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  1. Yeah my kettlebell weights are international so they are in kilos. If I list weights in kilos I try to put a "kg" after. Weights that are just numbers generally in lbs. Thanks man!!
  2. Haha HELL no! I live in the US - it's pounds brother! All my lifts are weak as hell since my powerlifting days! I'm mainly training for health now man. balancing things out.
  3. Tuesday, 11/19/13 1. bench press: 90x5, 105x5, 120x5 2a. incline bench: 85x10 / 5 sets 2b. lat pulldown: 100x10 / 5 sets 3a. db fly: 20x12 / 3 sets 3b. seated row: 80x15,12,15 / 3 sets 4a. push-down: 50x10 / 5 sets 4b. db curls: 20x10 / 5 5a. neck harness: 3x12 5b. med ball abs 3 drills x 10, 10, 15 Gettin' the pump in.
  4. Monday, 11/18/13 -- deloading this week (just the main lifts) *chins x 40 reps 1. squat: 120x5, 140x5, 160x5 2. deadlift w/chains: 135x5 / 5 sets 3. military press: 65x8 / 3 sets 4a. lateral raise: 3x10 4b. bent over lateral raise: 3x8 5a. GHR: 3x8 5b. GHR sit-up: 3x8 6a. calf raise (1-leg / 2-leg): 15/15,12/12,10/10 6b. shrug: 115x15,12,10 Done. I'm trying to increase my volume so I'm pushing up the lower body days to lower + shoulders & yoke, so I get every body-part a solid 2x per week.
  5. Thursday, 11/14/13 warmed-up with kettlebell swings and jumping rope... deadlift: 190x5, 215x3, 240x1 RDL: 135x8 / 2 barbell row: 135x8 / 4 kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 10/8/6/4/2 ab bench weighted: 3x20 neck harness: 3x10 DONE.
  6. Here's a blog on why I prefer to train in solitude... http://extreme-fitness.org/1/post/2013/11/training-partners-are-they-important.html
  7. Tuesday, 11/12/13 *chins - 4 different grips x 1 ea. supersetted with bench presses. bench press: 115x5, 130x3, 145x1; 95x19 / 2 incline bench press: 3x8 seated row: 3x12 pushdown: 4x10-12 db curls: 4x8 laterals: 4x8 shrugs: 3x15 abs - jackknife crunch & reverse sit-up: 3x10 ea. Done!
  8. Monday, 11/11/13 1. squat: 150x5, 170x3, 190x1; 115x8 / 2 2a. leg extensions on my reverse hypers: 3x10 2b. GHR: 3x10 2c. calves (3-different positions): 3x10ea. 3a. ab bench weighted: 3x15-20 3b. ball twist crunch: 3x6-8 3c. neck harness: 3x10 4. kettlebell swings: a bunch...
  9. Friday, 11/8/13 warmed up with Indian club swinging then... *chins x 2 reps GTG'd throughout the training sessions 1. press: barx10, 55x8, 65x6, 75x5 / 2 2a. close grip bench press: 95x8 / 3 2b. seated row: 90x12 / 3 3a. barbell extension: 3x15 3b. barbell curl: 3x10-12 3c. laterals: 3x10-12 Done, and back is feeling about up to 90-95% so it's getting there. Still pretty sore when I get out of bed in the morning, but after I shower and get moving some it loosens up.
  10. Catching up on training this week, plus an injury... Monday, 11/4/13 *chins: 2 reps GTG'd throughout the workout 1. kettlebell jerk: 16kg x 24/2:00; 16kg x 20/1:30; 16kg x 17/1:00 2. squat: 130x5, 150x5, 170x5 3a. pulldown abs: 3x15 3b. GHR: 3x5 Tuesday, 11/5/13 Ok, so I felt a big lateral shift in my back yesterday when I was doing my kettlebell warm ups cleaning a pair of 20kgs, no pain yesterday, but my back was spasm'd like a MOFO today! GRRRRRRRR.... So I just did an easy'ish upper workout. *chins x 2 reps GTG'd throughout the training session 1. bench press: 100x5, 115x5, 130x5 2a. incline bench: 3x8 2b. pulldown: 3x10 3a. pushdown: 3x15 3b. curl: 3x10 3c. laterals: 3x10 Thursday, 11/7/13 1. 2-arm kb swing: 3x10 2. rack deadlift: barx5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 155x5 3a. chins: 3x6 3b. reverse hypers: 3x10 4. McGill's Big-3 core exercises - curl up, side bridge, bird dogs *Back felt ok, just wanted to do a light back workout to test it. Holding off on the kettlebell sport stuff still.
