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  1. So much for training at home, my wife came home yesterday with gloves and hat for me, she said there's no way your paying for a gym membership and training at home (that was me told lol). So hit the gym today for a leg workout, which was J-Rep Seated Leg Press, Static squats, J-Rep Lying Leg Curl and J-Rep Standing Calf Raises. Brutal!
  2. Hi Mike, You might get a few idea's here mate... http://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/meal-ideas/6-homemade-vegan-energy-bars/slide/3
  3. 23-11-13 Home Chest / Shoulders / Triceps 1. J-Rep Flat D-B Flye/Press (bottom half flyes, top half press) 40 kgs x 8 reps per half 50 kgs x 8 reps per half 60 kgs x 8 reps per half 2. J-Rep Dips (bottom half first, then top half) BW x 2 sets of 8 reps per half 3. D-B Lateral Raise 20kgs x 8 reps 25kgs x 8 reps 25kgs x 8 reps 4. J Rep Triceps Press-down (top half first, then bottom half) 30kgs x 10 reps per half 35kgs x 10 reps per half 40kgs x 10 reps per half 23-11-13 Home Back / Rear delts / Biceps 1. J-Rep Pull-downs (bottom half first using underhand grip, then top half using wide overhand grip) 60kgs x 8 reps per half 70kgs x 8 reps per half 75kgs x 8 reps per half 2. Yates Barbell Row 60kgs x 8 reps 80Kgs x 8 reps 3. Bent Over D-B Laterals 30kgs x 2 sets of 10 reps 4. Barbell Drag Curls 30kgs x 8 reps 35kgs x 2 sets of 8 reps 5. Prone Hypers BW + 20kgs x 2 sets of 12 reps Workouts were fast paced and completed with 25 minutes... Was too cold to go to the gym this weather, so just trained at home, considering training at home over the winter. Might also give the Brain Johnston idea of training 3 days in a row followed by 4 days rest another, though, i say that certain reservations. If i do, i'll switch to this split... W/O A - Back/Chest (in that order) W/O B - Legs W/O C - Arms/Shoulders (in that order) Might also dismantle my pulldown/cable row machine and go with free weight and bodyweight movements only, not to mention, the pulldown is taking up too much room.
  4. Every individual section of my legs are sore today, and they still appear to look full from yesterdays j-reps workout, guess that's the difference between the superficial pump you get from traditionally performed full ROM reps vs the deep level of congestion that very quickly build's up with J-Reps/zone training. Two different experience's altogether.
  5. Wacken would be awesome, i go to East Berlin every year to meet up with a good mate, he took me one night to an industrial metal club a couple of years ago, freckin awesome mate. Though, Germans are strange, they also seem to like 80s pop music, it seemed to be playing everywhere i went. Yeah Manson's older stuff was good, i distinctly recall the morning i had my stroke Mobsence was playing on Kerrang, followed up with Kidd Rocks American bad ass lol, it took my mind of the fact i had a paralysis down one side of my body lol, well, yeah gotta laugh at these things. Nothing lined up, am due a good concert, i'll have to keep my eye open
  6. Oh yes, Sepultura would be great ta see Rammstein are still my fav's Mike, last seen them a couple of years ago in Dublin, freckin awesome man! If you get the chance go see them, me thinks there time as a band is limited. Slipknot were actually supporting Metallica when i seen them, think it was 2004 in the RDS Dublin, they had great energy, but it sounded like their was too much going on - if that makes sense, great day though, beautiful summers day, with 60,000 at it. Manson was supporting Maiden when i seen him, same location, to my surprise he was really good. Now Kylie on the other hand was a experiment gone wrong, my wife loves her, so i booked tickets to see her in Glasgow, bus, boat, hotel and concert all for £110 each, i reasoned, all i would have too do was inured a 2 hour long concert, and the rest of the time would be fine, well, my worst nightmares were just began on the bus, too my horror i was the only guy on the bus, it was filled with Kylie mad woman (of all ages), singing her songs all the way to Scotland, can you imagine? And the worst part about it was Mike, Kylie was good:((((
  7. Of topic question Mike.... Whats your fav bands you have yet to see live? Mine's Deftones and Fear Factory:) So far i've seen Metallica three times (got to see Chiff Burton in 86 two weeks before he died), Iron Maiden twice, slipnot, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Muse, Rammstein twice, and oh god, please forgive me...KYLIE MINOGUE (i still wake up in cold sweats).
  8. Today's workout... 1. Seated Leg Press (j-rep thirds, bottom 3rd first, then middle 3rd, then top 3rd) 120kgs x 10 reps per 3rd 140kgs x 10 reps per 3rd 160kgs x 10 reps per 3rd 2. Static Squat (with dipping belt) 4 x 10 second holds, with 10 second rest pauses between each hold 3. Lying Leg Curl (j-rep halves, top contracted half first, then bottom half) 50kgs x 10 reps per half 60kgs x 10 reps per half The plan was to perform a full body workout, but if i had have preformed another set me think's i would have passed out. My legs felt like cement had been poured into them, had to hobble outside the gym for some air...for 20 minutes lol. Whats amazing is, i used a lot less weight than what i would if preforming traditional full range repetitions, yet the j-rep partials produced a much greater level of congestion and fatigue within the muscles, they also allow one set of fibers to be fatigued before shifting to the next set. Great technique for optimizing one's development, without overloading the CNS and joints.
