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  1. Thanks for the input guys, I've been using: 50lbs "perfect" pushups 10-12 reps, 4 sets 20lbs pullups 5-6 reps, 4 sets 100lbs standing rows with perfect pullup bar 10-12 reps, 4 sets 100lbs reverse dips 10-12 reps, 4 sets 50lbs dips 12 reps, 4 sets
  2. Over the past 3 months I have been working out strictly in my apt to reshape my body once again. I have been incorporating more bodyweight exercises than in the past... more pullups, angled rows, pushups, dips, reverse dips, etc. Over the past couple weeks I have been using my new 100lb weight vest (2-50 lb vests) I feel like this is really giving me the resistance I need to make some bigger gains but its only been a couple weeks. Any other opinions/experience out there on using a weight vest for body weight exercises?
  3. Impressive, from skinny guy to straight BEAST. Alot of hard work went into building that.
  4. Not sure why I haven't come across the leafy green before but a coworker stumbled upon it in her garden and thought it was a weed. She gave me some and it tastes ok raw. I haven't found a definitive nutrient profile for it but most links say the nutrient density is extremely high... i will try my first purslane and fruit smoothie tomorrow...
  5. Jason X - Thanks... Richard, easy my man, taking pics after Labor Day... don't set the expectations too high, I feel relatively the same as when I did my last transformation... although this time around I didn't take any before pics...
  6. Thanks Robert, diet has changed a bit, strength is coming back.... I'll post some pictures in a new thread... probably in a month. No laughing at the farmer tan!
  7. Just about 2 years off from lifting...! Been snowboarding for the last couple winters... been through a few injuries... but feeling good now and 2 weeks of lifting are complete... not looking to put on much mass this time, just get stronger and back in shape. Diet has changed some, not as many calories, different macro ratios, we'll see how it goes... stay tuned...
  8. Its weird I can't find anywhere online that debunks this case when it looks like all other cases have been debunked. Lock in empty room with no food or water, monitor with camera... doesn't seem that difficult. I say he is part plant and photosynthesizes his energy.
  9. Making news again... interesting I couldn't find anything negative about the story... any other thoughts...
  10. Slackin man... makin a sloooowwwww come back. Been good and healthy though... no flu (yet), no sickness in 2 years. I'll be lurkin around the forums here and there. Good to see the amount of mass some of these cats got... straight power. In the shadows, TL
  11. Alot of new peops here since last I visited... alot of veg muscle... good to see!
  12. astracner, good work, and thank you. I'm glad you found a blend that best suited you.
  13. astracner, if you wanna get technical, the reason I stayed with gemma, even though the blend had a higher rating, the gemma amino acid profile filled the "gaps" better of my existing diet, in essence adding gemma created a better balanced overall amino acid profile for my complete diet. I can think of some easy ways to describe this if you need better visualization, just let me know...
  14. Actually 181 this morning. I've been snowboarding ALOT and my energy has been focused there for right now. I'm sore alot from either shredding all day or takin spills off jumps.... I am losing mass but having a blast! I'll be back in the gym in about a month.
  15. thanks Cubby, that gives me some more to go on... let me know if you find a site you can buy them from too...
  16. Anybody heard of these? Where to buy? What do they taste like? The nutritional profile looks top notch: http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3152/2
  17. 185. Haven't lifted a weight in about 3 months...
  18. China Study - Great overall read and the single best plant-based nutrition based book I have read, along with Becoming Vegan and Eat to Live. Side Note: Its disappointing to find that when you do a google search for "china study review" the first hit is the Weston Price thumbs up thumbs down review.
  19. Thanks for the interest lovely ladies I've been snowboarding twice a week this past winter and loving it to death, or at least to injury. I have a desire to get good at it as I caught on rather quickly to it. Training has been cut back to 2-3 days a week as I try to get in the weight room when I'm not sore from boarding. I'm so glad I found something to do in the winter that involves being outside. I have been wanting to snowboard ever since I was a kid but it was always an expensive sport when I was younger and my family couldn't afford it. After I got a bit older I just never had anyone that wanted to go try it with me. This year, I said I'm doing it, went out by myself, took a lesson and within an hour I was carvin the runs pretty well, love the feeling. Probably the best winter I've had that I can remember. I'm hoping my wrist holds up through the season as I haven't been giving it ample time to heal, I feel like "I don't have time to bleed." -Jesse Ventura (Predator) I'm wrapping it up 24/7 and just grinning through the pain. As far as the food blog... I have been pretty consistent with eating 5-6 meals a day, other than some of the holidays while I was visiting relatives, there wasn't much to eat so I was going on alot of fruit and salad and veggie tray stuff.
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