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  1. Still around, and still training. I've been on tour a lot recently and haven't had much chance to log workouts. I'll try to get back on it this week.
  2. So sad for you. A few years back I lost my dog, it was one of the saddest times in my life for sure. Take it easy and remember all the good times.
  3. Nice cheers. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow so I'll ask if I can get the numbers from the results. I trained all 3 days I was scheduled to last week, but didn't log anything. Also trained on Tuesday this week, but again, no log. here's today's log: Squat: 20kg x 5 22.5 x 5 35 x 5 45 x 5 55 x 3 67.5 x 3 77.5 x 1 90 x 1 100 x 1 110 x 1 (I needed to get 3 reps for a PR here, but just wasn't feeling motivated enough to do this. Deadlift: 60 x 5 70 x 5 85 x 3 100 x 5 112.5 x 5 127.5 x 1 (Supposed to hit 5 reps here, but again, no motivation) Press: 22.5 x 5 27.5 x 5 32.5 x 3 37.5 x 50 (Split into 10 sets of 5) Supersetted with: DB Row: 100 reps/arm @ 20kg (Split into 10 sets of 10)
  4. I'm off work tomorrow to paint my kitchen, so Friday's workout was today Thursday 28/07/16 Hang Clean: 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 22.5 x 3 27.5 x 3 32.5 x 1 37.5 x 1 42.5 x 1 45 x 6 (rep max) 40 x 5 40 x 5 40 x 5 Squat: 42.5kg x 5 52.5 x 5 65 x 3 70 x 15 (rep max) Press: 20kg x 5 25 x 5 30 x 3 32.5 x 5 37.5 x 5 42.5 x 5 Chin Up - 50 reps (split into 12 sets of 4 and one set of 2) - these were all supersetted with previous exercises.
  5. Wednesday 27/07/16 Row 250m Agile 8 Squat: 20kg x 5 22.5kg x 5 32.5 x 5 42.5 x 5 52.5 x 3 65 x 3 75 x 1 85 x 1 95 x 1 105 x 1 Deadlift: 55kg x 5 67.5 x 5 82.5 x 3 90 x 5 102.5 x 5 115 x 5 Press: 20 x 5 25 x 5 30 x 3 32 x 50 (split into 10x5) supersetted with: Dumbbell Row: 100 reps/arm 17.5kg x 10, 15, 15, 15, 15, 10, 10, 10
  6. Cheers Mike. Yep I've read about the wonders of Brazil nuts for this kind of thing. I've also tried ZMA before but I didn't really try for long enough to notice anything.
  7. Testosterone level results came back as "satisfactory". Satisfactory for who?? Anyway, at least I know it's not unhealthily low, even if I do still think it's low. I guess I need to figure out ways to up it naturally.
  8. Also, I had bloods taken last week as I requested with my GP to see whether my test levels are low. Part of me wants to see it come out low, so at least I know that my struggles for all these years is actually down to something. If it comes back normal, I know it's just me and I have no excuses. I do wonder how low it needs to be before they actually will do something to rectify it however.
  9. Missed every opportunity to train last week, as I train during the lunch hour at work, and we just had an insane week here. Started where I left off today: Row 250m Agile 8 Squat: 42.5kg x 5 52.5kg x 5 65 x 3 70 x 5 80 x 5 90 x 5 Hang Clean: 20kg x 5 22.5 x 5 27.5 x 3 30kg x max reps without failure = 12 reps 30kg x max reps without failure = 12 reps Pres: 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 25 x 3 30 x 3 35 x 1 40 x 1 45 x 1 50 x FAIL Gutted about missing the 50kg press again! I've hit two of these before, but since then I've just not been able to budge it! Barbell Curl: 50 reps @ 17.5kg (broken into sets of 10)
  10. Friday 15/07/16 Row 250m Agile 8 Hang Clean 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 20kg x 5 22.5 x 3 27.5 x 3 32.5 x 1 37.5 x 1 42.5 x 1 45 x 5 40 x 5 40 x 5 40 x 5 Squat 42.5kg x 5 52.5kg x 5 65kg x 3 75kg x 14 (rep max) Press: 20kg x 5 25 x 5 30 x 3 35 x 5 40 x 5 45 x 4 (aiming for 5, failed on last one) Chin Up - 50 reps (split into sets of 4 with 2 at the end)
  11. Sounds delicious, and rare. A good combination. IPA/APA/Pale Ale, as long as it's nice and hoppy it's one for me. I home brew, and APA is my favoured style to brew. This weekend I finally installed a fridge in my shed so I can chill my kegs down, and have nice hoppy, cold ale on tap whenever I want it (cheat days only of course )