  9. Looking sharp my man, Valhalla await's you baby:) When you mentioned about the almost lock out position on the static leg extension, was that due to the leg extension's seat being at an angle making it almost impossible to fully contract? If so, those machines do my head in, hate them, thankfully gym am at now has an old school almost flat seated leg extension.
  10. Hi Mike, Sorry for the late response mate, been really busy this weekend... Yes, hold in the resistance in the fully contracted position, in this position one can achieve a truly maximal contraction of the muscle, were all available fibers are brought into play, so with this being true, it only stands to reason that moving into or out of the fully contracted position only represents a diminishing in muscle fiber recruitment.
  11. Tonight's workouts was... 1. Seated Leg Presses (1 1/4 reps) 220kgs 2. Underhand Pulldown (1 1/4 reps) 80kgs 3. Hammer Chest Presses (1 1/4 reps) 115kgs 4. One Arm D-B Row (1 1/4 reps) 40kgs 5. Seated D-B Press (1 1/4 reps) 2 x 32.5kgs each set was taken to failure... The 1 1/4 method produced an a much greater level of congestion within the muscles, fairly low stress workout aswell, as lesser resistance was require. Next workout i might go with 3-5 reps cluster sets.
  12. Amen brother:) "i cant even think straight once ive finished its awesome" LOL, i can barely put a sentence together after a workout. I usually have a chat with my trainer for 20 minutes or so after my workouts, last night i kept forgetting what i was going to say, John said to me "your head's away with the fairies":))
  13. Bulgarian split squats (one legged squats) are a decent movement, another good D-B Leg movement is Front Squats, holding the D-B's like your doing an Arnold Press (palms facing you). You could even pre-exhausted the quads first with weighted sissy squats, then right into heavy D-B Squats. For the rear chain stiff legged dead-lifts are the ticket, as well as bodyweight kneeling hamstring raises.
  14. Just right mate:) I'm a big believer in instinctive training as well Mike, i actually do what Brain Johnston recommends, that is, on the day your due to train rate on a scale of 1-5 how you feel, one being tired/lethargic, five being prime awareness/energetic, if your anything less than a 4, just give training a miss and and wait another day or two. Must tell ya, you've put me in the mood for full body training, i hit the gym last night and did a compound full body workout, like it so much i've decided to stick FB workouts for a while, alternating between compound/generalized movements one workout, and isolation/targeted movements the next, 4-5 days between workouts. No worries about the protein shakes, i should have known better lol, I've always been more of a whole foods kinda guy, i personally believe that protein requirements have been crossly over stated in the field of bodybuilding for financial gains. When i look back at my logs of the last few years Mike, I noted that when i reduced my protein intake (from when i was a lacto-ovo veggie) and increase my fat intake, my progress has been just as good, I've continued to get leaner and stronger. Which begs the question, just how must have are these supplements:)
  15. Hi Ross, Starting to reach the upper limits of my strength capacity, having a good trainer ta push me has really helped with my progress. As i mentioned to Mike the other day, When you manage the intensity, volume and frequency of your training well, progress happens in leaps and bounds:)
  16. Fancied a bit of full body training... Tonight's workout 1. Seated Alternate Iso Leg Press 130kgs per leg x 9 reps per leg to failure 2. Underhand Pulldown 100kgs x 5 reps + 2 forced reps to failure 3. Hammer Chest Press 140kgs x 4 reps + 2 forced reps to failure 4. Chest Supported Row 120kgs x 7 reps + 2 forced reps 5. Smith Machine Shoulder Press 90kgs x 6 reps + 2 forced reps reps to failure BBS big 5 workout, forgot how good full body training can be:) Trainer has suggested compound only movements one workout, isolation only the next (with a higher volume of movements).
