a 15-20 second hold (having to be creative given the weight stack limitations), I then take a 15 second rest pause and have at it again. Last nights Shoulder & Arm workout.... Warm up: Shoulder press machine x 3 sets of 5 slow controlled reps @ 120lb, 140lb & 160lb 1. Machine lateral raise * 290lb x 24 TTOC 2. Rear Delt Machine * 187.5lb x 21 TTOC 3. Preacher curl machine* 220lb x 21 TTOC 4. Triceps pushdowns (using V Bar and standing slightly away from the machine to increase tension on the triceps) 250lb x 33 seconds TTOC NOTES: - * resistance held in the fully contracted position - TTOC = total time of contraction Diet wise, all is good, currently bodyweight is 247.3lbs @ 6'4
  11. Hi Elena, I must clarify, when I say progress intensity, I referring to overload. Something to note Elena with regards to fast and explosive lifting, theres been research studies the were conducted with subjects standing on force plates that were connected to oscilloscope measuring devices. The studies indicated that repetitions performed quickly produced peaks and drops on the oscilloscope, it revealed that a 100lb barbell can excert anywhere from 500lbs of force to zero force. Such erratic variations of force is extremely dangerous to the joints, connective tissues. Moreover, the same studies also revealed that once the rate of repetition speed exceeds a certain rate, momentum takes over almost entirely and thus, almost eliminates all muscular involvement. Based on what seen and heard from working in a local hospital for a number of years, I can tell you that injuries from high impact exercise (especially hiit) are more common that most would believe. I recall one individual (a healthy 22yo male) who's femur literally snapped in half while doing hiit sprints on a treadmil, that one was an eye opener for me. Is there a better way? Yes, null out the effects of momentum and inertia, lift slowly and controlled, smooth turnouts, accentuate that contraction position in exercises and the negative portion etc. Lifting in such as way, is not only safer and kinder to the joints and connective tissues, by it becomes pure muscular effort, which not only increases the workload on the muscles, but also the myocardium (the heart muscle). Arthur Jones (creator of Nautilus and godfather of HIT) did research that showed conclusively, that several weeks of well conducted strength training program can cause improvements in cardiovascular efficiency the years of steady state activity can not. Jones research was done in the early 80s, its since been replicated many times over. The idea the musles and "cardio" are some how seperate was predicated on false assumptions, there is no way of isolatating the two. The myocarduim services the muscles, not the other way around, meaning, the harder the muscles are made to work...the greater the "cardio" benefits that are to be had. If fat loss is the goal, thats almost entirely a case of consuming fewer calories and controlling insulin. Hope this helps Rob
  12. Hi Elena, Am not big on given nutritional advise, its my belief that diets are cultural, moreover many (and I have done too) overthink nutrition. That being said, your diet looks ok to me, if you ever felt you require more protein you could perhaps experiment with hemp, rice and pea protein powders, but thats about it. Training wise, am not a fan of cardio as a means of losing fat, nor am i a fan of using cardio as a means of improving cardiovascular efficiency (I can go into more detail on this if hou want). Train with progressive intensity, get a well balanced diet (btw, the world wont stop spinning if you have brownie or oreo cookie now and then...enjoy life), and get adequate rest / sleep, and youll not go to far wrong. Best of luck and will follow your progress Rob
