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  1. So it's been a month since I posted my first photos and while I don't see too much of a difference I feel great. I found out that my real current body fat percentage is 17.2 so I'm happy to have an actual starting number. I did pretty well on my raw diet (which did eventually transition to more of a high raw deal) and I feel like the past month I've eaten healthier then I ever have in my life. I feel great but I've been going through periods of lethargy. I'm going to blame this on having eliminated a lot of stimulants (such as caffeine and I'm trying to avoid refined sugar) out of my diet.
  2. I've been doing pretty good staying gluten free. Of course I say that and tonight I ate the hell out of some seitan but other then that... Oh and I accidentally posted a new topic instead of continuing my previous thread. I'm going to post update photos to the previous comment so it's not as confusing. Thanks for the advice!
  3. So I have to amend my previous statement of being 16% body fat (this was taken from one of those electric pulse scales) since I went and got float tested yesterday and it turns out I'm 17.2%. I'd be stoked to get to 15% by Sept. but that's 4 pounds of fat and I'm not sure if that's possible. It seems I have made some progress in the past 24 days so I'm looking forward to doing a side by side comparison at the end of the month. The raw thing has been going well aside from a few cheat meals but I think I do need to seriously up my caloric intake.
  4. Thanks for the advice, RickB! I've started looking into how different GI foods affect the body and it's pretty interesting. I've found that most of what I'm eating is already lower GI index foods and the eating 2.5-3 hours apart is coming naturally because I'm not eating big heavy meals that sit in my stomach all day. After I eat I feel refreshed and ready to go rather then sluggish but the downside is when I get hungry I again I have to eat immediately or I get really lightheaded. Something that can be a hassle while at work. I'm going to be starting a journal of what I eat like MF suggested so hopefully that can help me to track and adjust and also if anyone else sees anything that's glaringly wrong they can help. -MD!
  5. Hey MF! So my initial weight loss was pretty concurrent with me going vegan. That's what has frustrated me about my plateau since I eat a fairly healthy plant based diet and have been since I first started years ago. By that I mean I'm not that much of a junk food vegan. It's easy for me to keep the weight I've already lost off but it's a struggle to lose anymore. That's why I want to up the ante and go raw to see if that helps anything. I also do a full body morning workout on monday wednesday and friday followed by a Vega protein shake. I don't have a car and ride a bike everywhere so I'm hoping the cardio from my bike riding mixed with the morning strength training will start giving me some results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! MD
  6. I've been wanting to post for a long time now but have always been nervous. Four years ago I was very overweight (top weight at 230) and extremely unhealthy. I decided to make a change and completely overhauled my lifestyle. I went completely drug/alcohol free, vegan and started exercising regularly. I'm now 162 and my body fat is at 16%. I'm happy with my results but I've hit a serious plateau which has been frustrating me. The past month I've started working out a lot more and today is day one of a raw vegan diet so I'm hoping that in a month I'll finally start seeing some progress in getting the last of the fat off. I also wanted to finally post some before pictures in order to help keep myself accountable. I'll post follow up pics in a month. Thanks!
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