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  1. I was wondering if anyone has any advice in relation to an extra supp for regaining viatlity. I have been so ill lately (I'm surviving on natural cold & flu tabs-garlic etc). I've given myself a short break from iron supps due to their high free radicals (I've a tendency to be anemiac). I am taking flaxseed oil, A C & E tabs, vit c, magnesium, a daily womens, zinc, I was on cranberry, a liver tab (dandelion root), and I drink loads of purified water, stay away from any carbonated drinks, no alcohol, 7-8hrs sleep everyday, and green tea. I've just started to make really good gains @ gym too I'd rather cut off my arms & legs than miss gym.) Is there anything I'm missing!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking of doing a 2 week cleanse, but the diet is virtually going to be no different......I was wondering if its anything to do with worlking in front of a computer all day(artificial lighting, temperate rooms etc). I've only been working here from 2 mnths, but I assumed with the amount of antioxidants I'm taking I should be ok re: effects of radiation etc. I don't want to o.d. I was thinking selenium powder.... My daily calories don't go under 2000 cals.....I'm at a loss....can't find a cure for an undefined cause....... I'm not lethargic just ill.....
  2. Mine have stayed the same for my whole life-(except for the one short time I tried the pill and it shortened it to around 3 days and I suffered immense pain) -7 days (which apparently is a good thing as the longer they are the less you egt over a lifetime and apparently you experience a better transition in menapouse!). I also take flaxseed oil daily which can lengthen the days, and I generally never experience any PMS.
  3. This thread gives new meaning to the words "you are what you eat!"
  4. I don't care about anyone elses opinion. I used to go about finding ways to get a reaction from people, (now I've mellowed with age). I find it exceptionally funny when people I speak to have been bagging tree huggers/whale riders etc and then I tell them I'm a vegan/evironmentalist (you can hear a pin drop and they literally have to wedge their foot from their mouths!). Funnily enough, if they are trying to impress me, they do a massive back peddel.(give someone enough rope as they say!). People "own" their opinions of others we are not responsible for that. I find that people generally have more of a problem with my choice of spiritual beliefs. I can honestly say, (apart from a lack of knowledge re: protein sources) that everyone whom I tell are really cool about it (to my face anyway)
  5. Whatever you want to use in place of any of the ingredients is ok. A couple of my body building friends (carnivores) have adapted the recipe for their own personal tastes, there's nothign really set in stone. I sometimes use cherries/bananas and I have used carob powder before. I'm a coffee addict myself so organic cocoa pwder is my persoanl preference! (organic of course-don't want to go destroying masses of rain forests for my personal addictions!)
  6. I'm glad you liked them! I've written this recipe out for quite a few of my work collegues (started a new job!-call centre work, but at least I can donate to all my charities again!)-and I'm back @ gym full time!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey Chris, great to see some more Aussies on here! You'll find an absolute abundance of training advice here! Cheers!
  8. http://www.animalsaustralia.org/takeaction/live-export/takeAction.html
  9. Just an example of some I've come across and written down: As thoughts are the seeds of all actions, let me plant only good, pure seeds so that the fruit will be the best. Relationships based on falsehood are like houses built with their foundations in mud. Be an actor not a reactor If I cling to the past, the present becomes difficult and the future seems impossible. To fear death means that I do not understand the importance of life. Even with a small bank account, those who are content find themselves with great wealth.
  10. I'm a bit of both. I tend to "hoard" materials that can be recycled for later use.eg plastic bottles to be used as feeders or mini "cloches" for emerging seedlings. AS we don't have a recycling collection agency here (one lady had the audacity to say that the materials collected for recycling are actually just put into landfill anyway!!!!)We also make "paper bricks" using all our old newspapers. I am guilty of having lots of unfinished projects laying around home from materials salvaged from the tip (I have a metal tin thingy that I am going to turn into a garden centrepeice, and some wood to make my daughter her own garden seat, a garden seat/swing that needs painting, and new cushions etc, etc, etc.) Any old clothes/shoes are sent to op shops, and this is done on a seasonal basis. Apart from that habit, I cannot stand mess around the house. I "go into one" if my house is a mess, my wardrobes color co-ordinated, no mess under beds, books are sorted by size on shelf, and I have ALL my condiments organised in my kitchen cupboard!!!! I have a major clean up at least every 3mnths to make sure all my tax invoices/paperwork are sorted. IF there is a mess that I have no control over (stock from the shop at home) I make it a rule not to go near it! The only thing I find ti hard to part with are books and fitness/health magazines. My shelves are bulging to the brim at the moment. But even then if there is someone who I feel will benefit from the book or magazines I will give it to them (I'd say lend but you never get them back either way).