  12. What was the beer? I'm really into my IPAs now.
  13. Cheers guys. I had to miss yesterday as too many other jobs came up, so I went today instead. Row 250m Agile 8 Squat: 20kg x 5 22.5x5 32.5x3 42.5x5 52.5x3 65x3 75x1 85x1 95x1 105x1 Deadlift: 55x5 67.5x5 82.5x3 95x5 110x5 122.5x5 Press: 20x5 25x5 30x3 50 reps x 35 (broken up into 10x5, supersetted with the row) Dumbbell row: 100 reps/arm 17.5kg x 10, 10, 10, 15, 15, 15, 15, 10
  14. Hi all, I thought it was about time to start another journal. My last one on here was mainly Crossfit based, and whilst I still do the odd conditioning "WOD" I've been primarily following the Wendler 531 programme for the last 6 months with good gains. As I'm 6 months in I need a bit of a switcharound, so I'm going for the Wendler "Beach body challenge" workout for the next 12 weeks. Don't be put off by the name, I'm pretty sure that's just the typical Jim Wendler wit coming through. Here's a link to the programme: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/531-beach-body-challenge Today's food: Breakfast shake: 2 * bananas 30g peanut butter 30g protein 5g creatine 5g l glutamine Breakfast: Typically I forgot to bring my lunch box to work today, so I'm struggling to find vegan options in the shops we have on site. I had to settle for a Trek bar and a flapjack. Post workout: 250ml orange juice 30g protein 5g creatine 5g l glutamine Lunch: Not sure yet, I'll see what I can find Mid-afternoon: Green smoothie: 1 banana 80g frozen fruit 30g protein 5g creatine 5g l glutamine 4g chlorella 4g spirulina Dinner: Vegan sausage casserole Workout: 250m row Agile 8 Squat: 42.5kg x 5 52.5kg x 5 65 x 3 75 x 5 85 x 5 95 x 5 Hang clean: 20 x 5 22.5 x 5 27.5 x 3 32.5 x 10 32.5 x 10 Press: 20 x 5 20 x 5 20 x 5 20 x 5 25 x 3 30 x 3 35 x 1 40 x 1 45 x 1 50 x FAILED Curl: 50 reps at 15kg (5 sets of 10) The hang clean and curl weights are guessed for this first week. I'm sure I can go heavier and still hit the required reps. Press I think my max has been set just too high, but I'll stick with it for the first cycle and see how I get on.
  15. That's an amazing, and very honourable thing to do! Well done to you both. My wife and I are also trying like mad to make sure we're mortgage free as soon as possible, although we do still live in a 2 bed terrace on a rough street. My ideal would be to get a nice house in the country with enough room for me to grow veg, work out and brew beer. She's currently looking for ideas to start her own business, and is keen to do something that pushes an ethical way of living.
  16. Cheers buddy. It does seem to be quiet here now, but hopefully enough posts to keep it worthwhile. I've been enjoying the programme I've been doing for the last 6 months, but I'm starting to get a little bored of it now, so I've decided to do a slight varient of it. Namely this one: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/531-beach-body-challenge Ignore the name, it's got barely anything to do with a beach body. It's got a lot more volume than my previous workout, which should hopefully help. I'm also getting super bored of the assistance work I was doing, so again I'm hoping that changing it up to this will do. Journal starts Monday.
  17. I can't offer too much advice on your proposed plan, but in my experience the biggest things that have made my butt feel like it's had a real workout are barbell lunges, barbell step ups, and sumo deadlifts.
  18. Yes, we might have talked about test readings before. It's been so long since I posted here and I can't remember. It's always been a worry of mine, but I very rarely go to the GP for anything, so it's something I've just been putting off for absolutely years now! I'll try dropping a couple of hundred calories per day from my diet, to see if that helps anything. A general day is as follows: Breakfast shake: 40g oats 2 bananas 30g peanut butter 30g protein 5g creatine 5g L glutamine Mid morning: 75g oats 200ml almond mild 25g peanut butter post workout: 200ml orange juice 30g protein 5g creatine 5g l glutamine lunch: something homemade, e.g. lentil and spinach soup, and a slice of bread, or perhaps chilli and rice mid afternoon: green shake: 1 banana 80g mixed frozen fruit 30g protein 5g creatine 5g l glutamine 4g chlorella 4g spirulina dinner: something similar to lunch (lunch is usually the same as the previous days dinner) It might be time to start a new journal on here.
