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  1. Thats it, dip the toe in before taking the plunge I need to get to a good concert again, last one was 3-4 years ago, that was Rammstein, my ears are still ringing
  2. Yeah why is that lol, it doesn't matter how constant we are, change an exercise or angle and it feel's like we've just started training again lol. I find cold showers help....with the sore muscles that is
  3. Some great lifting MF:) Hey, been meaning to ask ya something, i'm not big on supplements, however my trainer has been going on in my ear to take a protein supplement (at least for post-workout), when i was a vegetarian i used whey (briefly), but since becoming vegan i've not yet tried any vegan protein supplements, i notice you use a couple of different one's, in your experience, what would be the best quality V protein supplement? Thanks Rob
  4. Damn straight, you got that right !! Does your diet and/or food intake vary much between your off days and the days where you train Rob Hi MF, Not really mate, pretty much the same at the moment, most days i tend to eat thought an 8 hour feeding window every day, in that time i gobble down 3 big ass meals, i don't bother to count calories or grams of this or that, but i do vary what i eat. I tend to train at around 6-7pm at the moment, so i've always have a couple of good meals in me, then after training i normally wait an hour or so, then chomp down another big meal.
  5. Hey Mike:) Getting there mate, am really pleased with my rate of progress at the moment, my trainer John has been a tremendous help, there's only so far you can go by yourself, a good trainer or training partner can really make a difference.
  6. Back to training today after a 7 day layoff... Workout was... 1. Incline D-B Flyes 75kgs (total weight) x 10 reps to failure + 2 forced reps Immediately followed by... 2. Hammer Incline Press 145kgs x 3 reps to failure + 2 forced reps and 2 negatives 1 minute rest, then... 3. Machine Lateral Raise 80kgs x 2 static holds to failure immediately followed by... 4. Smith Machine Shoulder Press 90kgs x 5 reps to failure + 2 forced reps one minute rest, then... 5. Rope Press-down 14/15 plates x 7 reps to failure + 2 forced reps immediately followed by... 6. Chest Press Machine (close grip) 140kgs x static hold to failure Another good brief and intense workout, felt much better today after 7 days off. So the plan moving forward is to continue with the 3 way split routine, with the same level of intensity and with the same amount of volume, however each cycle of the 3 way split will be over a 2 week period (4-5 days between workouts).
  7. Awesome stuff, cant bet good clean whole nutrient dense plants foods:) Best Rob
  8. From the research he posted, though, it looks like cardio isn't necessarily more heart-healthy in the short- or long-term. Intense weight lifting can work your heart just as well and can reduce your RHR and BP just as much. Of course, there's always competing research. And I doubt adding or removing a little cardio here and there is going to kill us either way. It's just an interesting perspective. Hi Blabbate... There's good and bad research in everything, but with the particular topic, its a fact established physiological fact that the only way you can get at the myocardium is by preforming mechanical work with muscle, and the greater the quality of mechanical work performed with muscle, the greater the vascular benefits.
  9. Hey mate, I train with all those things in mind too, especially after suffering a stroke 10 years ago, as well as having just the one normal functioning kidney, 2 herniated disc's in my lower back and an irregular HB (if i was a horse they'd put my down lol), the cosmetic or the body beautiful if you will, is the last thing on my list, longevity is like your good self at the forefront of my thinking. The longevity of my joints and connective tissues for example is just one reason why i stopped running and cycling, it was destroying them, my focus in the last few years has shifted towards reducing/minimizing the damage element associated with exercise (even in H.I.T itself), while at he same time, keeping the positive elements.
  10. Personally i take 2 layoffs a year, usually lasting 2 weeks, every now and then i'll also take a 7 day layoff. When i go back to training i feel like a new man. Do you remember the movie Copland, Sly Stallone gained 40-50lbs of fat and stopped working out for about 5 months for the role, i recall him saying in an interview "its the best i ever felt", when he went back to training and proper dieting again he made some of the best mass gains of his life. Food for thought:)
  11. Superb effort, especially after heavy ass squats...(i see your training partner enjoyed your discomfort too:) I also become apprehensive before such a workout...It takes a lot of courage to train with such intensity on visit to the gym, these is my way of dealing with it... About an hour before my workouts i begin to mentally prepare for whats in store. I'll do that by going to a separate room in the house were i can be alone, sometimes i watch a video that motivates me, or put on music the gets me going, when i get to the gym my focus is even sharper, tunnel vision, i gaze at the floor, i pace up and down saying things to myself like KILL, KILL, KILL (i tried "nothing but a peanut", didnt work for me lol). By the time i get to my heavy sets, i'm so tuned in, literally all i can hear is the voice on my trainer coaxing me on, "DRIVE", "UP UP UP", "DIG DEEP", "STILL STRONG". For me this is were i need to be for such training, i couldn't train the way i do if i didn't use this mentally driven approach. Best Rob
  12. Was feeling pretty good today, so i went for a leg session tonight with ma trainer... Warm-up 2 sets of 8-10 reps on the seated Leg Press 1. Seated Leg Press - stack (250kgs) x 14 reps to failure one minute rest then Tri-set... 2. Leg Extension static hold - 120kgs x 49 seconds immediately followed by 3. Static Squat - BW + 20kgs x 25 seconds to failure immediately followed by 4. Seated Leg Press - 125kgs x 17 reps to failure one minute rest 5. Standing Calf Raise - 110kgs x 11 reps to failure, followed by a 10 second rest pause then a static hold to failure Done! 15 minutes of pain One of the toughest leg workout I've ever done, after training to failure on the leg press and static failure on the leg extension, the static squats were really "pleasurable"...not, and the icing on the cake was being put back on the leg press machine to completely wipe the legs out. The static squats were preform using a dipping belt, the chain of the belt is attached to the frame of a machine and you sit back into the squat, never experienced anything like it. I was shaking like a leave lol. I decided i wouldn't be embarking on any more directed hamstring work, i feel they are sufficiently stimulated from the weighted back extension, leg presses, and now static squats. Taking a week off training now, let my bodies bio-chemical resources regroup, and i be back too it next Monday for another 15-20 minutes of pain, looking forward to it already
