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  1. Hey, I was needing peoples opinions and advice on a certain thing. I am currently 12 stone and have been going to the gym 3-5 times a week for the past 10 months. I have been doing weight lifting and cardio in variation, and I'm wanting to lose weight/tone up, any advice on what I can do and different exercises I can do to start toning up? Any protein powders that help aswell would be great! I live in the UK so I can only get a hold of certain ones. Thanks Jonny
  2. I get Nutrisport 90+, it's really cheap and it does the trick. http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk/nutrisport-90-protein-vegan-5kg-tub
  3. So I went to see Pain And Gain yesterday and it has made me want to start bodybuilding. I was looking for the Mark Wahlberg body, can anyone give me some ideas of exercises I can do and some ideal food to eat... I'm vegan!
  4. I'm trying to tone my body, arms and what not. But I seem to have flat abs then a bit of a belly like a bump, could it be what I'm eating? Or do I just need to lose some weight?
  5. Hey, I was wondering what is the best workout and diet for toning your arm pretty quickly?
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