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  1. Great, thanks for the information, much appreciated. I have done my meals this week with less carbs, and started HIIT today
  2. Thanks, I appreciate your encouraging words! I am thinking that it was more the amount I ate at some meals that was making me fat and exercise wasn't helping at this stage because I was stuffing myself and slowing the digestive process. I also eat more on the rest days! Our body must need more food for recovery process on rest days Balance, you use a great word there, I think it is all about balance. I have started today preparing clean meals for the week and I will get into a stable routine
  3. Hi Guys! I have been vegan for years, but have eaten vegetarian when out occasionally. I lost weight after travelling from boxing and have started muscle building because I want to be as healthy as possible, and hopefully get my muscles on stage next year!!! My problem is that I am feeling quite heavy and fat (I know I'm not fat by the way) Its just when I am building muscle and my pants are getting tighter, I'm feeling horrible and just want to get back to my comfortable 'skinny fat' body. How can I 1. stop the 'muffin top' creeping over my pants and 2. control my eating because I eat sooooo much while I'm training? I have read the vegan nutrition posts and that has taught me so much, thanks!! Regards, Carrie Before I started building muscle, I had lost a few kilos and was at this stage from boxing. This is 3 weeks after I started a weights program... This is recent (my 4th week)
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