  13. Yes that'll works too, is it counterproductive? Not necessarily, depends on your specific goals and other variables. Once youve got your breath back and youve reset psychologically then have at it again, but dont needlessly malinger or do what many powerlifters do, I.e., have a picnic between sets lol. best Rob
  14. Hi Ross, good to see ya back and doing well, though theres quicker ways to end your life than marriage...must be a glutton for punishment like me;)) Some decent lifts going on there mate, no doubt youll do well, be follow your progress. Rob
  15. Hi there:) Is your intensity of effort high? If so, this is fairly normal, given that intensity and volume co exist on an inverse ratio. My advise is this, try taking a pre workout supplement that contains beta alanine which to a degree will help with the fatigue, second take intra supplementation, perhaps after that third movement. Intra, I use a bcaa's mixed with glucose, swirl it under your tongue (gets it into the blood stream quicker). This helps replenishing the fast twich glycolytic fibers. Help this helps Rob
  16. So this last few weeks ive been focusing again on the pre exhaustion method on tne larger muscles, however, gotta be careful, its very is to burn 8ut on this method, especially when done it HIT style I.e., with intensifies and no rest beteeen the isolation movement and the compound movement. Ive had to compromise and have reduced my training frequency to just 3 days per week (Tues/Thurs/Sat- as the gym quieter on these days) . Listening to and watching some of Markus Reinhardt's work has simulated my thinking again with regards to potency of isolation movements when performed very slowly and with intensifiers. Thus being said, I do still feel there needs to be a lower body compound movement, and an upper body pull / push compound movement. Last rotation... 24-1-17 CHEST / FRONT DELTS / TRICEPS 1. Pec Deck 130kg x 10 reps to failure + static hold to failure after a 10 second rest pause immediately followed by.. 2. Hammer Incline Press 150kg x 4 to failure Rest... 3. Triceps Pushdown (straight revolving bar) Stack x 11 reps to failure + 2 more reps to failure after a 10 second rest pause immediately followed by... 4. Weighted Negative Only Dips BW (242lb) + 30kg x 6 superslow negatives to failure BUSTED!!! 21-1-17 LEGS 1. Leg Extension 137.5kg x 9 reps to failure + static hold to failure after a 10 second rest pause immediately followed by... 2. Leverage Leg Press 350kg x 9 reps to failure Rest 3. Calf Presses Statck + training partner providing manual resistance on the negative x 14 reps to failure Short rest 4. Weighted Hypers BW + 40kg x 16 reps (just shy of failure) 19-1-17 BACK / MID AND REAR DELTS / BICEPS 1. Hammer pullover 120kg x 7 reps to failure + static hold to failure after a 10 rest pause Immediately followed by... 2. Parallel grip pulldown 100kg x 6 reps to failure Rest 3. Seated Chest Supported Row 130kg x 9 reps to failure 4. Big Z DB Lateral Raise 2x17.5kg x 12 reps to failure + 3 more reps to failure after a 10 second rest pause 5. Preacher Curl Machine 70kg x 7 reps to failure + static hold to failure after a 10 second rest pause To reduce overlapping, no overhead press for the shoulders or direct rear delt work, after just a few workouts of the Big Z laterals, I can already see good improvements in my lateral delts. Diet wise, ive had to half the protein intake I was consuming due to bloating and stomach discomfort, so carbs are around 50-100grams per day, protein is bewteen 150-200, and fat I dont count, but its high. This approach alone with a high carb / low fat meal once every 4-5 days seems to work best for me.