  11. Friday, 11/1/13 - Happy World Vegan Day!!! warmed up with Indian club swings.. *chins x 2 reps GTG'd throughout the workout... 1. press: 45x10, 60x8; 80x3 / 3 2a. TRX push-up: 3x7 2b. TRX row: 3x8 3a. db curls: 3x8-12 3b. pushdown: 3x12-15 3c. laterals: 3x12 4. 2-arm kb swing: 24kg x 15 5. 1-arm kb swing: 20kg x 10/8/6/4/2 6. 2-arm kb swing: 24kg x 15 Done! First full-week back, feeling good. Light soreness but I've been recovering exceptionally well. BW is stable at 175 lbs. since the week of juice cleansing and I've eaten pretty big these past couple of days. That's a solid 8-10 lb. drop from my pre-cleanse weight. Maybe I was just full of crap like my wife says! Ha!!
  12. Thursday, 10/31/13 warm-ups: bw squat, reverse hypers, chins, foam rolling *chins x 2 reps sets in between sets of the workout 1. deadlift: 175x3, 200x3, 225x3 2. long cycle (2-kb clean & jerk): 16kg x 16/2:00, 16kg x 12/1:00 3a. pistol squats to a parallel box: bwx3 / 3 sets 3b. leg raise (shins to chin up bar): bwx3 / 3 sets (these were freaking hard) 3c. GHR sit-up: bwx8 / 3 done. a little sore from this week, but not too bad. recovering well and weight is still down around 175lbs.
  13. Tuesday, 10/29/13 *pull-ups x 2 w/ all sets of bench press and dips 1. bench press: 105x3, 120x3, 135x3 2. dips: 3x5 3. db curls: 3x8 4. kettlebell snatch: 16kgx22+22/3:00, 18+18/2:00, 11+11/1:00 DONE! go check out our new book to benefit Mercy For Animals! GREAT author list! GET IT! http://plantbasedperformance.org/store.html
  14. This project is now closed and published! All of the book and ebook sales go to benefit Mercy For Animals! Thanks to everyone who contributed, we ended up with 115 pages of content from 19 contributors in addition to myself! Information for the book can be found here: http://plantbasedperformance.org/store.html And here is the table of contents so you can see the authors and titles of their articles. Plant-Based Performance Table of Contents Intro - by, Scott Shetler The Power of Juice Fasting – by, Amy Dumas Patrik Baboumian: The Vegan Viking – by, Scott Shetler Nature’s Path to Bodybuilding: The Raw Vegan Diet – by, Danny Dalton Exercising Compassionate Responsibility – by, Mac Danzig Phyto for Cardio – by, Dwayne Earnhardt Cultivating a New Life – by, Holly Firestine Protein for Vegans: A Simple Guide – by, Matt Frazier Ironwoman? More like Super-Woman! – Interview with Ruth Heidrich Redefining Normal – by, Julieanna Hever Reducing Reductionism – by, Julieanna Hever It’s Bigger than Hip Hop! How Healthy Living Changed My Life – by, Stic Re-Born to Run – by, Randy Kreill The Road to Being Vegetarian – by, Thomas Kreutzer Making the Vegan Diet Work for Strength Athletes – by, Mike Mahler My Vegan Journey (a Protein Fable) – by, Eric McCarty The Vegan Beast Speaks – Interview with Big Bald Mike Plant-Based Powerlifting – by, James Morgan The Every Day Plant-Based Athlete – by, Nita Pettibone Total Transformation through Vegan Bodybuilding – by, Tyler Pfalzer Eat Plants, Lift Iron, Meditate – by, Scott Shetler Why I Turned Vegan and Plan on Being One Indefinitely – by, Sabina Skala
