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  1. Reggae/Dancehall for the musceltraining and electro/techno for the running
  2. I came to spain without knowing any spanish, and if you surround yourself with spanish people you learn very fast! Theres a lot of vegan restaurant in Madrid as well, but as I am just an aupair, I cant afford it too often... @ Ruz: Do you get vegan protein at the gym or do you store your own protein and soymilk there?
  3. Thanks a million!!! Today I went to the organic shop and spent about 20 Euros on Tofu and Seitan, it should last a while! I would be thankful for your seitan recipe! The problem is, that I am working as au pair which means living with the family whose kids I care for, and i get food and accomodation free, and a little pocket money which means the things I dont find in the house (such as soymilk etc) I have to pay from my poor pocket money. In Germany it was a lot easier because I gained my own money to spend on food which is way cheaper there than here in Spain. Tomorrow I will go to the office of Igualdad Animal, they are in the center of Madrid. I love having proteinshakes after working out, but I cant use them here, unfortunately, because I am supposed do have diner with the family in the evening and if I come later from the gym, I dont know if it would be ok to secretly take my proteinshakes in my room Everything was way easier last year, living on my own and gaining my own money, but now I have the chance to live in Spain for 10 months and learn the language.
  4. Well....challenging... I find myself craving vegetarian stuff because I cant cover my needs by the vegan stuff I could shop in Germany. I will write her, thanks a million
  5. Hey everyone, 3 months ago I moved to Spain from Germany. Are any of you living here in Spain? Do any of you know how to survive without tofu/seitan etc? The kitchen I can use contains wholewheat stuff and organic fruits and vegetables (and cheese and meat which I am not interested in), but I cant afford going to the organic store and buying tofu etc. for myself. But when I come home from working out in the evening, I dont like having carbs like brown rice (I had carbs for lunch and breakfast already). Is fruit enough? Or do I NEED things like soy milk etc to cover my protein intake?
  6. Jaaa juhu thats grand im german and i am really glad about this new site yippieh thanks!!!!
  7. I went to a different box-gym last night and training is definately harder... i feel my back and my arms and i will to go there this evening again and next week....and again and again and again...
  8. Acai tastes graaaand! I love it!! it has more antioxidants than red wine or even green tea or carrots....keeps you young! in 100g: * calories: 247 * wetness: 45,90g * proteins: 3,80g * fiber: 16,90g * calcium: 118,00 * Phosphor: 58,00 * iron: 11,80 * Vitamin B1: 0,36 * Vitamin B2: 0,01 * Niacin: 0,40 * Vitamin C: 9,00 * PCH: 5,21 * sugar: 6,00 % * Acid: 0,13 %
  9. Neoveg i know that!!! to school i take things like tofu/seitan sticks or exotic fruits for break, or when i bake vegan cake without sugar or have cooked yummy at home they say...oh let me try a bit of that...oh my good this is actually yummy!!! and i did even get one of my friends to buy a lot of tofu stuff only because i let her bite into a wheaty hemp stick... well my happy things today.... hmm actually my whole day was happy...hadnt read the chapter in the book for school i should give a summary about but handeld it as if i had read it (by peeking into the book and reading key words)... hehe drank grean tea with stevia and woke up by that during the lessons... AND i can feel every muscle of my body because i was at the gym last night and had a great workout after doing nothing for 4 weeks (had too many exams) and i know i am going to get in shape again .... i am really happy today !!
  10. Another motivation for you: Think of the fact, that your body burns fat the most if you do cardio in the morning before breakfast... so go running..i have the same problem, just like you... but its that cold at the moment so i only run at the gym where its nice and warm *g* i actually caught a cold because i was running outside, even though i was clothed warm enough... must be the cold air i was breathing in!!! what do you rain/cold/snow-runners do against that?
  11. Thanks damdaman.... but i dont feel like being dehydrated... i feel like drinking enough water, and i know the feeling of being dehydrated very well... i think i will decrease my green/white tea input and increase the herbal/fruit tea input....
  12. But why no tea? No coffee makes sense to me, but no tea? I drink about 3 cups of green tea every day and 4 cups herbal tea or fruit tea... i mean its winter and i am having a sore throat so i cant drink water, no way.... i just dont get the "no tea"-thing......
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