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  1. I dont really believe theres such a thing as "superfoods", thats a marketing term. The body needs a few things in the right amount....intense training / stimulation, rest, calories and water.
  2. 17-3-16 LOW BAR BB SQUAT 60kgs x 5 reps 80kgs x 5 reps 100kgs x 3 reps 120kgs x 3 reps 147.5 x 5 reps* 120kgs x 6 reps* STANDING OVERHEAD BB PRESS 50kgs x 5 reps 60kgs x 5 reps 70kgs x 3 reps 85kgs x 5 reps* 75kgs x 5 reps* BENT OVER BB ROW 60kgs x 5 reps 80kgs x 5 reps 100kgs x 3 reps 125kgs x 5 reps* 90kgs x 10 reps* *working sets Thankfully my back is playing ball, I got myself a proper belt and some lifting shoes, seem to help. Using the starting strength set up, but I prefer to shoot for just one main working set of 5 with a slightly lighter working set of in and around 8-10 reps. Feels good. Looking forward to the next workout, Squat, bench and rack deads:)
  3. Hi Kathy, Build the mass first, and then dail in the diet, a significant amount of fat can be lost in a relatively short period, but building mass takes years.... On a side note - Was at a gym last week with a friend, there was a woman there, I say 5'4, maybe 180-185lbs, very powerful shoulders and legs, muscular arms easy 16", she had a bit of fat around her waist and a big butt, but I can tell ya, she looked very impressive and stood out from all the rest. Its become fashionable these days for to lean out to the max and to try and make "leangains", guess it makes for good selfies on facebook lol, of course its not how they did it in the golden era of bodybuilding and strength training / pre steriods. One guy were I work is aiming for to have 5% bodyfat, god love em, he has hmmm maybe 14" arms and a neck like a pencil, but hey....hes got a six pack and a vein popping up in his arm Guess it boils down to personal preference, but trying to optimise ones size and strength while staying lean is like trying to ice stake uphill. Just my 2 cents Rob
  4. Last 2 weeks.... Been training, but my goal has taken a u turn, decided to go on a power phase (if am to be honest i dont really give a shit about having a 6 pack). Believe it or not, an all barbell program (inspired by a good friend from Berlin whom came and stayed with me for a few days - hes a strength & conditioning coach). Training 3 days per week, Workout A 1. Squats 2. Chins Workout B 1. Bench press 2. Bent over row Workout C 1. Rack deadlift 2. Standing press - Just 6 key lifts - can salt in a curl for biceps or a pullover press for triceps - using a host of variables (volume, intensity etc) - No longer training to failure Loving the program, no back issues what somever, my friend Hendrick taught me a different version of the squat, I'd always been lead to believe that when squatting the head and chest should be up, I now keep my head and chest down and am better able to drive through the hips with no back pain. Anyho, with regards to diet I'm eating 3 and on training days 4 times per day, all big meals. Focusing more on whole foods and shooting for only around 120-130 grams of protein per day. Personally I dont see any difference whether I consume 300 grams of protein vs 200 grams vs 120 grams, bar the higher protein approach give me a host of stomach issues and cost more. Hope everyones well, have a great weekend Rob
  5. Wee update, Had to take a 9 day layoff due to having a fecken chest infection, but have been feeling a good bit better since Sunday, so got my first tonight. Just went moderately heavy, but didnt take long though before I was busted, its gonna take a while before ill be back at were I was. Might take another week or so off, let nature take its course. Had to alter my eating schedule, been eating just 3 times per day, 2 shakes (protein, good fats and fruit), plus one main solid food meal. Thats all I could stomach. Fingers cross, hopefully back to normal soon enough. Life just loves ta through a spanner in the works lol. Oh well, back to my spaghetti western marathon, just cleared a fist full of dollars, for a few dollars and now am on to my favourite movie of all time...the good, the bad and the ugly, might even through on once upon a time in the west:))
  6. Hi Bill, I would completely disagree with your Dr, contrary to popular belief, stretching does not... - warm up muscles - help prevent an injury - make you more flexiable - help you recover from an injury quicker This is not merely my opinion, but rather the conclusion of scientists and physiologists who have studied stretching and its effect on the body. Blood it the bodies best healer, and its the contraction of a muscle that draws blood into it. I've 3 herniated discs in my lower back, I've suffered with back (as well groin pain from pressure being put on nerves in my lower back) all of my adult life, all I ever found stretching did, was give temporary relief. One movement I found helped a lot was a seated low back machine, one that straps or locks your hips down, I focused on the contracted half of the movement, made a big difference.
