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  1. I'm doing a biggest loser contest with some of my team (25 women I think) and am thinking about going raw for it. Where do start? Are there any books on the subject you guys recommend? What is the difference between raw and high raw? Is frozen food considered raw?
  2. Just wondering if anyone here has a sponsor. It is something I was thinking about looking into, but it would be hard because I do a team sport.
  3. I find that brushing my teeth after meal helps me to avoid snacking. If I am going to snack I like foods that I have to eat slowly... right now I'm eating frozen blueberries. p.s. Hi Rob!
  4. Wow been a long time since I've been on vegan bodybuilding! Thought this an issue that is very important to me, maybe some of you as well. This is one of Obama's sites. http://www.change.org/ideas/view/ban_breed_specific_legislation
  5. is was great Rob, i dont know how you did it. Hey... I'm in one of Ravi's pic. I'm the one with the green hat.
  6. i just came into the red and black to read my email... and right next to me is a stack of flyers about this. For once i found out about something before it happend!!! Is the $5 for all ages?
  7. that is a great idea. i dont really like dried fruit, but i could use them for baking all winter. has anyone tried this in an oven? I dont have a dehydrator.
  8. where do you get blueberries this time of year? were they frozen?
  9. but its the people who ran it who went to jail. right? i dont think i would want to take over.
  10. it is very sad. I miss my shac news letters.
  11. http://www.shac7.com/benefits.htm PORTLAND, OR BENEFIT & MOVIE SHOWING OF ANIMAL LIBERATION: HISTORY IN THE MAKING Sunday, October 1st. 7 p.m. At Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Ave. (off of Burnside) SUGGESTED DONATION $5
  12. last night i made split pea soup & used an apple instead of a potato. i couldnt even tell it was in there.
  13. last night i made apple pineapple crips... so good
  14. curried? that sounds good.
  15. apple sauce is a good idea, but mostly to use in baking. i was really hoping for a good fall soup recipe.
  16. my tree went nuts.... any ideas?
  17. www.myspace.com/81721227 i think
  18. so many vegans in one place...... i love it.
  19. Hey CG, its hard for me to find a place to get online these days. As for my question, i know someone who said they found out that they were on it.... but i must say she seems like the type that might make up something like that so i dont know. Plus i was on SHAC's mailing list so I'm sure that is i red flag.
  20. it says search error script alert or something like that.
  21. thank you, but i cant get it to work. Is it just me? Maybe its down right now....
  22. i heard there was a way to find out if you are on the government watch list. Anyone here know anything about that?
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