  19. Hey all, long time no post. I've always struggled with gaining weight, and if I do gain weight it primarily comes on as fat, and only VERY slowly as muscle. I'm really struggling to find a balance where gain weight without putting on lots and lots of belly fat. My diet currently is around 2800 calories at an approximate 50/25/25 split. Not totally clean eating, but certainly on the good side of healthy. Very rarely have any processed foods and usually home cooked food. I do enjoy a nice hoppy ale at the weekend, which I'm sure doesn't help with the body fat. My workout routine is 4 days a week Wendler 531 using the triumvirate accessory model. I've been doing this for around 8 months now and my numbers are still going up, but I'm definitely starting to plateau. Currently weighing in around 78kg at approx 20% body fat. 5'11" and male, 38 years old. Basically, in an ideal world I'd like to lessen my body fat percentage but still be able to continue the strength gains I'm achieving with the Wendler programme, but I'm really struggling and my gut is just getting more and more pronounced. - Should I adjust my diet? - Should I add some cardio in to my workouts? - Is it worth getting a testosterone check? I've always struggled to put on muscle mass, at 38 I still can't grow a beard and have no chest hair. I might be over thinking this part, but it does seem that I fit most of the symptoms of this. In the UK, can I just go to my GP to ask about this? Any thoughts or comments would be hugely appreciated.
  20. Crossfit 26/06/14 Warm Up: 2 mins double unders 10 banded good mornings 10 banded KB swings 5 chin ups Strength: Deadlift 1 x 10 @ 60% - 70kg 1 x 8 @ 65% - 75kg 1 x 5 @ 75% - 85kg 1 x 5 @ 80% - 90kg All felt great, easy to keep repping and I felt strong throughout. WOD A: 10>1 ladder Kettlebell swings @ 32kg (scaled to 24kg) Strict Chin ups (scaled to kipping) Completed in 13 mins ish. Found the chin ups really hard to get a kip going as it just felt backwards, but I wasn't strong enough to do that many strict. WOD B: 150 double unders for time Completed in around 4 mins. Pretty happy with that.
  21. Crossfit 24/06/14 Warm Up:  Dynamic hip and core stretches Strength:  Back squat 5 @ 65% - 57.5kg 3 @ 70% - 62.5kg 3 @ 75% - 67.5kg 3x10 @ 65% Still struggling to keep my chest up with squats. I need to go to some sort of squat clinic or something. I've lifted lots heavier and more comfortably than this before, but I really struggled with this today. WOD:  5 rounds (20 min time cap) 400m run 10 knees-to-elbows 10 overhead squat @ 30kg Completed 4 rounds and the run. This was the level 1 scale of the working. Rx was 800m run, toes-to-bar and 50kg snatch. As I can't snatch 50kg, and 40kg would be too heavy to do 50 reps of I had to scale down and do overhead squats. Disappointing, but incentive to get my snatch weight up. The WOD was tough, even at level 1. My legs were like jelly after all the squats earlier, and there was no way I could pick up the pace on them. Knees-to-elbows as I still cannot chain toes-to-bar. The OHS were fine however and all unbroken.
  22. Crossfit 23/06/14 Warm Up: Run 400m 3 X inch worm 10 good form push ups (forearms vertical) 10 good form kipping pull ups (head in neutral position, don’t reach chin over the bard) 10 GTOH with kettlebell @ 16kg Strength: 3RM push press @ 52.5kg WOD: Half Cindy: 10 minute AMRAP 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 air squats Completed 4 rounds, 5 pull ups and 5 push ups. Struggled with the rack positioning of the push press for this. I couldn’t quite get comfortable with it and as a consequence it felt really heavy. I thought I got a new 1RM at 55kg, but after checking my records it appears I’ve done 2 reps at 55kg in the past. Oh well. The WOD was all fine, apart from the push ups. I blow out on these so quickly.
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