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  1. Looks good to me mate. I know what you mean with regard to only being able to give a sub-maximal effort to a second movement, that was my thinking a few years back and again more recently, but for the this year Ive noted a better hypertrophic response from using targeted isolation exercises (less systemic fatigue, more localised) that provide resistance in the fully contracted position. Of course, this is not to say that results cant be had with a super abbreviated appoarch. Ive a good friend in Berlin thats done nothing but bench and rows (with almost 400lb) on a Monday, then trap bar deadlifts with over 700lb for reps, the guy is huge...naturally! You could also check out Bill Sahli's old school high intensity facebook page, he is currently doing Trap bar deads, negative dips and lying triceps extension one week, then leg press, high pulls and curl the next week. It can be done:)
  2. Finland...why you lucky son of a .... Been to Iceland (which was awesome), but really fancy a Nordic cruise in the future. Enjoy! Increasing your intensity and decreasing you volume will definitely be a step in the right direction mate, results are proportional to the intensity of effort, as a pioneering physiologist by the name of Roux stated "hypertrophy results in the increase of intensity of the work done in a unit of time, whereas the total amount of work done is without significance". Best Rob
  3. LOL... Do Dips cause your shoulders any irritation? Be a bit safer for taxing negative strength. Love rest pause, keeps things more anaerobic.
  4. Thanks mate, had a mediocre workout, I think going forward im only going to train on my days of work, cant seem to give a 100% effort after a long taxing day at work. Post workout dinner was good though, spicy bean burgers and chilli wedges washed down with a 6 pack of carlsberg:)
  5. Lol, yeah mate, think ive lost the plot:) Was my birthday today, did an 10 hour shift then hit the gym...sad I know lol.
  6. Lol, Amen on the flip flops brother, ive seen enough pterodactyl like toe nails to do life time:) Negatives dont half leave ya sore, all that friction and what have ya...ever try cold plunges? I take one or two a week right after training, helps with the level of DOMS. Max contraction is probably the best way Ive found to stimulate growth and work around injuries, heres how I use it 3 several second maximal contractions, with 15 second rest pauses, very taxing, but productive way to train... Staurt McRoberts, I used to buy Flex and Ironman in the 90s just for his articles, have his hardgainer book, gives solid advice to thoses in the natural hardgainer trenches. Like wise mate, the pleasures all mine, its great to chat again... p.s Resistance bands defo have there place, especially the pink ones;))
  7. Resistance bands? Did you get a matching coloured purse and handbag with them lol, only joking. Hey man, whatever works...works, 95kg is still a decent weight and considering you were already fairly lean at your heaviest you must be in damn good nik:) Believe it or not, sometimes I repeat a workout or the same bodypart, taxing?...hell yeah, but what ive notice is that preformance (in terms of force production) is better the second time round. Theres actually research backs this up, its reffered to as "riding the metabolic wave". When we train, are body is on a metabolic high, I.e.,increased protein synthesis, increased insulin sensitivity, feel good endorphins released, the realise of natural growth hormones, CNS stimulated etc, so train the same bodypart again before the "metabolic wave" washes over. Dont do it too often, as the next day your spent, but get plenty of rest and anti catabolic nutrients in ya and your good. Yeah cluster sets are good, ill still salt them in now and then, but I still feel there needs to be some serious overload to recurit those high order fibers. Max contraction does exatly as it says on the tin for this purpose:) Yes mate, frecking boiling, I can take the heat, damn hayfever is killing me aswell since I moved into the countryside. And dont get me started on guys wearing flip flops;) Seen that one, check out the natural mr Amercias John Heart's interviews with Ric Draisin on youtube, hes now the guy that does the heavy duty phone consultations that Mike used to do. His recommendations at kinda inbetween Dorians fairy hight volume workouts and Mikes very low volume workouts. Hes very good. Best Rob
  8. Good stuff, training's going well mate, been making good progress with max contraction training this weather. No discoveries, as long as its intense and breif count me in:) The only thing I have found this year was ive grown bigger and stronger again training more frequently, training twice a day somedays. That being said, am never in the gym longer than 12-20minutes at a gym. What about your own training, are you back lifting, how are the injuires? Best Rob
  9. 9-6-16 AM Max contraction Chest / Back 1. Pec deck flye @160kg 2. Max strap pulldown @150kg 3. Jones machine shrug @180kg 4. Low back machine @130kg 9-6-16 PM Max contraction Legs 1. Leg extension @160kg 2. Seated leg curl @100kg 3. Adduction machine @155kg 4. Abduction machine @155kg 5. Calf press machine @200kg 10-6-16 1. Machine lateral raise @95kg 2. Rear delt machine @65kg 3. Preacher curl machine @75kg 4. One arm cable rope extension @35kg 3 x 8-15 second maximally contraction holds for each exercise, with 15 second rest pauses between each effort. Really happy with my progress at the moment, first two workouts were 8 hours apart. Ill take a day off and ill have at it again.
