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  1. Magus66, How easy to clean is the Green Star Elite Tribest? Is it a centrifuge juicer? Dr. Walker died a long time ago. I think juicer technology might have come a long way since then, that is why I ask. I read his books a life time ago. I don't think what he wrote had science behind it. I have other reason for wanting to drink vegetable juices. No disrespect intended. Thanks for the recommendation. I will check out the reviews for the Tribest juicer.
  2. BlueFountain, there are other soy foods other than just tofu, explore. Like there are many uses for flour, there are many ways to use tofu. Like flour it is basic ingredient. Explore recipes. Beans, peas, and lentils. Again, explore recipes.
  3. A vegan diet is like any other. The more you eat out, the more you buy ready to eat thing, the more you will pay. The more you make things yourself, the cheaper it will be.
  4. Why are you switching over from paleo?
  5. Recommend a juicer? * I want a juicer, not a blender * Something EASY to CLEAN * Something that does green leafy vegetables well * Something durable. Anything else I should know? Any big differences between centrifuge juicers and presses? Will a presser juicer let me make juice I don't have to drink right away?
  6. Hello. I used to post here years and years ago. Probably a completely different crowd now. I thought I would drop in and say "Hello" anyway. I saw an article about Mindy Collete the other day on Twitter, she is still going strong with her thing. I follow Deborah Nasmyth's page, watching the buildings she literally builds herself. It has been so long I don't remember other people's names. I remember a weight lifter and nurse I used to chat here with a lot. A doctor who is into bodybuilding to. Also a crazy raw foodist cycler who lived in the Baltimore area. Of course I remember Richard and SyrLinus. I remember a short woman with long brown hair who unfortunately quit being vegan. She had all sorts of health issues, still a nice person. I remember another guy I met almost a decade ago at a DC Vegfest, he was travelling with his bodybuilding girlfriend. I also remember a tall blond mom with a lot of kids who was a fixture here and an inspiration. She told me about Dale Carnagie's classic book "How To Live Without Fear And Worry" which I am forever grateful for.. I follow another woman Isis' page who I also met here. I don't remember her username here. Old timer or new timer, I wish you all well.
  7. I think social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have eclipsed web boards and blogs.
  8. Bernie didn't deserve this and these protestors have hurt all animals by making AR activists look bad. They did this for their own needs for attention not to help animals. When I read this I felt ashamed CNBC: Animal rights activists disrupt Sanders rally in Oakland http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/31/animal-rights-activists-disrupt-sanders-rally-in-oakland.html
  9. Study finds no apparent creatine deficit in the brain of vegetarians and vegans. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24290771
  10. Chimpanzees Would Cook if Given the Chance, Research Says http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/03/us/chimpanzees-can-cook-a-mean-potato-research-says.html
  11. "Half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice is baseless or wrong, study says" http://wapo.st/1Ccb8vu
  12. I think most people here know that Virginia Messina R.D. is one of the top vegan nutritionists and nutrition book authors around. She blogs too and recently had a post I found interesting having lost two friends to cancer. My friends were health nuts, athletic, and vegan. They tried every treatment under the sun, one even losing her home and her life savings. They still died. From http://www.theveganrd.com/2014/12/vegan-diets-cancer-and-disease-shaming.html
  13. "Becoming Vegan" was the most comprehensive vegan nutrition book I have ever read and it was written by authors whose credentials could not get much better. I just learned that the updated, comprehensive, edition just came out a few weeks ago. http://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Vegan-Comprehensive-Brenda-Davis/dp/1570672970/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1411036491&sr=8-3&keywords=becoming+vegan Enjoy!
  14. Jack Norris RD is a cofounder of Vegan Outreach and like his coauthor is a vegan registered dietitian. I highly recommend that you read is nutrition book "Vegan For Life", follow all of the advice, and get into the care of a really good MD. It can take time for a human body to recover from malnutrition. Eat a balanced diet, get some exercise, get PLENTY of rest and be patient.
