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  1. The maximum recommendation for flax seeds is 2 tbsp a day ( ground ). 1-2 tbsp a day is the recommendation. If you do that you don't need the walnuts. If you use walnuts the type you want to use for omega 3 s are English walnuts, not black walnuts. 7 walnut halves per day is the recommended amount. Some people make enough of their own DHA and EPA. Some don't. Nobody knows how to tell the difference yet. You might want to take a capsule a day of each. I like Omega 3 Zen DHA and water4life vegan EPA. http://beforewisdom.com/blog/health/english-not-black/
  2. Great if you are scared of soy or allergic to gluten
  3. Flattery will get you everywhere
  4. My speed is a long summer thunderstorm with hard pouring rain, that last for a while, watched from the dryness of a porch with a good chair
  5. I'm against referencing anatomy. One reason is that I have seen far too many vegans make spurious arguments based on it, which I think hurts animals. Many carnists like to read and will sooner or later hear one of those wrong points. They will walk away and tell their friends how vegans don't know what they are talking about. In regards to the carnists telling you that only predators have eyes on the front of their head, this time they are wrong. Many biologists believe that people/homo sapiens/a species of the great apes, evolved from tree dwelling creatures similar to modern day monkeys. Having eyes in the front of the head is a great adaption for living in trees. It makes it far easier to swing from tree to tree ( a forward motion ) and in general navigating around in trees.
  6. I've been seeing posts about this documentary for a long time. Any guesstimate when I can see it in a theater? It sounds like a great job!
  7. FWIW, the word "vegan" was coined by Donald Watson to refer to a person who believes it is wrong to exploit ( use for our selfish ends only ) animals. The word and movement never had anything to do with health. PETA tries to make a vegan diet seem as normal and appealing as possible to get people to give it a try. I agree with you are coming from. If people don't learn to eat right they will feel like crap, blame it on vegan diets, quit and bad mouth vegan diets to other people. You are on the side of angels. I read that book last year. They state several things as nutrition fact, but those things are flat out folklore. I wouldn't recommend that book to people.
  8. A very SHORT guide to finding reliable vegan nutrition information.....there is a lot of BS out there, even on vegan web boards: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/vegan-diets/ Some of the nicer vegan recipe sites: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/vegan-recipe-sites/ A calorie ( energy ) is a calorie (energy). You will only gain weight if you take in more calories ( energy ) than you burn. Vegan foods that have high bulk ( fiber and water ) AND that are low fat have more volume per calorie. In other words you feel more full, but you take in less energy. I actually lost 48 lbs a few years ago eating a high carb ( whole grains, legumes ) vegan diet: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/wc/stick-a-fork-in-me-im-done/ HTH
  9. I just pasted the code in between the code tags into a post. Works for me.
  10. How to embed a video Go to the youtube video, click the "share" button underneath and copy that URL thus: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvmvxAcT_Yc[/youtube]
  11. Is your avatar picture from a vegan cookbook cover?
  12. Maybe. IMHO, diabetes is such a common thing these days that even the most average doctor would be on the lookout for the symptoms of it ( i.e. thirst, tiredness following a meal, etc ), especially with a young person complaining about fatigue and would order up the appropriate tests.
