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  1. I spoke with a sports nutritionist for a major university in Georgia about it, as well as done a lot of my own research, and everything I've seen is that there are no real reasons to cycle it. All creatine does is replenish muscle ATP, that's nothing the body will adapt to and not a process that is shut down, as in the case of anabolics and hormone production. Also, many supplement companies claim that creatine must be loaded at a dose of 20-30g a day for the first 5 or so days, then a maintenance dose of 5g a day is recommended. I've seen research that claims if you just use a 3-5g dose daily the body will be just as saturated after 30 continuous days. However, a strength & conditioning coach I have a great deal of respect for, Charles Poliquin, believed in cycling creatine and using higher than recommended doses as in 20-40g daily - it's important to note that the book he recommended that in was heavily promoted by the old Muscle Media 2000 magazine who's editor in chief was also the CEO of EAS at the time! Personally I notice a great deal of benefit from creatine and at a bodyweight of 180 +/- lbs I do well on 5g a day on non-workout days, and 10g a day on training days (5g in my pre-workout meal and 5g in my post workout meal) - no real science to my dosing, but it works well for me! -Scott
  2. Got away from keeping my training log updated due to being really busy this past week or so. On vacation now until 7/21 - travelling from Atlanta --> State College, PA --> leaving State College Tuesday for Pittsburgh then back to ATL the 20th or 21st. Still getting my workouts in though! This past week: Monday (still in ATL): did squats & deadlifts, glute/hams and ab work + taiji class Tuesday (still in ATL): did bench press & military press and upper body accessory work (chins, seated rows, and arm work) Wednesday (sill in ATL): taiji class Thursday: travel day, 16 hours on the road from ATL to State College, PA Friday (State College-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center Gym, they have a ton of cardio equipment, a Cybex universal machine, and dumbbells-not bad, but not ideal!): light cardio + full body strength: goblet squats, DB bench press, DB row, DB RDLs, lat pulldown, DB shoulder press, pushdowns, curls, 45 degree back raise, and ab curls (3 sets of everything - performed the first 3 exercises as a circuit, the 2nd 3 as a circuit and the last 4 as a circuit) Saturday (State College-Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center Gym): interval cardio + ab circuit (3 ab drills x 3 sets each) Sunday (State College): Lisa and I did a long trail walk, easy cardio Plan to hit a full body strength workout tomorrow, we are driving to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, then back to powerlifting workouts, there is a nice bodybuilder's gym near my in-laws, plan to do squats/deads on Wed and bench/military press on Fri.
  3. Hey MF! I competed regularly from 2005-2007 maybe 3x a year I guess. I was far from exceptional but loved the sport. At my heaviest I weighed around 225-230 but always competed in the 220s. I was a 198 once most of the time I weighed in around 205-215. Best contest lifts were a 450 squat 285 bench (I pressed 305 but got called for hips rising up); and deadlifted 463. In training I had done box squats for a best of 485, and benched 315 in training. I never took maxes in the deadlift, usually saved that for the meet. While I was definitely bigger I was far from healthy. I ate a typical powerlifter anything goes type of diet. Lots of meat, lots of sugar crap, lots of starch and a little fruit and very little veg. Got plenty of fat in the diet too! I love the way I feel on a plant based diet now. Obviously my lifts aren't in the realm of what they used to be but that's ok. I love training the lifts without killing myself an I like having a leaner healthier physique. I'm more interested in balancing out my program but I have to say when my client David (an exceptional powerlifter-elite at 114 lb and 123 lb weight class) is getting ready for a meet I start missing it! David's great best geared lifts of 425 squat, 320 bench, and 435 deadlift at 123 lbs bodyweight and he recently did a raw meet weighing around 132 lbs and went 365 squat, 310 bench, and 440 deadlift! I've actually got him transitioning to a heavier plant based diet now as well.