  7. Good ta hear your back in action:) Now I know what I want to cheat on, gluten free waffles and maple syrup:))
  8. Hi Kathy, Thank u:) Yes, came up with those myself. Am not a huge fan of high reps as i feel they can end up being as much an aerobic than anaerobic, however by simply adding a 10 second rest pause every 5 reps or so it keeps it anaerobic. Moreover it inroads and fatigues the muscles deeper, on the first movement of a bodypart, Id pick a weight that would barely allow for the completion of 12-15 continuous reps, but by adding in the rest pause every 5 reps or so, I end up performing 25-35 reps total reps with that same weight. Love it:)
  9. Get well soon Kathy, youll be back at it in no time:)
  10. Well that was just so inconsiderate of your wife, making miss your workout lol. Any time I get something, its always my wife that gives me it, she says sharing is caring lol. Was just reading your second from last post, have you every read Dr Ken Leistner's work? Think you'd like his work, legendary strength and conditioning coach from the US.
  11. Hey Chris, lol yeah cardio, I'll see if it makes any difference over the next month or so, if not its gone. Oh country life, love it, love it, love it:) the only thing is, its done nothing but rain here for the last month, so all the lines I like to walk are flooded, but my favourite season spring is not far:) Hows you mate?
  12. Transformation time!!! My mission... -1. Maintain lean tissue -2. Reach single digit bodyfat (currently 18.5%bf / regained several percent over the last few months) Time frame - before my 38th birthday (June 18th) Training appoarch... As any who reads my log will know, am a HIT advocate, however, for the next few months I will be making some changes. Firstly, ill be reducing the stress of my workouts in 3 ways... 1. Using pre exhaustion 2. Using a split routine 3. Implementing high rhythmical / pistion like reps and 5 reps clusters (10 second rest pause between each cluster) Workout A - Chest / Shoulders / Triceps 1. Pec deck flye 5-6 x 5 rep clusters supersetted with 2. Chest press machine 3-4 x 5 rep clusters 3. Dips 3-4 x 5 rep clusters 4. DB lateral raise 5-6 x 5 reps clusters 5. One arm cable lateral raises 3-4 x 5 rep clusters 6. Triceps pressdowns 5-6 x 5 rep clusters 7. Overhead triceps DB extension 3-4 x 5 rep clusters Followed by 40 mintues of meduim intensity cardio Workout B - Legs 1. Leg extension - 5-6 x 5 rep clusters supersetted with 2. Leverage leg press - 4-5 x 5 rep clusters 3. Smith machine squat - 3-4 x 5 rep clusters 4. Calf presses - 5-6 x 5 rep clusters 5. Lying leg curl - 5-6 x 5 reps clusters 6. Stiff legged deadlift - 3-4 x 5 rep clusters Followed by 40 minutes of meduim intensity cardio Workout C - Back / Biceps 1. Stiff arm pulldown 5-6 x 5 rep clusters supersetted with 2. Overhand pulldown 3-4 x 5 rep clusters 3. Smith machine bent over row 3-4 x 5 rep clusters 4. Seated DB shrugs - 4-5 x 5 rep cluster sets 5. Cable curl 5-6 x 5 rep cluster sets 6. Preacher curl machine 3-4 x 5 rep cluster sets 7. Weighted back extension 5-6 x 10 rep cluster sets Followed by 40 minutes of meduim intensity cardio Aiming for 4-5 workouts per week, with one week off when needed... Diet wise, im back on a full vegan diet... Meal one - protein smoothie (one scoop rice protein / one scoop soy protein) - with 2 frozen bananas and flaxseed oil Meal two - mixed lentils and wild rice Meal three - protein smoothie, this time with frozen berries Meal four - mixed lentils and wild rice meal five - protein smoothie, this time with frozen mango meal six - mixed bean casserole meal seven - Rice cakes with almond butter Supplements, pre workout (creatine, beta alanine, caffeine), omega 3, and b12 Been at this a week now, and all os good, no stomach issues and my joints are loving the lower stress workouts. And yes, yes, there was no miss print, am doing cardio lol, im going to see if it makes a difference for the next month, if not, its gone.
