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  1. Hi I just started going vegan and im not to sure if im getting the right amount of protein, it seems everywhere I look i get a different answer as to how much I should be getting. People even criticize the us government recommended protein intake of .8g/kg, and i do realize this would be for just a normal person, not an athletic performance driven person. I would imagine its closer to 1.2g/kg. If you look on the main vegan bodybuilding site the article that Robert Cheeke wrote: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=article_buildingmusclesays He wrote that you need 1.2-2g/lbs which is a way more protein than in kg which seems to be what most studies show is needed. This being said Im totally confused on what the correct amount is. Now another question that seems to have allot of contradiction out there is that plant protein is not as bioavailable as meat because of fiber. Also I saw read alot about how almost all grains, legumes, nuts and seeds all have anti nutrients in them, like gluten, lectins, Phytate, Flavonoids, enzyme inhibitors and many more that again lower the bioavailability of not only the protein but the vitamins and minerals. It seems that sprouting and cooking takes away a large portion of these antinutrients but still do we still get enough protein this way even with all these factors playing a part into the absorption. Can someone please clarify this for me, and maybe link where they got there information from. Thanks in advance, Dean
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