  4. Thanks Ross! Nice to hear from you. I've done strength & conditioning work for Muay Thai fighters in the past - awesome martial art! Good luck with it! -Scott
  5. Thursday 6/20/13 Training *stretching, mobility, foam roll, jump rope, and kettlebell swings to warm up.. 1. deadlift: 150x5, 175x5, 195x10 2a. barbell row: 4x10 2b. 45 degree back raise: 4x10 3a. ab wheel: 3x10 3b. side bend: 3x10 4. prowler x 8 --> super setted Indian club swinging after every two trips with the prowler
  6. Welcome Bob! Good luck on your transition to a plant-based nutrition program. I spent a lot of time in Akron. I'm originally from Geneva, OH; went to Kent State after I got out of the Navy back in 1995, and just prior to moving to Atlanta in 99' I worked for the downtown Akron YMCA. Where do you train? I remember a hardcore gym there called Bodybuilders, I think Pep Wahl owned it. There was another place in Akron I trained at for a while called the Firm, I think. -Scott
  7. Train with powerlifters - even if they aren't "trainers" they are usually exceptional technicians for squatting and deadlifting - they have to be to move big weights safely! Louie Simmons' work is exceptional and he is very detail oriented when it comes to squats and deadlifts - that's where I started. Mark Rippetoe's book Starting Strength gives fantastic instructions for squat / bench / deadlift / press / and clean. While his technique varies considerably from a more "hardcore" powerlifting approach, SS is one of the most detail oriented books I've every seen. If you are researching online, find someone reputable - who's either moved big weights, or coaches people who move big weights - and if the recommendations of theirs work for you, stick with it. Don't mix and match different advice. You'll find many different ways to squat and they will all work - just find the method that works for you and don't get too overwhelmed with all the information out there. Just find what is the most efficient, and most importantly safe, technique that works for your body type, leverage, etc.
  8. One of my clients recently did a very long-term juice fast, consuming nothing but raw fruit and vegetable juices for about 53 days. He went from almost 260 lbs down to 205 lbs. His complexion was extremely clear, his eyes were clear and he looks 10 years younger. After his fast he transitioned on to a plant-based diet in which he still has 1-2 juices and / or a green smoothie per day and is eating cooked plant-based foods now. Post fast his weight came back up an additional 5 lbs. and he is slowly trimming down now. For him the fast was great because he struggled with weight loss and this really jump started things for him and allowed him to transition into a much healthier nutrition plan than he was doing before. The first three to five days of his juice fast he was a little groggy (that's usually the caffeine withdrawl phase and a bit of an adjustment period) by the end of the first week his energy was noticeably different. In addition to 2-3 strength training sessions per week he has a pretty physical job - loading, driving, and unloading a delivery truck - all we did was cut the volume and intensity back a bit in his training for the first week or two, after that we slowly started increasing his weights again, but the movements remained - lots of squats, bench press, deadlifts, accessory work and kettlebell training. Personally I either juice fast or do a raw vegan cleanse each year for 2-4 weeks, I usually just cut back on the intensity of my training a bit - lighter weights, a little less volume, and just use it as a time to beef up my internal martial arts practice and stretching and mobility work. I have a good friend who juice fasted for 60 days the first time he did it, and usually does a 2-week "spring cleaning" fast every year. He's progressed from 5k running to marathons and now ultras. He told me he had read about an ER doctor who did a long term juice fast and in addition to the work in the ER trained for a marathon with no problems. If you decide to juice fast, I would just ease into the training slowly particularly the first 3-5 days, cut back on volume and intensity and listen to your body. Most people I know of who continue to train and juice fast are typically consuming around a gallon of veggie / fruit juice per day - that is a LOT of fruits and veggies and a LOT of juice prep, but everyone I know who's done it, whether long term or short term, has had a positive experience. Personally I feel lighter, healthier, and much greater energy after a juice fast or raw food cleanse - so whether that is placebo or not, as long as I feel great after I don't care too much!
