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  1. So, I haven't eaten any meat for some time, but I'm still having trouble with milk and egg products. Not milk and eggs themselves, not any other animal products, just that. It's frustrating the hell out of me. I notice these falterings tend to come around the time I also fall off the diet bandwagon. Thoughts? Tips? Much appreciated.

  2. I like with my rather large, omnivorous family which is difficult because they believe it's man's God-given right and duty to eat animals. I'm not here to debate religion, but I don't agree with them. Anyways, I had an interesting moment the other night where, for the first time, I saw meat in the fridge and was actually disgusted by it. It was weird because I've never had that happen before but I'm also kind of glad. Is this a normal thing for most people who switch over?

  3. As the title says, I'm thinking about moving out of the USA. Trouble is, I'm not exactly rich. I work a minimum wage, entry level job in a gym with only 2 semesters of college under my belt but I feel like I've run my course with the US. I've been to only 3 other countries in my lifetime (Canada, Hong Kong, and the Philippines) but I kind of liked it and wanted to know what people think on here. Any advice/thoughts?

  4. Thanks, guys. Yeah, I have goals written out. Call me vain, but they're all aesthetic because I don't really care so much about how much I can lift so much as what I look like. For right now, goal #1 is, as I said before, about lowering my body fat so I can see my abs. Again, vain but desirable enough to get me go to the gym. Long term, I have more goals pertaining to the measurements of my limbs, trunk, etc. When I accomplish THOSE, I think the bottom line for me will be to streamline the process so that I can spend my time doing other things I enjoy. At least, that's my mental process. I like the idea about putting aside a small amount of money each week, though. Maybe spend some time between now and then researching some more in an attempt to find better deals.

  5. Thanks, sir. I wish I had progress photos or something but considering it's only been like a day and half or so...haha.


    Yesterday's session was great and I'm feeling the soreness a bit today. Everything is on track at the moment, I guess I'm just a little bummed out because I've been thinking a lot about how I'll dress after I lose my initial weight and a lot of vegan alternative clothing is really expensive. Maybe I'm thinking too far ahead here, but I feel like my image will be vital because, let's face it, if someone looks like shit, people are less inclined to listen to their opinions and thoughts and going meatless is something I want to spread around...I don't know.

  6. Focus on the contraction itself and keeping your muscles tense. Yes, it is important to pick a weight that is heavy and challenging for you, but if your form is off and you're essentially swinging the weight into position using momentum and your whole body, you're not going to place enough tension on the muscle to grow. I know it seems self-explanatory, but it's one of the biggest mistakes I see from people in the gym I work at. Heavy enough to be a challenge, light enough to truly place tension on the muscle, and stay in control of the weight.

  7. Just wanted a place on here to write down my thoughts. Basically, I turn 22 in mid/lateish September and I want body fat low enough to see my abs for my birthday. Why not give myself the gift of abs? I have the tools I need and I work a gym so I might as well take advantage of that free membership and get this done. The challenge starts...



    Wait for it...



    A few more seconds....




  8. Your family is iffy on the decision?


    Sounds like your family is 3x better than mine


    I'm sure, man. I don't have it nearly as bad as others do and I hope that I wasn't giving the impression that I believe I am. It can be inconvenient at times, yes, but definitely not as rough as some of the people I've talked to about it.

  9. ^^ Good points. I'd also add that if you have to "stop thinking" about what you're eating while you're eating or what you're wearing while you're wearing it to avoid losing your stomach, you're doing something wrong. Also, plant-based food looks and tastes so much better!

  10. I've been a bit of a lame-ass in posting here and my progress has been stalling a bit of late so I figured I would jump-start it by posting what I've done so far. This is my transformation so far from December 2012 to May 2013. Both sets are from before I chose to go vegan so I'm hoping that it will only speed things up to continue in such a fashion. Thanks for looking!


  11. I am currently visiting America and have seen or heard a few comments about veganism being stupid or useless and blah blah. And it made me curious what made other people decide to become vegan.


    Haha, pretty much how the entire country operates.


    Back to the topic, though. I originally gave it a go because I needed to lose some weight however that soon fizzled out. I picked it up again because I realized we only have one of two options in terms of our future as a race: We either bomb the hell out of ourselves and operate in a post-apocalyptic world or we figure out how to work WITH the planet and build shiny cities of tomorrow like how people in the 1960's thought we would live. I'm just doing my part to select the latter. Frankly, if humanity is a bit like the "older sibling" of all the species on the planet. Other animals are in our care...I don't know. I guess I view them looking up to us and thinking, "You were supposed to take care of us and watch us, make our world better." Plus, it just makes a lot more sense to cut out meat and other animal products for all of our sakes.

  12. Hello, all. I'll attempt to be brief. My name is Mike, I'm an aspiring writer/artist/actor/maybe-kinda-sort-of-musician, I'm closing in on 22 years of age and I'm just starting veganism. I've had flirtations with becoming a vegetarian and/or a vegan in the past but I finally decided to go for it after finishing "Earthlings" today. I wanted to join a vegan community (specifically one geared towards fitness) because I know I'm going to have trouble making the conversion but I plan on trying until I finally get it down. My biggest challenge will be socially, I think, as roughly 99.8% of the people I interact with live off the typical American diet. Thanks for the read through, I hope I'll see you all around.

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