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  1. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I believe organic peanut butter is good for you as long as you don't go crazy with it. Peanut butter, banana sandwiches appear have become a staple food of mine since I'm a broke college student.
  2. Despite many people recommending the show, I've never seen an episode or read any of the books. Games of thrones actually came up briefly before a lecture, and it's actually based off some Western European clans, but I'm not sure who. As far as workouts go; I will be adding variation to my routine once I get comfortable.
  3. Managed to get to the gym today after History class; The Middle Ages really gets me fired up . OH press - 3x1 34kg. Too much weight for me, so I took off the 5's and finished the set - 5x2 31kg - 5x2 29kg Squats - 5x5 57kg Deadlifts - 3x1 61kg - 1x1 70kg - 1x1 83kg - 1x2 102kg As you can see, my lifts are still a bit sporadic. I'm still learning what my body is capable of, and what feels the best. Every time I go to the gym I learn something new about myself which is very exciting. Have good day everyone! Time to eat lots and food, and read lots of Egyptian History
  4. Last week/weekend was incredibly busy for me because of all the History papers that needed to be written, so I didn't get anymore time at the gym like I wanted to. I finally got back into the gym today and it felt really good. I've been slowly improving my form with every visit, but the downside is that I can't lift as much weight. Bench - 10x1 Warm-up set, just the bar - 5x1 31kg - 5x1 38kg - 5x3 43kg(failure on last two reps) Rows - 5x1 29kg - 5x1 34kg - 5x1 38kg - 5x1 43kg(form was really bad on the last set. Too much weight for me) Squats - 5x3 52kg - 5x1 56kg - 5x1 61kg Squats felt really nice. I've been half-assing them up until now, so doing them correctly by going parallel really made the difference. I've also come up with some achievable goals to help me stay motivated... Do 10 consecutive pull-ups(easiest goal) Bench my own body weight(Hard goal) And then there's my general intangible goal of having a defined chest with bigger arms Thanks for reading, I'm off to study ancient Egypt for now. -Cody
  5. Hey MF. I just wanted to stop in and say Hi. Even though I just became active in the forums, I've been following your journal for months. You're a real inspiration to me, and I'm glad to see you're doing well. Keep up the awesome work!
  6. I guess I'm hanging out with the wrong people then haha. But seriously, certain friends(especially ones who exercise) and family members have a very negative reaction to it. I ask them why, and the most common answers are: "it's all fat", or "it's so bad for you". Sometimes I get the feeling that people view almonds as the holy grail of nuts, and everything other kind of nut/legume is bad for you.
  7. I've always been really confused when it comes to peanut butter. I understand that non-organic/natural pb often has bad hydrogenated oils in it, but people I know seem to freak out when I mention pb; like it's one of the unhealthiest foods ever created. What's everyones view on pb, and why do people have such a negative reaction to it?
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a long time lurker, but finally decided to become active in the community. I've been on and off lifting for ten months now, and now I'm ready to get serious. I'm using this journal to help me stay motivated, and to hopefully get some tips. I'm starting with the 5x5 stronglift routine as I'm a fairly weak guy, so I want to put on some real muscle. Here's my lifts for today... Squats 5x3 61kg 5x2 70kg Overhead press 5x5 30kg Deadlifts 1x1 61kg 1x1 70kg 1x1 83kg 1x1 92kg 1x1 102kg I've never had access to a gym, so I'm trying to find out what I can do while practicing good form. Thanks for reading! Cody
  9. Unfortunately I haven't been in a band for a while, so I don't have anything recorded that's any good. Plus I can't take my drums to college, so I don't much playing in these days
  10. I've been lurking these forums for too long, and decided it's about time I introduce myself. My name is Cody. I'm 22 years old, live near Chicago, and currently attend Western Illinois University studying History. I found this website about a year ago through a friend who was trying out the vegan fitness lifestyle. At this point I was just getting into weight lifting and other physical activities, and like most people in my situation, I was eating large amount of animal products and chugging powdered whey protein. My friend suggested being vegan and showed me this website. I slowly educated myself and decided to change my habits, so last summer I decided to try out the vegan lifestyle. I never intended to stick with it; It was more like an experiment at the time. Soon I realized how much I liked all the changes and decided to continue my journey. To this day I'm mostly plant-based(I have a donut problem), and I really enjoy the decisions I've made. Everyone in this community seems really awesome, so I hope I can get to know many of you. My other hobbies outside physical fitness include painting, playing drums, History/Philosophy, video and table-top games, and coffee. Thanks for reading, Cody
  11. I'm currently enrolled at a university, so I don't always have time for lunch because of classes. On those days I usually make a nut butter sandwich with some fruit and/or nuts/seeds. Yesterday I packed an almond butter and apricot sandwich with a banana smashed in-between
  12. As soon as I upped my calories(went from like 1600 to 3000), I saw nice gains and I started losing fat again. But most importantly, I felt way better and was much healthier.
  13. I agree with Fallen_Horse on this one; Cut back not only on tofu, but also processed foods in general. 30-40% seems like a very high percentage. As far as food intake goes, you should definitely experiment a bit. I used to eat around the same amount as you back when i counted calories, and eventually my body just hated me. My weight stayed the same and I couldn't put on muscle. I know it can be a bit scary, but the best thing I ever did was stop counting calories and began listening to my body.
  14. When I first started getting into food and fitness, I actually developed this problem. Like your partner, I was obsessed with numbers(body weight and counting calories) and was pretty miserable. Luckily my partner was very understanding and wanted to help me. She did this by getting me to relax more about food and fitness, but she would do everything with me so I didn't feel left out. We took time off the gym so show that its not the end of the world if we don't go. She would also take me places where it's hard/impossible to track calories(were at a university, so we would eat at buffet style places). She would also eat junk food with me. It was hard at first, but eventually food became normal to me again and was much happier. I hope this helps.
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