  13. Awesome viewing MF:) Something i only recently found out about that H.I.T dvd, it was filmed all in one day, Poor Markus (bodybuilder in the dvd), 3 H.I.T workouts in one day with MM and RM lol. I've spoke with Markus Reinhardt a couple of times last year, nice guy, he's been running his own H.I.T facility in Vegas, he's still very advocating the Mikes training methods and nutritional recommendations, ie high carb / lowish protein approach. Recently i was using a lowish carb approach myself, but i was suffering with headaches and low on energy, so i switched back to a higher carb intake, just utilizing intermittent fasting, works well for me. I notice from you pic's you maintain a nice level of leanness year round no matter what your focus is, what sort of nutritional plan do you go with? or do you believe in just good quality foods / well balanced diet?
  14. Gents, I must just point out, am not against the odd hike though the valleys or mountains, or a bit of rock climbing or a nice bike ride through the country side every now and then, its a great way to relax and what have you, life's for living, am really just making the point that there more efficient, scientific and safer ways to improve one's overall well being and condition than what the fitness industry would have us believe. Best wishes Rob
  15. Hit Blabbate, Indeed, your right to be skeptical, no person should take anything on faith... A few things Blabbate... First, i use a slow cadence on every movement, this reduces momentum, and creates a deeper level of fatigue within the muscles, which in turn also produces greater vascular benefits. Doug Mcguff explains it better in this short interview, listen careful to what he says to the local cardiologists comments Secondly, My workouts are fast paced, literately, its from one movement to the next, just enough time to resist mentally, then boom! My workouts last a mere 12-20 minutes, however this is not important, its the quality of work that's important. I find myself sometimes lying on the floor for 10 minutes after these workouts. My resting heart rate it better than ever, even at 235lbs, its usually sitting at around 50 bpm. Years ago when i ran or cycled almost every day my resting heart rate would have sat at around 65-70 bpm (and that was at a lighter bodyweight). Moreover, i suffered greatly with knee, hip and connective tissue problems when running and cyclying, as steady state exercise is "low intensity high force exercise", as opposed to H.I.T with weights which is "high intensity low force exercise".
  16. Great stuff Muchidna, Yes there's science behind this phenomenon... When most trainees use a split routine, they usually only allow for LOCALIZED recovery, ie the given bodyparts they trained/targeted, however, in most cases, trainees do not allow for SYSTEMIC recovery. SYSTEMIC recovery takes longer, it refers to the generalized effect intense exercise has on the entire physical system. When FULL recovery is restored, you'll find you'll be making strength increases in leaps and bounds. I'm still (after 20 years) finding this to be true, also keep in mind, as you grow stronger and stronger, the stresses on your limited recovery ability also grow greater, adjust the volume and or frequency accordingly, and you'll find you'll almost never hit a sticking point. If you what more on this, let me know:) Best Rob
  17. Hey MF, Good video... Indeed, Mike had allowed himself to go down hill for some time, it was sad to watch, still, he hadn't lost his passion for the theory..or his dry sense of humor:) I believe Mike and Ray's father passed away early in his late thirties from heart issues, so that may have something to do with the bothers early deaths, but Mike of course hadn't been training himself for some time, moreover, he'd become a chain smoker and i believe was partial to a wee drop of Bourbon, Ray had also been suffering with health issues, a muscle wasting illness i believe, but i think the shock of losing his bother was too much, and he passed away just 2 days after Mikes passing. Moving forward...Their names, legacy's and contributions in the field will live on for a very long time to come:) Best Rob
  18. Hi MF, All very true... Though all those same (if not better) benefits can be had with a well constructed strength training program, in fact, Arthur Jones did research into this very topic... based on the evidence, he concluded...http://denmark.concept1010.com/2011/11/20/comments-on-cardio-vascular-training-by-arthur-jones-etc/ If you 5 minutes MF, watch this Dr Doug Mcguff (ER physician, body by science co-author, and owner/trainer of Ultimate Exercise HIT facility) video on cardio, from a scientific stand point, no one articulates it better than he:)
  19. Hi Aloxis... I don't recommend it! I recommend you read these articles from two very experienced world renowned H.I.T trainers... http://www.mikementzer.com/aerobic.html http://baye.com/fat-loss-myths-part-2-cardio-is-necessary-for-fat-loss/ Since dropping cardio out of my regime years ago, i've had no trouble losing over 50lbs of fat (by simply coming in under a maintenance level of calories), moreover, my joints and connective tissues are feeling a LOT better, and i've become a hellva a lot stronger, plus added considerable muscle to my frame:) Am a high intensity training bodybuilder Aloxis, am not an endurance athlete, there two different things altogether, with completely different approach's. My trainer John Martini (the current overall Mr Northern Ireland BB champion), also is of the same opinion as myself. He's currently just 6 days out from this years NABBA Mr Universe, were he'll compete against the likes of former IFBB Pro Lee Priest. In this video (filmed 8 weeks ago), John talks about his views on cardio.