  13. 29-1-16 (12.30am) Just got done with a late night leg workout, consisted of leverage leg presses, calf presses and static crunch on a pulldown machine. Diet is going great, getting leaner while consuming overall more calories, the bulletproof diet is indeed anabolic!!! Right now am having my BP coffee first thing (BP ground coffee, grass fed butter, and BP MCToil), 600 calories, all of which coming from fat. Lunch is 40grams a organic whey concentrate (from grass fed, hormone free cows) and frozen berries. Dinner is 4 soft poached eggs (pastured eggs), 6oz of fish, cooked in coconut oil, plus a tone of steamed bulletproof approved vegetables. Supper is another whey shake with one tsp of BP MCT oil and some organic vanillia powder. Love it, no bloating, afternoon slumps and no joint pain! Since getting my home gym set up, ive been training a few freinds and family members, one of those freinds has been training for 2 years with a high volume and frequency - more is better / too much is never enough appoarch, his chest workout alone consisted of no less than 40 sets and lasted no less than 2 hours. He was a 6 meal a day guy, 4 of which consisted of chicken, rice and veg. Not surprising, he wasnt happy with his progress, he felt for the "amount of work" he was doing he should be seeing more gains. I explained to him about the theroy of high intensity training, I put him on a simple program, 2 high intensity workouts per week lasting a max of 20 mintues, I had him focus of compound movements, with just one isolation movement at the end. Diet wise, I got him down to just one serving of meat or fish a day, eating less carbs and more fat. Anyway, in six weeks, hes doubled or almost doubled his strength on every lift, moreover, hes went from a muscular bodyweight of 69.6kgs (at a height of 5'6) to muscular bodyweight of 75.2kgs. Witnessing such progress underscores what Mike Mentzer taught me almost 20 years ago, that is, anything you do to make a workout harder, ie more intense, is a step in the right direction! And that, intensity and volume co exist of an inverse ratio:)
  14. Cheers Kathy:) Due to strength increases going up in leaps and bounds of late, am finding its taking me longer to recover again from the FB workouts, to reduce oversll stress, am switching back time being to a 3 way split. 3 set workouts - Two compound movements, then one isolation movement. Last Tuesday...Legs Leverage Leg Press Calf Presses SLDL Last Friday...Chest & biceps Smith Incline Bench Weighted Dips BB Curls Tonight...Triceps & Back Power Pushdown One Arm Hammer Style Rows Underhand Pulldown One set to failure per movement, each workout lasting only 15 or so minutes. No direct shoulder work, as I feel the shoulders receive sufficient stimulating from the above. Ill take off a few days and repeat the above...with a few variations of course:)
  15. Ya need to get that sleep sorted Kathy, itll mess with your gains and fat loss. Do you suffer with anxiety or depression?
  16. Hi Chris, Sorry for the late reply mate, been working silly hours this weather, back to normal now, hope you also had a great hol period:) Of late, ive began to really foucs on 3 main movements, namely leverage leg presses, weighted dips and hammer style rows, ill throw in an iso movement or two at the end. I do however like to change the order and how the movements are preformed, for example with the leg press, I may go 3 rep cluster sets one workout, negative accentuated the next, static holds the next etc. I also like to change the frequency, some weeks training three times, sometimes twice, sometimes just once, the body responds will to the randomness. Diet wise, the only thing different is am eating to optimise size and strength, still bulletproof style. One thing I will say though, the beta alanine supplement I began taking a month or so ago has had a positive effect on my strength, when I preform the same technique on a given movement, am always up:)
  17. Hi Kathy, I would suggest you put getting lean on hold for a few months Kathy, eat to optimise size and strength (its winter, tis the season to build mass), then in a few months go into diet mode and start cutting. While cutting, reduce the stress of your workouts and utilise hypertrophy specific techniques (such as j-reps, 1 1/4 reps, occlusion, pre exhaustion, cluster sets etc). Youll get a better result then training by mixed premises. Best of luck
  18. Hi Muu, Yes I use a full body approach, I feel they've a greater metabolic effect. That being said, for the advanced trainee, cycling in and out of splits are good for managing stress. But for the most part, i feel as long as you have a compound lower body movement, a pull, a press and then a couple of isolation / accessory movements your flying:) Best Rob
  19. Happy new year all, hope everyone had a great holiday period:) Current routine is as "KISS" as it comes, however I have began to use a HIT rest pause method called Doggcrapp, its been around for a while, but id never really tried it until now...and am glad I did, my strength has gone up considerably on every movement:) Diet is the same, ie bulletproof all the way, minus the meat of course, but pastured eggs, whey and butter sourced from grass fed animals are still on the menu, and apart from a few berries here and there, no fruit. Am also avoiding all nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. Supplement wise, I began to take beta alanine, which am convinced has also play a role in me becoming stronger. Ive been taking in around 4 grams daily. Last workout... Leverage leg press Weighted dips Chest supported row (overhand for one set to failure, then one arm at a time for one set to failure) DB lateral raise BB Curls As Lee Haney said "stick with the basics, A, B and C, never rewrite the book":)
  20. Something to try with the one arm rope extension... Grab hold of the rope and take a 3 or 4 steps back away from the machine, then with the free hand, assist the working arm to draw the resistance into the fully contracted locked elbow position. Statically hold the resistance in that position until failure (use a resistance that only allows for an 8-12 second contraction). Take a 10 second rest pause and go again. You be pleasantly surprised at the effect it produces. The former Mr Northern Ireland and current Mr World showed me this one:) Best Rob
  21. 10-12-15 Workout A Underhand Pulldown 110kgs x 8 reps to failure + 2 forced reps / superslow negatives Deadstart Decline BB Bench Press 130kgs x 6 reps to failure + 2 forced reps / superslow negatives Leverage Leg Press 350kgs x 10 reps to failure + 2 forced reps / superlow neagtives Seated Grip Machine 80kgs x static hold to failure 13-10-15 Workout B Viking Press 100kgs x 5 reps to failure + 2 forced reps / superslow negatives Seated Cable Row 90kgs x 10 reps to failure + drop set with 70kgs to failure Deadstart BB Squat 140kgs x 8 reps to failure + drop set with 100kgs to failure Hip Belt Cable Calf Raise 100kgs x 13 reps to failure + 3 partials Workout C will be a max contraction workout of sorts. Really happy with the new home gym, instead of getting a leverage deadlift, ive sent off for a seated chest supported row instead.