  17. Hi there, and welcome:) Indeed, gaining muscle can be a painfully slow process, especially as a natural trainee, so dont be too hard on yourself.... Based on what youve stated, my advice would be as follows.... After 26 years of training ive noted this, the number one reason as to why people dont see results from their training, is almost always because they train far too long and with no were near the intensity of effort required to warrant an adaptive response, after all, results are proportional to the intensity of effort. So you need to find a balance between intensity, volume and frequency that is just right for you. May take a bit of self experimenting. Looking at your routine, its not to bad at all, although I think theres a bit too much overlapping around the hip going on in your lower body workouts. Perhaps go with deadlifts and lunges one workout, and then squats and leg press the next and add calf movement for balance, just a thought. Also, try mixing up your rep ranges, shoot for as little 4-6 reps one week, 8-12 reps the next etc, also salt in different techniques, such as rest pause, pre exhaustion, constant tension, static holds, negative accentuated etc. When it comes to diet, I would recommend you check out Pauline Nordins fighter diet, shes a very good vegan version, Pauline advocates a much higher amount of protein, I believe shes around your size, but consumes over 220g of protein per day, that coupled with more healthy fats a lots of veggies. Perhaps JMF could chime in here, hes a bit more clued in on diet than me. Best of luck Rob
  18. So of late, im no longer looking to merely move a heavy weight from A to B, ive slightly lower my loads and am focusing much more on feeling, squeezing and contracting the muscles etc, I believe Milos Sarcev referred to it as "iso tension", and again on certian lifts ive been reducing the range of motion employed for better inroading and isolation. One example would be with DB Lateral Raises, I watched this big Z video yesterday and tried his way of preforming laterals today, felt much more focused on the delts / limiting trap involement. Heres the vid, 15 mins in... Im still training an upper / lower body split, ive eliminated overhead presses though, I felt the anterior delts get sufficiently worked from the incline press, side and rear laterals preformed as above are going to be a mainstay going forward... Todays upper body workout was... Incline smith machine presses 80kg x 10 100kg x 8 120kg x 4 140kg x 3 Seated Cable Row (technogym, smooth as silk) 70kg x 8 80kg x 8 90kg x 8 DB Lateral Raise (Big Z style) 2x12.5kg x 10 2x15kg x 2 sets of 10 Bent Over DB Lateral Raise 2x15kg x 2 sets of 12, 10 EZ Curl Bar Drag Curls 30kg x 10 40kg x 2 sets 10, 9 Triceps Pushdown (straight bar) 40kg x 10 50kg x 2 sets of 10, 8 Currently training 2 days on, one day off...legs tomorrow. Post workout feed - Rice and pea protein mix (50g) + flavoured rice cakes Been keeping my carbs at 150-200g per day (the bulk of which are focused around my workouts) and ive upped my protein to 300-350g per day, fats are around 100-110g daily, bodyweight is a reasonable lean 240lb @ 6'4. Going to let my body get used to this weight and then upper cals / macros to reach the 260-270 mark again (but this time ill be leaner).
  19. Love it, f##k six packs, leave that to the waxed, fake tan, thong wearer's lol... Heavy weight's and high reps seems to work well for ya, am assuming just the one all out set to vanilla failure?
  20. Happy new year everyone:) So of late ive been employing the advice I heard given by Jon Jon Park (Reg Park's son) on the Ric Drasin youtube show last month, JJ is very much a hitter and Arthur Jones fan. Its inspired me to get back to HIT basics. Last rotation was an upper body / lower body split, training every other day.... W/O 1 - Incline smith machine bench press, seated chest supported rows and a bi-lateral DB curl on a a slight inclined bench W/O 2 - Leverage leg presses, calf presses and grip work W/O 3 - Standing Military Press, Chins and incline bench Ez-bar triceps extensions W/O 4 - Leverage power squat, calf presses and grip work - Each movements has been 1 warm up set, 1 heavy set...but not to failure, then finally 1 moderately heavy set to vanilla failure. Been consuming just 2 main meals a day plus a pre workout drink and a small post workout snack (protein shake and caramel flavoured rice cakes).