  20. Pull day... 1. Pullover machine - 102.5kgs x 6 reps to failure + 2 forced reps 2. Pullowns - 110kgs x 5 reps to failure + 2 forced reps + 10 second rest then static hold to failure 3. Rear Delt Machine - 75Kgs x static hold to failure + drop set to failure 4. D-B Shrugs - 100kgs x 14 reps to failure 5. Biceps Curl Machine - 75kgs x static hold to failure + drop set to failure 6. Weighted Back Extension - BW + 20kgs x static hold to failure Despite being up on most lifts tonight's workout, i feel i should have left it for another day or two, feeling bit tired from working long hours this week, oh well, i'll take a good 4-5 days off before the next workout.
  21. Today's workout with my trainer John was by far my favorite, as he allowed me to incorporate my fav techniques... 1. Incline D-B Flye 75kgs total x 8 reps to failure + 3 forced reps 2. Chest Press Machine 140kgs x static holds to failure 3. Seated D-B Lateral Raises 30kgs total x 12 reps to failure + 2 forced reps and several partials to failure 4. Shoulder Press Machine 85kgs x negative only reps to failure 5. Rope Press-down 12/15 plates x 11 reps to failure + 2 forced reps 6. One arm Rope Pressdown 8/15 plates x static hold to failure Going to be using more static holds and negative only movements in future workouts, such techniques give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to stimulating growth. There also a great way of working around niggling injuries:) Next workout on Friday - Back and Biceps Eating wise, i've went back to having more carbs in my diet, but IFing again (8 hour feeding window)
  22. Yes mate, there's no swinging weights around several days a week in my training, it aint sexy, but its effective and time efficient.
  23. That's a petty Mike, hopefully ya get your mojo back for the iron again soon:) I know all about back issues, i've two herniated disc's in my lower back, back injuries are bastards!! If your ever planing a trip to Northern Ireland, make sure and give me a shout, i'll take to my gym and show ya some cool techniques to work around any injuries and still get the most from your workouts:) Best wishes Rob
  24. Hi Mike, The rock climbing sounds the ticket, if i was to scale a wall there would be planes out to shoot me down lol. If ya don't mind me asking, what injuries did you sustain? or was it recurring niggling ones? I've had my fair share of injuries (knee, shoulder and back), but none that has ever made me give up my passion. Anyone willing to move mountains know's there is a change getting injured, it takes guts, but its the difference between mediocre or a champion. Since getting injured, I've found ways around them, pre-exhaustion and static holds being the best ways i've found, also, not preforming movements that i don't have the right bodytype for. In some ways getting injured was one of the best things that happened to me, as we know, strength training has many fantastic benefits, what many are unaware of (or ignorant to), is the fact that strength training has a damage element (getting injured made me keenly aware of this). One should aim to minimize / eliminate the negative elements of exercise - while at the same time keeping the positive elements. There again, bad form is not always the only cause of injures. Injuries can occur while using a full range of motion with "perfect form", we've been told a full range of motion is the best way too train.....i disagree, for the very reason John Little stated in his MCT books... "Even moderately heavy weights lifting throughout a full range of motion increases the chances of injury, owing to the sheer forces that impinge on the joints and connective tissues when bones and ligaments are required to move through arcs and positions of disadvantaged leverage" Anyway, best of luck, and i hope you get back on the iron horse:) Rob
  25. 27-9-13 Legs (warm-up) - seated leg press x 2 light/medium sets 1. Leg Extension 110kgs x 8 reps to failure + 2 forced reps 2. Seated Leg Press 180kgs x 17 reps to failure + 5 rest pause reps 3. Standing Leg Curl 37.5kgs x 10 reps to failure + 2 forced reps 4. Seated Leg Curl 80kgs x 9 reps to failure + static hold to failure 5. Standing Calf Raise 100kgs x 12 reps to failure + 2 forced reps + static hold to failure Up weight and reps, thought i was going to be sick as the leg extension/press was supersetted, didn't half get ma heart rate up lol... Hopefully the DOMS isnt as bad this time, it took 5 days for the DOMS to subside after the last leg workout. Oh well, 4 days until next workout...
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