  11. How would you feel if a cow ate you? Caught you and boppd you, And chopped you in two, Fried you or broiled you or put you in a stew With carrots, potatoes and an onion or two? So sometimes at dinner when you're starting to chew, Put down your steak and ponder this through, How would you feel if a cow ate you? BY Pete Traynor On the eve of the onset of my carnivorious parents (nag, nag, nag-lets hope I don't get sick or it be "see I told you you SHOULD eat meat its bad for you to eat the way you do, and exercise, blah, blah, blah). I've posted huge amounts of literature around my shop-can't wait to see my husbands reaction as everyone around here hunts...and I'm sick and tired of hearing them go on and on about animal activists/environmentalists!!!!! I'd like to see them trip over their tongues for a change, but politeness makes me just walk away from their discussions with my husband. So I'm off to the school with a load of literature and videos (school references-hence the poem-sent to me from Animals Australia re:animals and making humane choices). lets hope I get someone there to accept the reference material. I've already told the school I'm a vegan and would be happy to come into the class and discuss my lifestyle choice, what I eat and why. But no takers as yet...
  12. WEDNESDAY 12TH APRIL 6am rise 1c warm water with squeeze lemon juice 1 litre water 6:15am 20 mins tai chi 7:am 1 fat free soya latte 8:am 30g oats, 30g pro powder, baby handful craisins/sultanas, fat free soya milk, 1/8c fruit juice 9:am 1 litre water 10:30am 1c peppermint tea 1 litre water 11:am 1c peppermint tea 12pm
  13. TUESDAY 11TH APRIL 6am rise 1c warm water, freash squeezed lemon juice 1 litre water 6:10am 20 mins tai chi 8:am 30g oats, 30g pro powder, fat free soya milk, cinnamon powder, baby handful craisins/sultanas, 1 fat free soya latte 9:30 am 1c organic peppermint tea 1 litre water 10:30am 1c organic peppermint tea, 1 tub soya yoghurt 11:30am 1 litre water 12:10pm weights...chest/shoulders-25mins 1 litre water 1:25pm 1c red lentil & tomato soup, 2 slices organic sprouted bread 1 c organic peppermint tea 2:30pm 1 protein/almond/spirulina ball (30g) 3:30pm 1 c organic peppermint tea 1 litre water 4:30pm 1 small apple, 1c peppermint tea, 1 litre water 6:pm 1 litre water 7pm 1 sml baked potato etc(same meal as Mon night) 8pm 1 litre water 8:30pm 1 fat free soya latte 9:10pm 40 mins astanga yoga 1 litre water 10:30pm bed
  14. MONDAY 10TH APRIL 6am: rise 1 glass warm water lemon juice 6:10am 1 litre water 20 mins tai chi 8:am 30g oats, 30g pro powder, baby handful craisins/sultanas, cinnamon powder, fat free soya milk, 1 fat free soya latte 9:30am 1 litre water 1c organic peppermint tea 10:30am 1c organic peppermnt tea 11:30am 1c organic peppermint tea 12pm 2 slices organic sprouted bread, 1c tomato & red lentil soup 12:30pm 1 c organic peppermint tea 1:30pm 1c organic peppermint tea 2:30pm 1 square (home made) choc/cherry-ripe protein bar (husband ate ALL the remaining slices on me ) 3:30pm 1 fat free soya yoghurt 4:pm 1 litre water 1 1/2hrs walking (dogs) 5:30pm 1 litre water 1c peppermint tea 7pm 1 small microwaved jacket potato (skin on), 4tbs (home made) mex bean mix, 2tbs toffuttu cream cheese, sweet chiili sauce, garden salad, sprinkling soya cheese. 8pm 1 fat free soya latte 1 litre water 9:30pm 30 mins yoga 1c peppermint tea 11pm bed
  15. Are you are hard gainer by any chance? If you are getting fatigued and you are finding that your recovery time is taking too long, you may either be suffering from over training, or may benefit from training every second week.
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