  10. Ak mate, how the feck are ye:) what ya been at this weather?
  11. Ah no, Markus has jet black hair. Mike and Ray definitely looked like twins, but Ray was 2 years younger. Mike had a lot of heart issues (chain smoker and he liked bourbon I believe) Ray had been suffering with a muscle wasting disease for some time, I would say the stock of losing Mike was too much for him, the two were very close. I also believe their dad Harry Mentzer passed away at a young age from heart disease, so Mike and Ray were also at a pre determined genetic disposition. Well, as the saying goes, only the good die young. With the bod pod, thats exaclty it, through cabin pressure its able to very accurately distinguish between, muscle, bone mass, fat etc. In the US, I think you'd be looked at paying around $50-80 for a reading. I pay £25...which is actually really cheap. Interestingly enough, I came off my low carb diet a few months back because of a reading I got, I had lost 10lbs in weight, which I was happy with, I then got a reading in the bod pod, it showed I had indeed lost 10lbs, but 7.4lbs of it was lean tissue, hence why ive upped my carb intake in recent months, If I get bloating I have maybe one low carb day, think I was a little too extreme in limiting my carb intake. So if you get the chance id recommend it. Best Rob
  12. Ill bet that workout got the heart rate up;) id have been passed out on the floor after round one! Work still given ya jip? Sometimes I think mobile phones are the worst thing ever invented, am on a weeks holiday this week and ive been contacted 6 times already for stupid stuff, last person that ring got an ear full lol. Take it easy Rob
  13. Would that have been Mike Mentzer training Markus Reinhardt? If it was it was faked, they shot the 3 workouts for the DVD all in one day, the dip machine was the last exercise of the 3rd workout lol. As luck would have, Mike passed away the very next day, and two days after that Ray, Mikes borther also passed away. Real shame. Yeah, I had a bod pod test down, it said my hydration levels werent optimal. So im making sure to get plenty of the orl h20 down the hatch. Yeap, trips to the bog galore lol.
  14. 4-6-16 1. Underhand pulldown 145kgs x omega set 2. Seated dip machine 152.5kgs x 5 rest pause reps to failure 3. Leverage leg press 450kgs x 3 several second static holds, last hold to failure 4. 3 x 500 metre sprints on the concept 2 rower 4 days since last workout, abbreviated workout this afternoon, took 5 minutes rest between each exercise to maximise load and intensity, felt awesome. Might just stick with these 3 exercises for a while (as these 3 exercises stimulate all of the bodies major muscle groups), for variation ill alter load, time under tension, rest between exercises, frequency etc. Continuing to eat 3 big ass meals a day, not counting calories or anything. Pizza, sweet potato fries for tea, washed down with coke of course...oh and vegan brownies:)) One thing I have been doing recently is drinking a gallon of ice cold water a day, been experiencing more energy and less stomach issues, the only down side is the frequent trips to the toilet. Goals for the next month.... - 160kg pulldown - 480kg leverage leg press (its the max load on the machine) - Seated dip machine 170kg+ for 5 or more rest pause reps (5 second rest pauses between reps)
  15. Oh no, its when the Cockerells starts giving it Celine Dion at 5 in the morning:) Due to the hotter weather we've been having here recently, ive been training late at night (between 11-12), much more cooler and I feel good at that time of night. Last nights workout... Underhand pulldown 140kgs x omega set to failure Pec deck flye 160kgs x omega set to failure Shoulder press machine (palms facing)* 60kgs x 15 second hold 62.5kgs x 15 second hold 65kgs x 15 second hold 67.5kgs x 15 second hold 70kgs x 15 second hold 67.5kgs x 15 second hold 65kgs x 13 second hold 62.5kgs x 12 second hold 60kgs x 11 second hold *used the max pyramid protocol on the shoulder press, reistance was held in the poistion of maximum motor arm, no rest between holds, just enough to change the weight then go again. The goal is not to see how much weight you end up holding, rather, how little you end up holding - better guage on inroad.
