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  1. Thanks for your comment, Sun Warrior. I just edited my first post with two new photos. I know i didn't my best in this period but i can see a little difference in my body. I'll start my train again... xD
  2. I like Terasbetoni, Katri Ylander and your language haha
  3. Thanks for your helpful message, Robert. When i read it (yesterday) i was lazy in my bed and i don't want to go to the gym. So i read "Keep after it!" and went there.
  4. Thanks for your comment, Vegansink94. Today is my fifth day in the gym and the end of the first week. Yesterday i don't wanted to train because my legs were hurting a lot (after 48 hours of the last leg workout) but i did it! I hope i won't give up. Maybe soon i'll start a training journal. My bodyfat is 12,44%.
  5. Yesterday i made a video about me and my brother practicing Parkour. I can feel i'm stronger. http://liberajbestoj.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/unuatrejnigxo/
  6. I'm glad to read it! Congratulations and welcome to the forum. ^^
  7. Maybe you're right, Dylan. I usually eat a lot but i can make better. Yesterday I thought about it. Im training at home. I want to start to train at a gym for better results.
  8. Thanks for your comment, knomad56. I hope i'll start to train more often. xD
  9. Hello. I want to post here some of my current photos. Maybe it can motivate me. I have other priorities in my life, so I think i'll continue to progress slowly. I didn't exercise my body all the year. I started and stopped to train for many times. Bye! http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/7676/gd7h.jpg http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/1781/jy56.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/jzlv5haa7/foto_treino_111213.jpg
  10. I started to play an Animal Crossing on DS but i don't like it so much. Do you know Neverwinter? It's a good MMO with beautiful graphics. I played it for a few days with my brother.
  11. Welcome, Palicao. Im a new member too and im lazy like you. What kind of games you like?
  12. Regis

    From Brazil

    Yes, Jub. Brazilians living in the south say that people here eat a lot of meat and those who live in the northeast and other regions says the same. Thanks, Mini Forklift. AndiMorris, you can eat beans and rice here Dont expect to find many options of processed foods in supermarket. Which city / cities you will visit? If it is a big city so maybe there is vegetarian restaurants.
  13. Regis

    From Brazil

    Thanks, Rossco and Stcalico. =) Yes, im planning to do a log. I read about it somewhere in this site. xD Yes, i agree.
  14. Hi everyone. I’m 24 and have been a vegan since october 2008. I changed my diet to vegan in 45 days after watching Earthlings and a brazilian documentary film "A carne é fraca". I kept searching for veganism on internet because it was my only source of information (in 2008 i lived in a small town and i knew no vegans or vegetarians). I really like to be vegan for two reasons: animals and my own health. When i became adult i became a little lazy adult too although i have been ride a bike (~16km) everyday to go to university for 2 years. Now im living in a big town. Im doing nothing about exercise here and i want to start a training to gain muscle mass. I have a twin brother. Usually we do everything together but he is lazier than me so i cant count on him to inspire me. I hope this forum could help me. Brazilians dont have so many options of vegan supplement (only soy protein, creatine and BCAA, i think). Im not considering import products because its very expensive so im thinking what can i do about that. I dont know if i would like to go to a gym. What equipment i would need to train at home? Sorry, my English isnt good. xD If anyone here speaks portuguese or esperanto, please contact me. This forum will help me improve my english too. Thanks, bye!
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