  22. Hey Chris, Yeah, its all the spuds were brought up on lol. Believe it or not, am the smallest male in my family (6'4), though I never thought id have a 15 yo nephew at 7'1, he was fairly average until about 4 years ago, then this growth spurt happened and has yet to stop lol. Tire flips? Never tried them, but am sure theyed get the old heart rate up:) love the farmers walk and anything grip related...much easier:) Take it easy Rob
  23. Hi Kathy, Yeah he has a behavioural problem and a low attention span (I think its because of the crap his parents let him eat) so hopefully this will give him something positive to put his energy into. Ive told him if hes grades get better over the next term ill pay for his strongman training. Do you have any issues with getting your son to eat properly Kathy? Thanks Rob
  24. Had my youngest nephew over training this evening, hes 15 and 7'1, weighs just over 20st (285lbs with 19% bf (hes arms are 18" lol). He found out id got a new home gym set up and asked If I would train him, he wants to do strongman, well, far be it from me to stand in his way:) Ive agreed to train him 3 days per week at the moment, to see were his strength, intensity and technique is at (hes been training for 6 months at school) id him preform a full body workout.. Leverage leg press 3 sets of 10 reps - worked up to a very easy 300kgs on the last set Flat BB Bench Press 3 x 6 reps - worked up to an easy 90kgs on the last set Trap bar DL 3 x 6 reps - worked up to a very easy 130kgs on the last set Viking press 3 x 6 reps - worked up to an easy 80kgs on the last set Palms facing pulldown 2 x 8 reps - workout up to an easy 70kgs on the last set BB Curls 2 x 8 reps - worked up to an easy 40kgs on the last set Hes legs are super solid, very very strong and hes really good control, hes grip is also vice like, hands like a bunch of bananas lol. Be interesting to see how far he'll go, but ill be in his corner all the way. His diet is horrible though, it consists of sugar, sugar and more sugar, I told hes mum to get him eating less sugary crap and more good whole foods. On a worrying note, he asked if he should start using "gear", apparently he knows people who well get him them, I of course replied with an instant NO! I told him to be patient, an said "if your hell bent on taking them, thats fine, but give your body grow and develop, youll be surprised at how far youll go naturally, especially as your a genetic freak lol". Hopefylly he'll not go down that road, if he does, some peop.e will be getting payed a visit by me and his dad. What I may do down the road is take him down to a strongman training yard / gym I know off to let him try out some of the strongman events, theyve plenty of tires, stones, famers walk, pulling harnesses and yoke race equipment. Maybe even haveva crack at it myself:) Anyho, ill update his progress too, maybe even get some pics of us training at some point next year:)
  25. Back training this morning after a 2 week layoff due to having a flu, spent the last few days assembling my new plate loaded home gym equipment, got... -Pec deck flye -Viking press (love it) -Heavy duty pulldown / row -Seated gripper -Leverge leg press Also got another few hundred kgs of olympic discs to add to the 250kgs I already had. All told it cost a little over 7k, but Ill never need to look at the inside of a gym again:) Am also looking at getting a plate loaded deadlift/shrug machine, just need to convince the misses...must get her some flowers or something lol. FB workout this morning... Viking press Underhand pulldown Pec deck flye BB curl Pushdown Leverage LP Loved the feel of the machines, will most likely return to using a 3 way split.
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