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  1. Hi Scott, Like your program set up mate, your something of a powerbuilder, heavy basic lifts combine with assistant work, great stuff. I also see your into Chinese martial arts, its great to be able to see work with a grandmaster of high caliber. Ive been training in Wing Tsun and Escrima now for the last 12 years, love it:)
  2. In the next part, Mike carry's on discussing the negatives of overtraining, then discuses the benefits of static holds for the bodybuilder.
  3. Here, Mike Mentzer talks about how overtraining is not only counterproductive, it can literally kill you.
  4. So in the end i decided to go back to using Mike Mentzer's "ideal" workouts for a while again 10-6-13 Chest 1. Pec Deck 110kgs x static hold to failure supersetted with 2. Hammer Incline Press 115kgs x 3 reps to failure Back 1. Underhand Pulldown 95kgs x 5 reps to failure (2 second hold in contraction position) 2. Deadlift 140kgs x 5 reps NTF 14-6-13 Legs 1. Leg Extension 110kgs x static hold to failure supersetted with 2. Leg Presses 340kgs x 8 reps to failure 3. Calf Presses 240kgs x 12 reps to failure (2 second hold in contracted position) *no direct hamstring work Super intense workouts and brief (12-20 minute) workouts...love it, forgot how good static holds are, cant say i get a pump from them, but boy ya dont half feel the fibers being recruited.
  5. Hi Sunwarrior, Am always skeptical when i read about nutritional studies, there's a lot of bad science out there, even from "reputable" sources, i take nothing on faith. For example, the British cancer association recommend's a diet the includes of eggs, dairy and meat, as does the British heart and stroke foundation. Then there was Harvard Medical Schools 15 year red meat study published last year, this is the same "reputable" organisation that put out a study saying too much fruit is bad for you. One would be inclined to ask, just what the hell are we supposed to eat lol.
  6. LOL, again i didnt say he needed to, what is implied is.... i do what "I" need to do for "MY" health. The gentleman asked for some advice for battling male gyneo, i give my opinion, and i stand by my advice. If you don't like my opinion, then that's fine, i respect that:)
  7. Never said he NEED's eggs, but i recommended them for their cholesterol content, the omega 3 is just an added bonus:) The reasons for someone being vegan varies, i personally do it for health reasons, not moral.
  8. If increasing your test level truly helped then wouldn't steroid users never get gynecomastia? Good question... Its my understand (from being told by steroid users, one of those people was Dorian Yates), that gynocomastia can come as a side effect from using certain steroids, which ones i'm not sure, its not something i've researched.
  9. Hi Amelia, No, hes not vegan, though he doesn't shoot animals, just targets. Hes a former military man (as am i), German tank artillery, hes a very disciplined and positive individual. I met him several years ago, we worked together in Belfast, though, we didn't do too much work...we were always too busy about talking training and diet lol. Hendrick's very much into Powerbuilding, a cross between powerlifting and bodybuilding, he goes real heavy on the big 3, and then throws in some assistant exercises, and zone training. Hes big on technique / form, it was here i learn't most from him.
  10. I'm soooo jealous lol, i usually stay near Alexander Platz myself, i love it there, great night life, and dont get me started on the restaurants lol. The Krav Maga is at the McVit gym, it may be in with your membership, not sure. http://www.shooting-events-berlin.de/home-english/contact-us-booking/ This is were you can find him, he takes training clients here as well, he speaks flaunt English, and hes a really helpful friendly guy. (Just say you were talking with Rob from Bangor, Northern Ireland) Best Rob
  11. Hi, Lucky girl, i'd love to live in Berlin, i go there once or twice a year to meet up with a good friend by the name of Hendrick Burre, hes a strength and conditioning coach with vast amount of knowledge, he also owns and runs the only shooting range in Berlin. He trains bodyguards in gun handling and krav maga. Even a couple sessions with him would be very very educational, his prices are very reasonable. If can contact him here about training or shooting...http://www.shooting-events-berlin.de/home-english/contact-us-booking/ He trains his clients in the McVit gym, its a 24/7 gym, well equipped and best of all....its dirt cheap, i think its like 18 euro a month:)
  12. Good stuff... omega 3 enriched eggs (i understand this is a vegan site, but if it was me personally, i do what i need to do). Eat plenty of nuts, avocado's, coconut oil... Compound movements, these are movements which involve more the use of more than one joint, in turn, this involves the use of multiple muscles groups at one time. Examples: Squats, Deadlifts, Leg Presses, Dips, Overhead Presses, Chins, Rows, High Pulls, (Flat, Incline, Decline) Bench Presses etc are all good compound movements.
  13. I recommend avoiding any estrogenic foods and material's (such as soft plastic containers) , and increase your good cholesterol to boost testosterone levels. Training wise, train intensely, and focus mostly on compound movements, this will release growth hormones better than any other form of exercise. I also recommend you talk with your doctor, get some tests done to see if your test levels are within a normal range, the problem may be outside of your control. Best Rob
  14. That sounds like a split that could work well, I grew pretty fast on a 3 day HIT routine. Yeah mate, a 3-4 split works best for me, i find its best for stress management, full body workouts and even 2 way splits i always found were too much in one sitting.