  17. Hi Mike, Yes mate, you can mix and match, legs last one workout, then first the next... W/O A Leg Press Calf Raise Pec Flye Pullover Shrug Lateral Raise Curl Press-down (Compound legs, targeted upper body) W/O B Chest Press Row or Chins Military Press Leg Extension Leg Curl Calf Raise ABS / low back (compound upper body, targeted legs) Just a thought:))) Yes the high stress and low stress H.i.T techniques Mike, Low stress begin pre-exhaustion, J-reps, 1 1/4 reps, your still training the movements to failure, but, these techniques force you to employ far lesser resistance, techniques such as rest pause, negative only, or static holds are high stress as your employing much greater resistance. Thats why the latter should be used sparingly. Did have success at myprotien thanks mate, got some soy protein, haven't used it much though, leaves me a bit bloated:(
  18. Indeed you could do an upper body / lower body split, but when using a split, remember to keep in mind, you must allow for systemic recovery, in most cases that takes 3-7 days (or longer depending on the individuals recovery ability). The only reason why I've been getting away recently with training 2x per week is because I've been using pre-exhaustion, which is classed as a"low stress" high intensity technique. But if your training in straight set fashion with compound movements to failure as the focus, that's classed as "high stress" training. Mike Mentzer actually put me on his consolidation routine (aka The athletes routine), i didn't realize it at the time, but their actually full body workouts... W/O A Squats or Leg Press (i went with Leg Presses) Underhand Pulldown 7 days rest then... W/O B Deadlifts Weighted Dips 7 days rest then back to W/O A I gained strength on this routine like there was no tomorrow:) The idea behind these workouts was to keep overlapping to a minimum. There's certainly a case to be made for abbreviated full body H.I.T workouts, here's one of my favorite article's writing on the matter, its called full body workouts for complete recovery by Ian Duckett, one of the worlds best natural bodybuilders...http://www.irontruth.co.uk/fullbodyroutinesforcompleterecovery.html enjoy:)
  19. Good Stuff Mike:) Its always a good idea to Finnish a full body workout with legs since they take a lot out of ya when you start with them. I used to do something very similar myself, it was- Incline Hammer Press or Machine Dips Underhand Pulldown or Chest Supported Hammer Row Machine Machine Lateral Raise (static hold or 1 1/4 reps) Leg Press or Leg Extension / Curl combo) Standing Calf Raise or Seated Calf Raise Alternated the movements on each workout, no direct arm workout as the first two movements covered them, trained once every 4-5 days, worked really well. Wouldn't rule out training for periods that way again.
  20. LOL, not bad for a stoke victim with a dodgy kidney, irregular heart beat and herniated disc's:)) Strength has been up in leaps and bounds this last several weeks, managing the volume and frequency of the workouts is key, however most that try H.I.T either don't know how to do this or are ignorant to the fact and their progress grinds to a halt, and then of course they deem that H.I.T doesn't work.
  21. Yesterday was a fasting day, so today i scaffed... Breaky Large bowl of oats, 2 banana's, protein shake with coconut oil Lunchkens 3 burrito's filled with mixed bean's and avocado salad (with hemp seed oil) + a tub of blueberries Mid afternnonish home made almond butter on 4 rice crackers, and 2 pears Din Din's Indian chickpea & vegetable curry, with coconut milk, on a bed of brown rice. (thank you Jamie Oliver:)
  22. Hi Eden, Many people have problems with this one, i get a sharp pain in my elbows with this one (no matter what angle or grip I've used), same with my trainer. I'd say any movement that is giving you trouble, eliminate it, and go with something else. Personally I've never found Triceps extension (lying or seated) to be all that productive, for me, dips and shoulder width grip bench presses produced best results.
  23. lol, sorry, i meant to say in that last post am not into counting calories myself Mike, i feel the same way about it as yourself. It my believe that those who take the time to weigh, cook and prepare several formal sit down meals a day, as well as counting every gram of this and that, these people are no longer treating food as a basic need, their treating it as a morbid obsession. When am on my lunch breaks at work, there's a few groups of woman in the canteen who talk about nothing only slimming world and weight watchers, the weigh out everything, they count every "syn" or "point" or "calorie", they weigh themselves every week etc, they even have counters that count every step the take. Guess what, they've been doing this for years and their still overweight/obese. From an evolutionary pov, if counting calories in vs calories out was so important, we would never have made it as a species. Yes good fats will help the joints, moreover they play many more important roles in our overall health, fats have been demonize in recent years, however without valid reason. There called essential fatty acids for good reason's:))
  24. Am not again counting macro's myself Mike, counting calories in vs calories out is important only to a certain point. For pure fat loss (and muscle retention) Setting up the proper hormonal environment is imo the most important thing. When you do that, everything just fall's into place.
  25. 31-10-13 Leg Workout... 1 Leg Extension 140kgs x rest pause static holds to failure immediately followed by... 2. Seated Alternate Iso Leg Press machine (plate loaded) 120kgs per leg x 10 reps per leg to failure 3. Lying Leg Curl 70kgs x 21s - 7 reps (contracted half), 7 reps (bottom half), and then 8 reps full range to failure 4. Standing Calf Raise 120kgs x rest pause static holds to failure 4-11-13 Chest - Shoulders - Triceps 1. Incline D-B Flyes 80kgs x 7 reps to failure immediately followed by... 2. Hammer Chest Press 150kgs x 2 reps to failure 3. Machine Lateral Raise 90kgs x rest pause static holds to failure 4. Triceps Press-down Stack +20kgs x 13 reps to failure Due to being more tired from working longer hours this weather, me and my trainer both agreed it was best for me to stop at failure, as well as that, we've reduced my volume a little too.
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