  9. Today's training.. 6/18/13 Training Started the morning with some qigong and meditation... This afternoon's strength session: *Indian Club swinging - a ton to warm up 1. bench press: 90x5, 100x5, 115x10 (*chins x 32 reps) 2a. incline bench: 5x10 2b. lat pulldown: 5x12 3a. pushdowns: 4x15 3b. db curls: 4x10 3c. laterals: 4x10 Short and sweet! Time for evening clients...
  10. Great call on the hip belt squat! One of my clients is an extremely high ranking swimmer - he was 9x all American at Auburn University and is getting ready to swim in the Nationals & World Qualifier next week - he has similar issues as you, he's 6'5" and we've had to modify his squats to box squats at various heights. His torso is extremely long and he has a "hinge" in the lower back that makes holding a neutral spine position tough when he squats too deep.
  11. Rob-I used to compete in powerlifting, I was 50lbs heavier and my lifts were way over what they are now. I got away from barbell work for a while and now that I've lost a ton of weight and am over all healthier I'm just wanting to gain back some strength and muscle. Nothing better for that than squatting and deadlifting! Now I want to balance my strength work with mobility, flexibility, energy work, and meditation and not let things become imbalanced again. Always great to talk to another martial arts enthusiast!
  12. Thanks Dylan! I appreciate it!
  13. Monday, 6/17/13 -Training Had taiji class earlier today then... 1. squat: 115x5, 135x5, 155x10 2. GHR: 4x10 3a. reverse hyper: 3x10 3b. ab bench: 3x25 4. Indian Club swinging Short and sweet!
  14. Friday, 6/14/13 - Training Today's training.. qigong & taiji training earlier, then: LOTS of Indian Club swinging - shoulders feel great! 1. Press: 55x3, 65x3, 75x8 (*chins x 20 reps) 2a. close grip bench press: 4x10 2b. seated row: 4x12 3a. barbell curl: 5x10 3b. laterals / bent over laterals: 3x10 of each That's all she wrote! No extra conditioning today, 3 days of prowler sprints and extra kettlebell conditioning is plenty!
  15. John - nice to meet another GA local! I live in Duluth and own a business in Norcross. Congrats on making the switch to a plant-based nutrition plan, I've enjoyed the same documentaries you mentioned. Welcome!
  16. Here's my training from this week thus far - basically I practice qigong, taiji, and restoratives like Indian club swinging, stretching, mobility, daily; and my strength training is: M-squat / accessory work / conditioning; Tu-bench press / accessory work / conditioning; Th-deadlift / accessory work / conditioning; F-press / accessory work / conditioning. I train taiji under my Shifu, 31st generation Grandmaster of the Shaolin Temple Southern Yard Shi Deru, on M/W/F as well. Currently I have completed the Yang short and long forms, Chen style short form and most of the long form, basic introduction to taiji sword work, and of course qigong and tai gong series he teaches. Monday 6/10/13 *warmed up with lots of flexibility, foam rolling, jump rope and kettlebell swings... 1. squat: 125x3, 145x3, 160x8 2. deadlift: 140x5 / 3 3a. GHR: 3x10 3b. GHR sit-up: 3x10 4. prowler: 6 trips - 2x90, 2x70, 2x50 Tuesday 6/11/13 Early on did a little qigong, taiji and sword taiji.. Strength & Conditioning Work warmed up with a lot of stretching, mobility, Indian club swinging, and jumping rope 1. bench press: 95x3, 110x3, 120x8 (chins x 29 reps) 2a. incline bench: 5x10 2b. pulldown: 5x12 3a. pushdown: 4x25 3b. face pull: 4x25 4. prowler w/ 50 x 8 5. 1-arm kb swing: 24kg x 30 ea. arm Thursday 6/13/13 - Birthday Workout!!! 38 today! Did some qigong and taiji, then... 1. deadlift: 160x3, 185x3, 205x8 2a. bent over row: 95x10 / 4 2b. 45 degree back raise: 4x10 3a. ab wheel: 3x10 3b. side bend: 3x10 4. prowler spring x 10 5. KB work w/ 20kg bell: 1-arm jerk x 3:00; 1-arm snatch x 3:00; 1-arm long cycle x 3:00 (rested 1:00 between each) finished with 3:30 of 1-arm swings...
