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  1. Not everyone lives in a place where watermelon is available year round
  2. Thanks. I just read where all of the athletic goodies come from in watermelon.
  3. Hi, I've been seeing a lot of good things about watermelon for muscle soreness on Dr. Greger's site nutrtionfacts.org. I've Googled on "watermelon juice concentrate", but have only found things meant for making snow cones. Anyone know where I can buy concentrated watermelon meant for health enthusiasts?
  4. If you live near Berkley California, there is a new locally owned, "Ma & Pa" owned small business that sells all vegan goods: Republic Of Vegan The used to be neighbors of mine back East, they are good people Please peruse their store if you live in the area. Thanks
  5. R.I.P Rynn Berry http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20140109/park-slope/jogger-who-collapsed-prospect-park-has-died-friends-say
  6. The Vegetable Garden will be reopening at a new location in Silver Spring, Maryland in 2013 December http://www.vegetablegardensilverspring.com/
  7. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51ebNJ298uL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg Brenda Davis (RD), a registered dietician with impressive credentials has updated her book "Becoming Vegan" and made an express edition that is now out A larger, fully referenced Comprehensive Edition will be out in the new year (likely February or March). Davis is a thorough researcher and sticks to solid science. You can trust what she writes.
  8. I just finished the second via an audio book (very well done, it fits the format of the book well )during my commute and have started the first. I think everyone should read both with parents giving their kids a copy when they leave home.
  9. Running time: 2 minutes. Dr. Greger MD, of the HSUS says that toxins from things harvested with spirulina can harm infants born to mothers who use spirulina. According to Dr. Greger insuring that spirulina is free of impurities is not cost effective, or practical, so it isn't likely to happen
  10. Bottom line: - eat, but take it easy on citrus fruit and juices - rinse your mouth out with water after eating or drinking - wait 30 min after drinking or eating to brush your teeth - use a fluoride toothpaste
  11. Good. Good. I *think* fluoride is the only ingredient in toothpaste clinically proven to prevent cavities. It is horrible that some alternative toothpaste companies are taking it out due to pressure from customers into alternative health beliefs that make them fear fluoride. Googling around there are many fear mongering sites and if you look where there information comes from it only points to other blogs, people without medical/dental expertise and a few lone quacky doctors without an active involvement in research. Amid all of that I found some sites from good authorities like the Mayo clinic explaining fluoride use. It sounds quite safe and useful. No disrespect. You are learning a hard lesson. That is why you check the credentials of the author, where s/he got her information and what people with similar credentials think. Is the person an MD? Are they involved in research and not just spouting a pet opinion? Are their views backed up by scientific literature. Do many other researchers agree? Etc. Maybe, raw diets can be low in several nutrients and that takes time for that problem to become visible. Raw diets, especially juice & fruit heavy ones throw a lot of sugary ( juices ) and acidic foods at teeth which erode the teeth and gums over time. On top of that not brushing twice a day( and flossing ) with fluoride toothpaste to clean it all out will make it worse since those acids and sugars are just sitting in your mouth, working on decaying your teeth. You are doing the right things by brushing with fluoride again and seeing a dentist. Please let us know how this turns out.
  12. You pretty much eliminated every vegan protein source except for grains, nuts, brewer's yeast ( used as a protein drink ) and protein drinks. Have you gone to an MD and/or a dermatologist to make sure that you really are allergic/intolerant to those foods or if there is another issue, that can be treated, going on?
  13. I doubt that Native Americans were eating the processed powder supplements for centuries and that is the overpriced-for-the-amount-of-nutrition-you-get spirulina that has made people sick.
  14. I wouldn't worry about it. Raw foods diets are not based on any kind of scientific research whatsoever. "Percent of diet raw" isn't even defined percentage of calories consumed? percentage of food weight consumed? percentage of food volume consumed? percentage of number of meals consumed? Take your pick, it isn't based on anything. Read reliable vegan nutrition information ( see my sig ), make sure you are getting everything you need regardless of wear it comes from and don't worry about what is raw.
  15. Jack Norris R.D. is a vegan registered dietitian who regularly reads nutrition journals. He isn't about selling a product and he isn't a fan of a particular diet. You can trust his information. He maintains a free online vegan nutrition book here: http://veganhealth.org/ Norris also runs a blog http://jacknorrisrd.com/
  16. - swimming regularly using the back stroke........incredibly effective - yoga..loosens tight muscles, strengthen weak ones, makes it easier to stand up straight - cylindrical pillow ( Google on "lumbar support role" ) between the small of your back and chair when you are sitting down. It makes it much easier to sit up straight. - raise your computer monitor. Anytime you have to look up a little your posture will automatically straighten
  17. You should see a medical doctor (MD). Many thyroid issues can not be controlled with diet alone and nobody here is qualified to prescribe treatment for you. Once you are on thyroid medication "goitrogen" foods should not matter: Thyroid Issues And Still Eating Soy?
  18. I would do but mine isn't behavioral (though I'm not saying that it wouldn't help). I have a very rare eye condition which makes me visually disabled but also means that my eyes are still trying to do things while I'm trying to sleep.. So yea that. The solutions for better sleep are behavioral, not the problems the solutions are for.
  19. I would do but mine isn't behavioral (though I'm not saying that it wouldn't help). I have a very rare eye condition which makes me visually disabled but also means that my eyes are still trying to do things while I'm trying to sleep.. So yea that. The solutions for better sleep are behavioral, not the problems the solutions are for.
  20. Many sleep medications are addictive and have nasty side effects. Often better results can be gotten with a program of various behavioral changes done consistently over time. I highly recommend the book "Say Goodnight To Insomnia" Good Luck
  21. Hi tornquad2, Yes it is a myth. There have been posts about testosterone as well as testosterone and soy before. I suggest you search on "soy", "testosterone" and "soy and testosterone" with the search link on the top right corner of this site. Also, repeat those searches on http://www.veganfitness.net/index.php You should find at least several posts of weight lifters who had their testosterone levels measured and who had no problems. FWIW, if you have health insurance it is worth the price of a copay for one visit to a medical doctor to easily, quickly lay any concerns you have to rest. It will be less of a hassle and give you a better answer than sorting through the folklore on the internet As far as soy goes I collect articles about it in a special section of my site. It provides a balanced view to the anti-soy hysteria you so often see on the web and all of the articles point to reliable authorities: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/category/soy/ The biggest issues weight lifters face when going vegan are getting enough calories, getting enough protein, getting a b-12 supplment and taking a DHA/EPA ( essential fatty acid ) supplement. Welcome aboard!
  22. I don't think you can make generalizations about pharmaceuticals. There are so many kinds, with so many effects and there are many situations where a person's usage of them is an individual circumstance.
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