  15. Monday, 10/28/13 Catching up.... Ok so I started a juice cleanse a week ago Saturday and took 10 full days off the gym while I did my cleanse so this was my first session back. During my cleanse all I did was Taiji, qigong, meditation, and lots of stretching. Needless to say all that plus finishing the cleanse 13 lbs. lighter and I feel like a million bucks! Haven't had this much energy in a long time! After a few days of being back on my regular plant-based nutrition I'm up a few pounds. I went from 183 lbs pre-cleanse to 169 lbs the morning after the last day and weigh 172.5 lbs today. Goal is just to keep leaning up and mainting muscle and most importantly the new flexibility and mobility I achieved this week. warm-ups: flexibility & mobility work, Indian clubs, then body-weight squats, reverse hypers and a bunch of 2 rep sets of pull-ups. *pull-ups x 2 reps periodically throughout the training sessions, I varied the grip position every set. 1. squat: 140x3, 160x3, 180x3 2. 2-kettlebell jerk: 16kg x 16 / 2:00; 16kg x 20 / 1:00 3a. GHR: 3x6 3b. ab wheel: 3x8 Starting back light and feeling it already!
  16. Tuesday, 10/15/13 Wasn't feeling too hot today, physically fine, mentally drained. I think my mind is on next week's juice cleanse and the following raw food detox. Took it a little easy today. *pull-ups: 2 super-slow reps with every set of bench press... 1. bench press: 5x6-15 easy weights 2a. incline db bench press: 3x8 2b. lat pulldown: 3x8 3a. push-ups: 2x10 3b. seated rows: 2x12 4a. curls: 3x10 4b. laterals: 3x12 Thursday, 10/17/13 Didn't care for any max effort work today so I changed things up a bit and had some fun... warm-ups: mobility, stretch, foam roll, jogging to the mail box to mail my wife's company's dept. of labor paperwork-business ownership rocks... 1a. jump rope x 50 1b. heavy bag x 2:00 rounds w/ 1:00 rest x 3 1c. jump rope x 50 2. box pistol squats: bw x 3 / 3 3a. GHR: 3x8 3b. ab wheel: 3x8 4. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 40+40 / 5:00 5. Indian club swinging - my series x 10 reps of each movement Done.
  17. Monday, 10/14/13 GPP: reverse hypers-3x8, band pulldown abs-3x10, pulldowns-3x8 Training: 1. box squat w/ chains: 165x2 / 6 2. speed deadlift w/ chains: 225x1 / 6 3. shrugs: 3x12 4. 45 degree back raise: 3x10 5. reverse sit-up: 3x10 Done. My hip flexor and back is twinging so I held off on the kettlebell long cycle work today.
  18. Friday, 10/11/13 warm-up: band face pulls, db bench press, laterals x 3 sets; 3lb Indian club swinging drills 1. speed bench with chains: 95x3 / 8 2. 3-board press: 95x5, 115x5, 135x3, 155x3 / 2 3a. incline db bench press: 1x15, 1x12 3b. lat pulldown: 1x15, 1x12 4a. laterals: 3x8-12 4b. seated row: 3x10 5a. pushdown: 3x12-15 5b. db curl: 3x10 Done.
  19. Tuesday, 10/8/13 *Started out with a lot of qigong and Taiji practice, then: 1. Indian club swinging - my warm up series of 8 movements w/ 1 lb. clubs 2. 2-arm kettlebell swing: 16kg x 10, 20kg x 8, 24kg x 6 3. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 9+9/1:00, 20kg x 8+8/1:00, 24kg x 8+8/1:00, 20kg x 8+8/1:00, 16kg x 10+10 --> rest was 0:15 between sets 4. 2-arm kettlebell swing: 16kg x 10, 20kg x 8, 24kg x 6 5. Indian club swinging - my warm up series of 8 movements w/ 1 lb. clubs Thursday, 10/10/13 *warm-up/GPP work: reverse hypers - 3x8, lat pulldowns - 3x10, kettlebell long cycle - 12kgx5, 16kg x3 1. long cycle: 24kg x 6,6,6 (18/3:00); 16kg x 8,8,8 (24/3:00) 2. box squat w/ chains: 150x2 / 8 3. speed deadlift w/ chains: 205x1 / 7 4a. GHR: 4x8 4b. lat pulldown: 4x10 4c. ab bench curls: 4x15 DONE.