  17. Jub, Either is a solid choice. ACE may be more marketable, but I know many who are ISSA and love it. I'd say if you are already familiarizing yourself with ACE stay with it!
  18. PhytoAthlete, THANK YOU for the support! I sincerely appreciate you picking up the book, also glad to know it's finally on Amazon. I am plant-based now. I started this year 100% vegan, had some backslides in the form of cheese a few times, but other than that it's been vegan. Travelling is the worst for me-and I just focus on doing the best I can. At home it's no issue, we have some decent vegan and even raw vegan options here in Atlanta, and of course purchasing and preparing my own food is never an issue. The nutrition chapter is definitely designed to help people consider a plant-based or at least a predominately plant-based nutrition approach. However I also talk about scaling your protein choices if you are not plant-based, but wanting to head that way without going cold-turkey. It took me a while to transition, and I never want to sound preachy - my hope is that it inspires people to work more vegan/vegetarian meals or full days into their plan and just focus on doing progressively better. Yes the TapouT VTC link is not working, good catch. I took the hyper link out. Thanks, and thanks again for checking out my site!
  19. Jub, I currently hold an NSCA Certification since 2001, and my first cert was ACE from 1998-2001. NSCA is a good organization. If you're looking to do something more web-based that's still reputable look into ISSA. I think they are accredited too. Main thing is done let a cert be the end of your education. Good trainers use them for a credential and that's it. Always learn, and always be a student and be excited and passionate to share what you learn and you'll do an amazing job. I've been in the industry since 1998 and it has been nothing but an outstanding, extremely rewarding experience. If I can help in anyway don't hesitate to ask! All the best to you!
  20. Jub, Thanks! I will definitely start a log here. I have three blogs on my website right now if you want to check them out. One is my Abundant Health blog I've started to coincide with my new book, one is my general topics blog, and the last is my training blog. For sure I'll start a training blog here and cross post my training sessions and any other cool blogs I come up with. I'm also very interested in guest bloggers for my site-so anyone on here who would like I contribute please contact me! Here are my blog links if you want to check them out: Abundant Health blog http://extreme-fitness.org/abundant-health-blog.html General blog http://extreme-fitness.org/blog.html?m Training blog http://extreme-fitness.org/scotts-training-blog.html Thanks!
  21. Thanks PhytoAthlete! I own a private training center (I train both general fitness clientele and athletes from a variety of sports). I've written a few books now-all related to the industry, but my previous books were mostly niche (for instance, one book was on kettlebell conditioning for combative sports and was subsequently used to provide the framework for a video counterpart for the TapouT Virtual Training Center), but my latest book is more on "total human development" - it's more of a mind, body, and spirit approach to health & fitness. The title is Abundant Health and there is plenty of information about it on my website at www.extreme-fitness.org - if you have any more questions feel free to pm me. Thanks! Scott
  22. Hello everyone! My name is Scott, I am a business owner in Atlanta, GA. I've been working in the health & fitness industry for 15 years now, I used to compete in powerlifting and most recently kettlebell sport, currently I am studying Taijiquan and Qigong, and recently published my latest book. About two years ago I began transition into a plant-based nutrition plan, first cutting out all animal products except fish and eggs and eventually cutting that out and this year began to follow a vegan approach. My struggles are mainly with travelling and eating out, but each day I am getting better and making better choices and inspiring friends, family, and clients to do the same. In addition in the past year and half my focus has been on predominately raw vegan nutrition and normally my daily nutrition is around 70-80% raw, and sometimes as high as 100%. Ultimately I've never felt this healthy before. I'm looking forward to learning more from those of you who've been doing this, and very happy to be part of the community.
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