  16. Hi, I know quite a few individuals youve done well on the body by science plan, that being said, the feel like crap all the time, as superslow training well leave you systemically fatigued for up to several days after (as I recently found out again). Ive been training in HIT style for over 20 years now, I believe its the most productive and efficient way to train, but to make it work, you need to learn how to manage the stress of your workouts (and all other stresses in your life). Best of luck Rob
  17. MCT legs today, the plan was to go with a negative accentuated workout, but the last workout left me systemically fatigued for 4 days, haven't felt like that in so time. So am sticking with static holds. Starting to believe that superslow training is a great way to undertrain the muscular system and overtrain the nervous system. Hayfever has been playing up like mad this last few days, the farmers are out cutting the fields around my house, its anti histamines glore for me. R.
  18. Went with a change of pace today, could feel the "conservation of energy syndrome" kicking in with the statics, so for the next few weeks ill go with negative accentuated training, 4-5 positive and a 8-10 negative portion (2 second hold on the exercises that provide resistance in the contracted position. Aiming for at least 3 reps, and no more than 4, meaning ths time under tension will be no longer than 45-60 seconds per set. Went with upper body tonight... 1. Pec deck flye supersetted with 2. Push up bars ( angled inward to reduce strain on the shoulder) Two min rest then... 3. Machine pullover supersetted with 4. Chest supported row machine Two min rest then... 5. Standing overhead BB press Two min rest then... 6. Incline DB curls Including warm up sets, workout lasted roughly 16 minutes.... Got one hellva pump, very fatigued aswell...VERY. This is what happens when you null out all non muscular body torque and momentum, it becomes just pure muscular effort, and in turn, that creates a VERY deep rapid level of fatigue and inroad. May well require a little more recovery between workouts on this protocol. Legs will be next:(
  19. No worries mate:) 23/05 MCT Arms & Shoulders 1. Machine curl 70kgs x one hold to failure (decreased the weight due to wrist pain, went with a longer tut) 2. Cable kickbacks 70kgs x 3 several second holds 3. Machine lateral raise 95kgs (stack) x 3 several second holds 4. Rear delt machine 60kg x one hold to failure Finnished up with 3 x 500 metre sprints on the C2 rower
  20. Hi Hobbs, Yes that book and the advanced max contraction training are very good, in the first one John explains the theory and the science behind it, the advanced MCT book talks more about recovery, physiological barriers, and the omega set. The Q&A's at the back of both books are very good. Theres a couple of cracking interviews with the creator John Little, one on high intensity nation and on a golfing site called life in the rough. Unfortunately the MCT site was took down aswell as the max contraction video. There is however a later variation of MCT called max pyramid protocol on youtube, they demonstrate the pulldown, leg press, pushdown and curl at Johns Nautilus North facility in Canada. Nautilus North also have a good facebook page, regularly putting up research supporting HIT and diet fallacies. If you also check out Drew Baye's HIT site, theres some good articles on MCT and an interview with John Little. Hope this helps, and if I can be of any furthur assistance just shout:) Rob
  21. Not that long ago i would have said no, due to systemic recovery, but am a bit more open minded about frequency these days, If your making progress - have at it, and if your body tells you to take a break then back off for a bit. On a related note, I read some research a few years ago from physiologists that showed its better to train 3-4 days in a row and then take 3-4 days off vs training every other day. Reason being, when we partake in intense physical stress, our body goes on a metabolic high ( increased protein synthesis, feel good endorphins realised, increased insulin sensitivity, HGH realised etc) however after 36-48 hours or so the body enters into a slightly depressed state, but by training consecutively the alarm reaction remains heightened and constant. Interestingly enough, ive preformed the exact same workout two days in a row and did better second time around, so there may well be something to it. If memory severes me right, I think they reffered to it as "riding the metabolic wave". Hope this helps Rob
  22. Looking good mate, damn good squats!! I hear ya bout laptop, need a new one myself, been using the wifes Ipad and hate it. Slow as anything. Take it easy 'n' hope alls good in the city:) Rob
  23. Hey bud, nah, think he was a "form nazi", thou must use granny weights through an exaggerated range of motion lol. Yes mate doing good, ma back is in good shape and feelin good. Country life is going well too, especially since we're getting some nice weather this last week:)
  24. Hey Chris, hows it going mate? Been missing your posts:)
  25. 90lbs off, thats some goin, best of luck with your goals:)
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