  15. I would say eat more legumes, that is where the lion's share of protein and other important nutrients come from on a vegan diet. Do you have a degree in medicine or a related field? I don't. No disrespect, but it takes training and experience to able to interpret what a study means. I've heard the exact opposite, that phytoestrogens block out much stronger estrogen at receptor sites. Like I said, I am not a doctor. You put yourself on an extreme diet. Sometimes it just takes an abused human body a long time to recover. Learn your lesson, and do not take anything from the internet or alternative medicine people on faith. Do your own reading, do not jump into things. Eat more legumes, eat more healthy fats ( avocados, nut butters, etc ), do some resistance training as your body can handle it ( not being tired all of the time ). Also testosterone measurements can vary day by day, even time of day, so don't stress yourself over the last, lowest measurement. Get a doctor who will also measure your free testosterone levels without you having to ask. No harm in a second opinion.
  16. It isn't my project and I have a long posting history. It is about vegans and how they look, this board is about vegans and how they look ( bodybuilding )
  17. Add in legumes ( beans, peas, soy bean products, peanuts ). There is a lot of urban folklore in regards to vegan nutrition. It sounds like you have been a victim of it. Unfortunately, vegan web boards can be one of the worst places for spreading misinformation. Jack Norris R.D. is a registered dietician and a cofounder of Vegan Outreach. Get a copy of his book "Vegan For Life" and follow all of the advice. It is about medical fact and how to take care of yourself, instead of pop diet folklore. My apologies if I sound harsh. As you get more rested add moderate exercise and some fatty foods back in. Keep going to your doctor.
  18. http://www.chooseveg.com/mfa-supporters-share-photos-of-whataveganlooksli
  19. If you are able to maintain your weight ( with good quality food ) you are getting an adequate amount of protein/amino acids. For an optimal mix of amino acids, complimenting them, all you need to know are these combinations 1. Legumes ( beans, peas, soy ) + whole grains. 2. Legumes + seeds You don't need to know ratios. You are going to get a lot of urban folklore about vegan nutrition on the web, sadly, even on vegan sites. I recommend you read a good vegan nutrition book from authors with solid credentials. I recommend "Vegan For Life" by Jack Norris RD, who is a vegan, a registered dietitian, and a confounder of Vegan Outreach.
  20. I've seen a few women on this forum over the years start off eating a vegan diet, not make progress, get influenced by coaches, and then go back to eating animal products. My personal opinion is that they went too extreme with their diets, doing the raw food thing, the 80/10/10 thing, or some other thing where it became hard for them to thrive, or it didn't give them magical results. Looking at your recent pictures, than your original pictures, you've done amazing job putting on more muscle and being lean after the process. Would you mind posting a typical menu for yourself or otherwise give us some idea of what you eat, how you train, and the time it took to achieve your current goals? It may inspire women who come to this forum in the feature to eat a more sensible vegan diet........and more importantly stay with it. Again, great job.
  21. Not bad scores at all! You are in amazing shape. I wish I could be that athletic. You look much more muscular and svelte that your earlier pictures, something I didn't think was possible. Good Job! I look at your pictures and I can just imagine all of the work, discipline involved. I am impressed! That is amazing in itself. That many vegans in that kind of competition. That and your participation should help people who get doubts about whether or not they can be vegan and compete. Again, great score, impressive work. You look great and thanks for taking the time to post. A very positive post. Steve
  22. Jack Norris R.D. is a vegan registered dietitian and a cofounder of Vegan Outreach. If you Google around a lot of people say that a loading phase isn't necessary. A loading phase can give some people mildly upset stomachs, temporarily, so that is good to consider. Anyway, the best article you are likely to find: http://jacknorrisrd.com/category/creatine/
  23. I just got the results of a blood test this morning, from a very, very, thorough doctor, who has her name in local metropolitan magazine's "Best Doctors Of ___" issue. I went vegetarian at 14 years old, over 3 decades ago. Every since then I have been eating soy in all forms at least several times a week, probably too much. My total cholesterol came back at 107 mg/dl My total testosterone came back at 621 mg/dl My free testosterone came back at 112.48 pg/ml My doctor told me that both testosterone numbers would be pretty good for any guy, but especially for a guy my age. This is after a life time of regularly eating soy foods. Anti-soy people either do not know what they are talking about or are intentionally trying to scare people away from alternative products in my opinion.
  24. No, it is not true. Soy is big business that threatens other people's businesses. People also like their urban folklore, so even people who don't have money in the game will spread misinformation. I have a whole section on my blog where I collect articles that tell you, from reliable sources, that soy is just another food: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/soy/
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