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    Thank you again guys. So I have to admit I am currently in pretty bad shape. Working a large amount of my day which leads laziness on my off time has begun to display their results on my body. I will be exiting the military in 2 weeks. This has led me to a point in my life where I feel change is necessary. I will be starting a blog to keep track of my journey and posting it in the journal section. I will be primarily taking these steps by utilizing kettlebells and bodyweight workouts simply because I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices for gym memberships. And I will indefinitely be doing this fully vegan. I am currently in the process of putting together a nutritional program so I will have undoubtedly have some nutritional questions coming soon.
  2. Spmrks

    NEWWW Guy

    Id have to agree... i have always adjust relatively well to stricter diets however veganism was pretty easy.
  3. Spmrks

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    Thank you very much... For the record im currently 3 months in.
  4. Spmrks

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    My name is Sean and I have to say that my nutritional quest has been a long and cumbersome road. I have always attempted to eat what is commonly referred to as a healthy eating plan. The time and progression of the years of eating one way or another has led me to Veganism. The final straw that brought me to this end was the overall cost. I have found that sustaining a diet while consuming grass-fed or pastured beef, pork,chicken ect. has just become extremely expensive. On a whim I attempted to remove all meat and dairy from my diet and I have to admit that in one weeks’ time I had begun to feel 100% better. The mental clarity and energy that I gained from eliminating "healthy" meats from my overall balanced diet was incredible. Two months down and I have to be honest I have absolutely no intention of turning back to my original ways. I now intent to aggressively seek out information and continually educate myself on plant based nutrition.
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