  13. Jack Norris decided to become an RD after he was already working with Vegan Outreach by going out and trying to convince college kids to be vegan. He was inspired to go back to school by having people hand him back his literature and apologetically saying that they gave vegan diets a try, but felt like crap. Since being an RD he has also encountered many ex-vegans. Basically, the sources he suggests are geared towards people who he thinks are not going to get certain nutrients at all or even get adequate calories. In other words, sloppy eaters and people who are not going to stretch themselves to try inconvenient foods. Those people are not going to eat 3 - 4 cups a day of chopped, cooked greens to get adequate levels of calcium or put a lot of effort into their diets. People on this board, who are more conscientious about their diets, but who may be in a position of not knowing if they are getting every nutrient they need, can find his recommendations useful as a checklist and can seek out better food sources by knowing what they already know. I'm aware of celiac and gluten allergies. Yet, my personal, non-expert opinion is that "Grain is the new nightshade" My introduction to veganism and nutrition as a young man was through "alternative health" types who liked to hang around old fashioned health food stores and alternative health lectures. Those people liked their folklore and they loved to tell stories with warnings. Especially about tomatoes and other "nightshades", which billions of people ate and had no problems with whatsoever. Given that the people in this thread seem to be better informed I don't think the anti-grain sentiment is coming from the common conflation of processed foods with all sources of carbohydrates. A large portion of my calories for the last 30 years has come from whole grains (not whole grain pastas or breads, but whole grains ) and I have found it to be a health boon. I think many people are simply not acquainted with whole grains beyond the 2-3 popular grains. The PCRM has an anti-diabetes program that is very high carbohydrate ( whole grains, legumes and vegetables ) that was made into a PBS series and was created while working with the NIH. I have read anecdotal accounts from a number of people on the web telling others that the program has greatly ameliorated their diabetes and improved their vitality. I've also seen web sites from other people with nothing to do with veganism or the PCRM report how their blood sugar issues improved with the use of oats and sometimes other whole grains. Given all of these things I don't think it is fair to dismiss Jack Norris's recommendations as a "food pyramid" or to make whole grains into "the new nightshade" Yes, a few people have problems with grain, but a few people have problems with every single other food. That doesn't mean those foods should be labeled as deleterious.......only as not suitable for particular individuals. No disrespect. Happy Saturday
  14. The original poster has been in the care of a doctor. Blood sugar issues would have shown up in tests.
  15. Your schedule may be the culprit. Sunlight stimulates people to be more alert and darkness, more sleepy. Some people just don't do well going against their circadian rhythms( sleeping at night, working during the day ). 6 - 10 pm doesn't sound too bad. With a little discipline you can make it to bed at 11 - 12 and get up at 7 -8 am consistently. Try it for two weeks to see if you feel better. You can also try printing out this vegan nutrition list. It makes a nice single page checklist. Try checking off all of the suggestions for a few weeks to eliminate inadequate nutrition as a culprit http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/dailyrecs
  16. I think I liked it better when I thought it was chewybars
  17. I actually think that is an interesting story.
  18. Okay, I am curious. Why does a vegan woman choose lobsteriffic as her alias?
  19. Jack Norris is a cofounder of vegan outreach who went back to school a number of years ago to study nutrition to specifically research and speak on vegan nutrition issues. He is a Registered Dietitian (RD) who regularly reads nutrition journals and often blogs about recent findings. Would it be offensive to you if I asked what your education is in and what your field is?
  20. Devotees of CRON ( Calorie Restriction Optimum Nutrition ) believe that people, may, if they cut their calories a little below what they need while maintaining the same nutrition, that they can extend their lives. This is based on mountains of animal feeding studies started in the 1930s. As we all know and as CRON devotees will also admit, animal testing doesn't always make results that apply to humans. They view themselves as one big experiment. Bodybuilders, who are trying to grow muscle need more calories than what they usually need to supply energy for muscle growth. You can't build muscle and restrict the energy to do it at the same time. It is like planning on a long car trip while refusing to fill up your gas tank. Professional bodybuilders usually have a bulking phase preceeding a contenst preparation phase where they get high muscle definition by dieting away their fat. Professional bodybuilders usually count on losing muscle while they do this because they take in fewer calories than they need...........in other words, similar to what CRON devotees do.
  21. I was on a CRON yahoo group for a year. Such a study was never mentioned there. I'd be interested in seeing a citation if you have one.
  22. If a vegan wants to build muscle s/he should find a muscular vegan and look at how s/he eats. Note, that isn't the same as believing the bodybuilder as to why their diet works. Many athletes have no idea what they are talking about and are the recipients of happy coincidences. If you don't eat enough calories, you will not put on muscle or you will not put on muscle as fast. Building muscles means muscle cells grow. That requires energy ( calories ).
  23. If you have a physical therapist why ask us?
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