  21. Hey Mike, how goes it, yes alls good mate and same to yourself, dont go to hard on the ale, or yall end up with a 2 pack;) Rob
  22. Hi Chris, CONGRATS MAN!! Thats awesome news:)) Goodness, itll be a culture shock for sure. Indeed mate, plenty of feeding, pooping, nappy changing, running to the shops and a lack of sleep haha, but all good times ahead;)) Fantastic. Just looked at my last post, I wrote ex employee, meant to say ex employer, we got a new hr mangeress in, a real condescending nasty peace of work with an agenda to get rid of people. Not sure how it works in the U.S, but here an employer has a "duty of care" to their employees, with myself, ive a long term health problem. Ive 3 herniated discs, so if I sit for to long long periods of time I stiffen up like a board, so I alternate sitting and moving around jobs, but that cow was being akward and not letting me do this anymore, so I left and am sueing for constructive dismissal. But hey, on a lighter note, I feel liberated, im working for myself now property developing, sometimes the bad things that happen in our are for the greater good, YES, 2017 will be bright...for both of us, and hopefully everyone else:) If am not talking to you before Xmas, happy Christmas:)
  23. Wee fun arm and shoulder work this morning... 1. Ez bar cable curl 3 sets x 30 reps, 10 reps standing close to the machine, 10 reps standing away from the machine and pulling to the forehead with a close grip, then 10 reps with back against the machine. Torque changes with each angle. 2. Ex bar cable triceps 3 sets x 30 reps, 10 reps standing close to the machine, 10 reps standing a few feet away from the machine, then 10 reps with back turned /overhead triceps. 3. Shoulder tri set on the cable machine 3 x 30 reps, 10 reps underhand front raises (dana linn baily style), 10 reps wide grip upright rows, then 10 reps rear delt flyes. (First two movements using the ez curl cable attachment). Really enjoyed the change of pace today, constant tension and fast paced, got one hellva a pump. Might try something similar on my next chest & back workout, maybe even gaint sets:)
  24. Hi all, hope everyones doin good. Havent been posting as much as im going through a legal battle with my former employee. Been training every other day this weather and as usual, employing a multitude of techniques to mange stress. Getting relly into constant tension / piston reps with a reduced rom, its kinder on the joints and great for blowing up the muscles.... Last few workouts... Today - chest, back, biceps 1. Incline angled hammer smith machine press 120kg x 2 sets of 10 9 100kg x 16 to failure 2. Bent over bilateral DB rows 2x45kg x 2 working sets of 12 2x35kg x 22 reps to failure 3. Ez curl bar cable curl 3/4 stack x 2 working sets of 10 4. One arm DB power lateral raise (still controlled and strict form) 25kg DB x 2 working sets of 8 5. DB stiff legged deadlift 2x45kg x 2 working sets of 12 - no lockout / constant tension) 2x35kg x 25 8-12-16 Underhand hammer pulldown 120kg x 2 working sets of 8 90kg x 17 Seated chest press machine (life fitness) 130kg x 2 working sets of 10, 9 / no lockout or deep stretch / constant tension 100kg x 18 - constant tension reps Triceps pressdown Stack x 2 working sets of 15, 14 - no lockout / constant tension Rear delt / trap flye machine 70kg x 2 working sets of 12 (focused on the contraction half of the movement) Leverage leg press 200kg x 40 - no lockout or full stretch / constant tension 250kg x 35 to failure (thought I was gonna die lol) Diet wise I went back to see the geneticist I was seeing to have a DNA and SWAMI test, low and behold, im not suited to many food stuffs, am not allowed legumes, veg from the brassica family, tomatoes, corn, wheat and many fruits, also found out I am a blood type B (whom are NOT best suited to a vegan diet), which is fairly rare (about 15% of the world), I was also advised strongly to include fortified grass fed dairy, eggs, wild fish, nuts, oils etc. I cant bring myself to eat meat, however I have been including the fish, eggs and dairy. I have also started taken a herbal supplement called cortiguard which supports a healthy hormone balance in blood type B's. Am not a huge supplement advocate, however I can say this particular supplement has made a great difference in how I feel, especially at times of stress and post workout. Have a great weekend everyone Rob
  25. Quick update: training is going well, been off work now for several weeks, taking a time out.... Back to training just twice per week... Workout A Hammer pulldown (underhand) Seated chest press machine (life fitness) Leaning back cable curl Leverage Leg presses Calf Presses 3 x 500 sprints of the concept 2 rower Workout B Incline angled hammer smith machine press Seated chest supported row (life fitness) Shoulder press machine (life fitness) Leg curl Leg extension 3 x 500 sprints on the concept 2 rower Diet wise, continuing to do daily intermittent fasting on a high fat diet, with carb refeed meals on workout days. Hope everyones doing good, have a great weekend:)
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