  15. That makes sense to me MB, hit the body hard, then let nature take its course. I've actually a gym membership and a well equipped home gym in my father-in-law garage, my preference is machines (my gym has Hammer and LifeFitness machines), so most workouts are at the gym, however sometimes i just cant be bothered with a busy gym filled with posers, you know, the ones that look like their auditioning for a part in Geordie shore:) What is your training split?, i like a push, pull and leg split myself.
  16. Going to be doing a little experiment with myself in the coming weeks regarding training frequency.... I'm going to be training 2-3 days in a row, followed by 4-5 days rest (or longer if need be). This is another idea brought about by Brain Johnston, he states... "The metabolism is increased for 24-48 hours after a workout, by training on 3 consecutive days, you can ride a "metabolic wave" of sorts. Working out, then taking a couple of days off, its as though the body enters into a slightly depressed state, but by working out a few days consecutively, the alarm reaction remains heightened and constant." This makes sense to me, and there is research being done into this phenomenon in Italy. I'm also going to be focusing more on J-Reps specifically, at 6'4 and having long levers, partial rep style training is something of an equalizer for the taller athlete (but still working all ranges). I also find i get a better bodybuilding effect from J-Reps, while at the same time, recover quicker since my CNS isn't being overloading with maximum loads / resistance. I'll report my findings in due course.
  17. Grant, Listen to what Dr Doug Mcguff has to say in this short video, BTW - i highly recommend the body by science book Doug Mcguff is a ER physician, he has work for over 30 years with some of the pioneers of H.I.T, and he has hes own H.I.T training facility in which hes personally over seen thousands of his clients workouts.
  18. Hi Grant, Contrary to popular belief, steady state activity is NOT the best method for fat loss, in fact, its counterproductive.... http://www.mikementzer.com/aerobic.html http://baye.com/you-dont-know-hit-2/ A properly constructed and managed resistance training program will severe ALL your (or anyones) needs, ie stimulate growth, set up a better hormonal environment for fat loss, increase bone density, improve flexibility, improve cardio function etc... all in one shot. Train intense, brief and infrequently....frequency depends on the individuals stress tolerance and recovery ability, allow enough time for compensation (recovery), but ALSO, over compensation (growth ), its a two phase process... Focus more on compound movements, these movements are better simulators, the odd isolation movement is fine for stress management, and targeted stimulation. Vary your workouts, dont just do the same thing workout after workout, (see the adaptation and variation thread i wrote)... Diet wise, i recommend intermittent fasting, it improve's recovery, it allows the body to toxic, and it will set up a better fat loss environment. Do your research, don't take anything on faith, use logic and reason as your guide, i would recommend you read some of Mike Mentzers work... Hope this helps Best Rob
  19. James, Those who can turn a negative into something positive are winners in my eyes.... "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger" - Friedrich Nietzshe
  20. Another great article regarding "cardio" written by world class H.I.T trainer Drew Baye http://baye.com/you-dont-know-hit-2/
  21. Hi Jub, Wee tip... Another nice technique is 1 1/4 reps, works really well on machine isolation movements, for example, with Leg Extension's, extend your legs into the fully contracted position, hold, then lower only a 1/4 of the way, pause, then extend your legs into the fully contracted position again, hold, then lower back to the starting position. You'll need to reduce the weight by about 20% of what you'll normally use, however you'll be pleasantly surprised by the far greater level of congestion with your muscles. With compound movements, perform the extra 1/4 in the stretched position, for example on incline presses, lower the bar/handles to the bottom stretched position, then drive the weight up only a 1/4 of the way, slight pause, then lower back down to the bottom again, slight pause, then drive to the top position. Again the weight will need to be slightly lighter, however the bodybuilding effect you'll find will be greater. Enjoy Rob
  22. pb, if you like eating big, but still want to reduce bodyfat (and maintain lean tissue), then perhaps intermittent fasting (IF) might be for you. Besides reducing your bodyfat, there are many other health benefits that come alone with IF, such as better recovery ability, reduced blood pressure, improved resting heart rate, improved cognitive abilities etc. Takes some a wee bit of getting used to, others find it easy. Best Rob
  23. Due to work commitments, i just went with two workouts this week... Monday 3-6-13 Underhand Pulldown (1 1/4 reps) Seated Dip Machine (cluster sets) Chest supported Hammer Row (normal full range) Pec Deck Flye (1 1/4 reps) Thursday 6-6-13 Machine Lateral Raise (1 1/4 reps) Hip Belt Squat (J-Reps) Hip Belt Calf Raise (normal full range) Partial Stiff Legged Deadlift
  24. Indeed, I personally was able to shift 50lbs of fat without the need for any "cardio", not to mention, HIIT is in most cases, high force/impact activity, there is a damage element to it. Simply decrease your calories 500-1000 below your maintenance level and you'll lose 1-2lbs of fat per week. Best Rob
  25. Hi pb, Sounds like the problem is more to do with your diet, i would recommend a simple calorie deficit diet or just being more cognizant of what your putting in your mouth. Also keep in mind, the body has a very limited reserve of sources, aka recovery ability, you dont want to set up an overtraining situation, besides, Your already upping your metabolic rate with your resistance training. Give the body what it needs, intense training and REST. best Rob
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