  20. Monday, 10/7/13 *Starting more of a focus on kettlebell sport this week, still going to keep some of the powerlifting work in my training plan, but I'm about 90% sure I'm going to compete at the February kettlebell sport meet at the Ice Chamber gym in California, and 100% sure I'm going to compete at the Punch Gym kettlebell sport meet in April in Florida, and I have a LOT of work to get in with the 24kg bells between now and then. Warmed up with jump rope, BW squats, and mobility work as well as some Indian club swinging with the 1lb and 2lb clubs. Moved into lighter sets of long cycle w/ 12kg, 16kg, 20kg and 24kg bells. 1. long cycle: 24kg x 6,6,6 (18/3:00); 16kg x 8,8,8 (24/3:00) 2a. reverse hypers: 132 x 8 / 3 2b. pulldown abs: 50 x 15 / 3 3. pull-ups: sets of 2 in between sets of the other exercises - going super-slow on the lowering phase of the pull-ups and going to full extension of the elbows for ROM; 16 total reps. Lots of work to do, but the 24's are feeling pretty good...
  21. Friday, 10/4/13 Last day of the deload week... Didn't have much time so no GPP work today. 1. speed bench w/ chains: 95x3 / 8 2a. incline DB bench press: 2x12 2b. pull-ups: 2x6 3a. pushdowns: 2x12 3b. pull-ups: 2x6 4. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 9+9 / 1:00, 20kg x 9+9 / 1:00, 24kg x 8+8/1:00, 20kg x 8+8/1:00, 16kg x 10+10/1:00 -- rest was 0:15 between each set Done...
  22. Still de-loading this week... Thursday, 10/3/13 GPP: -reverse hypers: 3x8 -pulldowns: 3x8 -db bench press: 3x8 Training: 1. good mornings: barx10, 95x5 / 2 2. long cycle: 16kg x 16/2:00, 20kg x 8/1:00, 24kg x 8/1:00, 20kg x 8/1:00, 16kg x 16/2:00 3a. GHR: 2x8 3b. ab bench curls: 2x15 done...
  23. Tuesday, 10/1/13 Still de-loading this week... GPP: -BW squat x 8 -GHR x 6 -reverse hyper x 8 -pulldown x 8 *3-rounds Then I did a TON of Indian club swings (4 different patterns) with the 1lb, 2lb and 3lb clubs Training: 1. illegal-wide bench press: worked up to 125x6 2a. TRX push-up: 2x12 2b. pull-ups: 18 reps 3a. elbows-out triceps extension: 2x15 3b. seated row: 2x12 4. kettlebell snatch: 16kg x 54+54 / 5:00 5. band pulldown abs: 15 middle, 10 side to side x 2 sets
  24. Thanks Kora, I appreciate it! If you're interested in being a part of the plant-based performance vegan athlete/trainer book I'm doing to raise money for Mercy For Animals I am taking article/bio submissions through 10/11. All the info is here: plantbasedperformance.org Check it out and let me know! My personal email is [email protected] Thanks! Scott
  25. Monday, 9/30/13 -- deloading this week GPP: -reverse hypers: 3x8 -pulldowns: 3x10 -DB bench press: 3x10 -band pushdowns: 3x12 Training: 1. box squats w/ chains: 135x2 / 8 2. speed deadlifts: 185x1 / 8 3a. shrugs: 135x10 / 3 3b. pulldown abs: 50x15 / 3 4. kettlebell "finisher": 2-arm swing - 24kg x 15; 1-arm swing: 16kg x 10/8/6/4/2; 2-arm swing - 24kg x 15 Done. Taking it a little easy this week, de-loading the max effort movements and cutting back a bit on the supplementary work.
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