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  1. Hi Kathy, A focus on protein, healthly fats and vegetables is a proven method for dropping bodyfat while maintaining lean mass (and even building lean mass). On it, am never hungry / have boundless energy, nor do I dont measure, count or weigh anything etc. Its worked very well for me, and ive seen and spoken with many who its also worked extremely well for.
  2. Quick update, absolutely dying with the flu this last 3 days, interestingly enough, ive not had the flu for over 13 years, this was the first year I had the flu jab, I got it in October, ill not be getting that again!! So, trainings had to be put on ice, ill wait until I feel better, then ill take another several days off after that before returning to the gym. Hope everyones good Rob
  3. Boy you must be under the thumb:) Hope the misses had some dinner on the table after all that grafting;)
  4. 21-11-15 1. Leverage Leg Press* 2. Weighted Dips* 3. Chest Supported Row** *One rest pause set to vanilla failure, 5 second rest pause between each rep, allowing for a greater load, and more "just about reps". Works for me being more of a fast twitcher, also less metabolic waste build up. **One regular set to failure + a static hold to failure. So after going bulletproof two weeks ago, my bodyweight today was 234lbs (up 2lbs since last weight in), somewhat pissed off by this i had my sis-in-law (who is a PT) measure my BF, amazingly my BF has dropped slightly to 12.8%, a coincidence? I think not...
  5. Early morning workout... FB / Arm specialisation 1.Leverage leg press 2.Incline DB Curl Immediately followed by... 3.Negative only underhand chins 4.Power pushdowns immediately followed by 5.Weighted negative only dips one set to failure per movement Post workout protein / fat shake 2 scoops of upgraded bulletproof wheyprotein sourced from grass fed cows 2 raw omega3 enriched egg yolks 300mls of raw milk sourced from grass fed cows Coconut oil Pre workout was bulletproof coffee Yesterdays food Breakfast - BP coffee Dinner - Haddock, white rice, brussel sprouts, carrots and lots of grass fed ghee + 2tps of BP MCT oil. ( Bulletproof fasting day, no lunch and breakfast had no protein or carbs, just fat. Feeling great!!
  6. 13/11/15 Iso chest press* 160kgs x 4 reps pause reps to failure (15 seconds between reps) Iso chest supported row* 150kgs x 9 reps to failure (2/2/4 cadence) + 2 partials Leverge leg press 420kgs x 7 reps to failure (2/4 cadence) Incline DB curl 2x25kgs x 8 reps to failure (2/4 cadence) Power pushdowns 55kgs x 10 reps to failure + 3 negative (2/4 cadence) Decided not to go with the 3 way, gonna keep going with the full body workouts oncd every 4-5 days, moreover am focusing only on the movements that allow me to maximally overload the muscles. Ive taken out direct shoulder and calf work, calfs are sitting at 17 3/4"., were as my arms are sitting at 17 1/4". What I ate today... 6.45am Bulletproof coffee (BP coffee beans, 2 tbs of BP MCT oil and unsalted butter sourced from grass fed cows) 1.30pm Goats cheese huge salad walnuts 5pm pre workout (20g glucose, 10g BCCAs) 5.45 Post workout (same as pre) 7pm Wild Scottish salmon 2 free range omega 3 enriched poached eggs steamed asparagus unsalted butter sorced from grass fed cows 2 tbs of BP MCT oil Feeling great, lightest and leanest ive been in over a decade (232lbs @6'4 / 13.4% BF), my goal is 220lbs with slightly less BF.
  7. Skeering, hes hostile because hes a several concrete arrested individual who operates under the simplistic child-like notion that too much is never enough / more is better, of course, there's such a thing as "too much of a good thing", and when it comes to intense physical stress that applies very much so... I can see by you pics your on the right path, keep up the good work:) Eiji, so you became more skilled at a specific activity... Paul Boudoir, did the same (overtrained), then he took Mike Mentzer advice and train once every 7-15 days and went on to became one of the top 20 greatest squatters of all time...
  8. 100% mate, overtraining isn't something kinda sorta negative, its the biggest mistake most make. Mike Mentzer defined overtraining as being anything more than what was precisely required. Looking good boss... Best Rob
  9. 8-11-15 Chest / shoulders / triceps 1. Technogym Iso Incline Press 150kgs x 4 rest pause reps (10-15 seconds between reps) 120kgs x 7 reps 80kgs +resistance bands x 8 reps 2. Pec Deck Stack + manual resistance from training partner x static hold to failure Plus drop set with 20% less resistance to failure 3. D-B Lateral Raise 2x15kgs x 12 reps 2x15kgs x 10 reps 4. Machine Lateral Raise 75kgs x static hold to failure Plus drop set with 60kgs to failure 5. Power pushdowns * 50kgs x 10 reps 45kgs x 10 reps 40kgs x 10 reps 6. Concept 2 rower 3 x 500metre sprints *no rest between sets Little more volume today, back to using a 3 way split, so training well be a little more frequent. Diet wise things couldn't be better, I've been using the high fat bulletproof diet (no meat of course) for the last week, feel great, sleeping better and have more energy (no afternoon slumps) etc. I've also been using the bulletproof products ie butter coffee, whey from grass fed cows, MCT oil. Haven't felt this good in a long time. I've also eliminated fruit from my diet, as well as the pre workout supplement I was using, ain't missing them... Don't think ill be going back to the geneticist, he wants to put me on a portion control diet.. am dead against command and control diets.... I'm also back at the old gym, much as I love the belt machines, the weight stacks just weren't heavy enough, thankfully they give me a refund:) Back and biceps in a couple of days... Gonna head out tonight for my midnight stroll around the country lines since the moonlights good tonight, maybe have some Mike Oldfield jamming in my ears:)
  10. Yeah, I thought Johns interview would go over your head.. Fair enough, ill respect your wishes and not post on your log, as for me, you can post on mine all you want, am open to suggestions, ideas, and feedback.
