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  1. How much would you recommend? I'm in at 6ft, 185 atm. Struggle to get over 190 lean though tbh I'm mad lol
  2. I disagree. I'm 11% in my pic (check my signature) and am easily 2 - 3% leaner than his hence my estimation of 15%
  3. Are you srs? You're not "9 - 10%" bf. You're closer to 15%. I think you're underestimating this drastically and would not dirty bulk unless you wanna end up 20% plus.
  4. Also be aware if it really does elevate your GF you may end up being 9 feet tall in 6 weeks.
  5. What does "working out" mean? Lifting weights? Try doing this 3 x per week and REDUCE your cardio from everyday to 2 -3 times per week. However do 20 - 25 mins of HIIT training not powerwalking. Look up HIIT as there is loads of info on it but that will do the job and with a good diet you'll go from 14 to 10% in 4 - 5 weeks easy.
  6. Are you doing dem traps on back or shoulders day?
  7. This is the 1st photo - I will update this with my progress in 3 weeks:) http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/7590/nkia.png
  8. Hey good progress! Watch out for high fats if your eating high carbs as well! Try and keep a bulk to 0.5 lbs a week max, I know it seems slow but it'll save you work when you want t cut:)
  9. Arvid you look great! Definately shoot for a natural show next time and I'm sure you'll take home 1st no probs!
  10. Marloon

    New here

    Hey I'm new here, preparing for an NPC show here in the UK soon. Be good to get any feedback/tips think current BF is around 11% so a way to go yet! P.S IMO Jimi Sikto has one of the best physiques around! Be good to attain a similar look eventually.
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