  11. I wont, I value my joints and connective tissues, but as it happens, I recently came 2nd out of 45 (several of whom are "cardio bunnies") in a team building event with work that involved rowing a mile and an army assault course.
  12. LOL, yates didn't train in HIT. One set to failure...per movement Like I said, you are ignorant. Well, ignorance ain't bliss, ignorance is ignorance. Have a lovely evening:)
  13. Check out Josh Trentine or John Heart, both are natural Mr Amercia winners, Ian Duckett is a several time natural world BB champion, Markus Reinhardt, Ray Mentzer, Aron Baker, David Dearth, David Paul, boyer Coe have had tremendous success using HIT. I could add many more to that list, also there is thousands upon thousands of individuals and clients of the likes of Dr Darden, Brain Johnston, Drew Baye, John Little, Doug McGuff who've had great success using HIT.
  14. Your missing the point as to why I brought Yates and Mentzer up.... With regard to cardio improvements, the research that showed the best improvements in cardiovascular efficiency came at the west point military academy, goggle it, it was set up by Arthur Jones, who had the participants preform high intensity circuit training. One set to failure per movement, he concluded that 6 weeks of proper strength training was more beneficial for improving cardiovascular efficiency than years of steady state activities such as jogging. Olympic weight lifters, gymnasts and fighters are also looking to develop skill, moreover many of their careers are short lived due to injury from over usage. In fact one of the worlds leading orthopaedic surgeons spoke out about this recently, asking the trainers of young athletes to reduce the volume of the training, as someone who works in a hospital as know were his coming from.
  15. Your a complete ignoramus! Not to mention a legend in your own mind. Did you read the forum rules with regards to training logs "hold yourself accountable and receive support, suggestions and BE OPEN TO FEEDBACK". Yes, Dorian and Mike took steroids, but so did their competitors, it was an even playing field. Do you think Dorian and Mike the only successful Hitters in bodybuilding lol, many of whom are "natty"
  16. Such statements make me wonder how Dorian Yates won 6 Mr O titles, given that he spent no more than 3 hours a week in the gym, were as, his competition (who didn't train as intense as Dorian) were spending up to several times longer in the gym. It also makes me wonder how Mike Mentzer won the 1978 IFBB Mr U with the only perfect 300 point score in BB history, training a mere 90 minutes per week, were as some of his fellow competitors were training 24 hours a week for that same contest, but again, they were training no were near as intense as Mike. Yes, get in that gym and train, dig that hole into your limited reserve of resources deeper. Me, ill be at home compensating (recovering) and over-compensating (growing) from a very brief but brutally intense workout (given that intensity and volume coexist on an inverse ratio). Hey, I don't make the rules, the laws of nature dictate them:)
  17. Just as there are meat eaters who would benefit from going vegan or vegetarian, there are vegans who would benefit from consuming animal products. No diet is a one size fits all.
  18. That's a heck of an achievement, you've got this... With regards to your injuries, its worth noting that the research shows you can activate up to 90% of your muscle fibers that can be activated at one time with as little as 50% of your 1 rep max, provided you go to failure. So were you may not be able to maximize growth, you can still do a dam good job. Best of luck Rob
  19. Things like that are a blissing in disguise, changing things up (whether it be exercise order, employing a new technique, changing rep cadence etc) is a good thing. Darwin said it best "when an organism adapts to a given environment, that same environment will be less likely to create change".
  20. 3-11-15 Underhand pull-down Chest press machine Seated chest supported row Shoulder press machine Seated leg curl Horizontal squat machine Another tough high intensity circuit training workout. This time i went with Dr Dardens negative accentuated protocol. I aim for a 20 second negative, 20 second positive, then finally a 20 second negative to failure (used a gymboss to keep cadence), Used roughly 80% of my normal working weight. This method leaves no stone unturned, very very taxing. Yesterday I went to see a geneticist that specializes in nutrition, he took several blood samples from me, the purpose is to find the foods that cause any irritation / inflammation, and what foods best suit me. He told me that those like myself with a particular type of blood type O are not best suited to a vegan diet. I plan on meeting up once a fortnight, will be interesting.
  21. Yeah, I've missed my turn off twice this week already lol
  22. When I trained with the former Mr NI BB champion John Martini as well as when I had phone consultations with Mike Mentzer, both were big on pre exhaustion, actually so was Dorian Yates, he used pre exhaustion on his legs and back all through his pro career. Arthur Jones the Nautilus inventor and researcher did quite a bit of research into pre exhaustion, he like it so much he even created the iso compound machines. For myself, I'm not a huge fan, John had me use it a lot, but i felt it watered-down the compound movement too much. Now, i prefer to do one or the other, that being said, the method definitely has its place for sure.
  23. Hey Chris, Hows you mate? Yes them machines are awesome:) Loving country life mate, me and my wife don't know ourselves, very different from growing up in a city that had IRA bombs going off every 5 minutes.
  24. Stale progress? Injuries? Yes, that's what your tradition based free weight, high volume, bulking diet approach did for me and many others. Btw, this is not a pissing contest, I couldn't care less how much you can lift at whatever age, Just because someone can bench a certain weight or has a 20" arm does not make that someone an expert in the field.
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