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  1. Squats are one of the most powerful exercises for transform your body. That great power means you can also seriously hurt yourself. It is one of those things worth going out of your way to make sure the conditions are optimal. If not, you are better off not doing them as the kind of injuries you get can last for years.


    1. Have a professional trainer show you how to do squats in person


    2. Have a professional trainer watch your form many times until you feel confident you got it down


    3. Do squats in a squat rack


    4. Do squats with a weight lifting belt on


    5. Do squats with a spotter present


    Good luck.

  2. A long time back here someone posted a funny comic.


    It was describing a "vay-gun", not a vegan, but a fictictious humonoid species ala comic books who come from the vega solar system.


    I tried using searching this forum and Google with several strings but couldn't find it.


    Does anyone have a link?






    Finally Found It!



  3. Even the most hardcore animal rights activists I've known and the most unforgiving ivory tower ethicists I've read accept the things you have mentioned as reasonable. You have as much right to be here as they or anyone else does. Sometimes when you are not feeling well things like bleaker than they are. Cut yourself a break. You can do a lot of good with you weight lifting by showing a lot of people that you do not have to eat a nasty diet to be very strong and healthy.

  4. lifting 16 months. I am the biggest I've been in my life. Naturally I am really scrawny.


    I have friends who started off naturally slim, you have had amazing gains for 16 months.



    I am dependent on sleep meds at this point. Depression has been my whole life but as long as I can sleep I can be relatively functional and everyone thinks I'm fine but even one night of missed sleep causes me to have panic attacks or violent fits and be suicidal. I wouldn't be on meds if it wasn't life threatening...and I only go to the doctor when it comes to that final decision of jumping off the city parkade or taking pills for a few days. But...now I can't sleep at all without them. I wouldn't last more than a few days without them.


    Wow, keep taking them. Has the problem been equally bad through most of your life or did it set in at puberty?


    If I am being too personal, just don't answer.


    Does working out help?

  5. ya...I do have a tiny waist...

    5 ft 8.5


    I know women who would donate a kidney to get a waist as small as yours, LOL


    5 8 is a good advantage, most female BBs are very short.


    Since this picture I've been extremely sick. Haven't been to the gym in 10 days. I OD'd on sleep meds and rather than being extra sleepy I went 38hrs with no sleep having trouble breathing and my whole body shaking and had slurred speech and couldn't walk. Its way beyond depression.


    Sleep medication is evil. 8 Years ago I had chronic insomnia. I was lucky that I came across a book detailing how bad sleep meds are and telling me to get off of them before I got hooked. Beyond drinking as much water as you can, there isn't much you can do besides wait to get the drugs out of your system. On the upside, once they are out, your depression will probably lift a bit.


    I was sick last week and slept a lot. Life looked bleak until my sleeping patterns returned to normal.


    Did you used to be much larger?


    How many years have you been lifting?

  6. I used calorie counting a few years ago to lose about 48 pounds. It isn't that bad. I think people awfulize it. I found it to be much more livable AND EFFECTIVE than many of the nutty dietary things people come up with.


    It all depends on how you do it I guess

    - don't cut back more than enough to lose a pound a week

    - buy measuring cups and a good food scale


    Most people eat the same things most of the time so after a few weeks it becomes even more easy

  7. For anyone who has low testosterone and are facing the prospect of TRT, please drop me a line first. I was told by 5 different doctors that I should go on TRT, but a simple stimulation test increased my testosterone by nearly 600%. Not one of the doctors suggested a stimulation test. TRT is generally considered a lifelong treatment.


    Thanks for posting the interesting post, based on real medical information and tests instead of marketing hokum, gym folklore, etc.

  8. There are a number of vegan professional with education and real credentials in nutrition who regularly monitor research journals. I think if something like that was even remotely true, one of those people would have brought it up. Anybody can put up a web page and I seen many bizarre sounding articles like the one you mentioned. It always turns out that the author does not have an education or credentials in what they write about or they have no evidence to back up their claims. In the meantime, not getting enough b-12 is one of the most serious health risks to vegans. Strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, nerve disease etc.


    No offense to you, but I think many people would be better off forgetting what you posted, take b-12 regularly and read this well backed up article:



  9. Compassion Over Killing maintains a free online Washington D.C. Area Restaurant Guide for vegans/vegetarians:




    Yuan Fu is just 15 minutes in Rockville. Vegan Chinese restaurant. Loads of faux meats and natural dishes.


    There are more interesting places if you have time to drive. Like the vegan bakery Sticky Fingers in DC


    If you are buying groceries Bethesda/Rockville has My Organic Market it is a locally owned competitor to Whole Foods that does many things better.


    There is also a FB page for all things vegan in the DC area you can use to get more opinions


  10. TVP == Textured Vegetable Protein.


    Basically, it is what left of the soy bean after "they" have taken out all of the oil. All of the protein, calcium and other nutrition without the fat. The "leftovers" are then "textured" into flakes, crumbles, cubes etc. You soak the TVP in hot water to inflate it, then you cook with it.


    Some people object to TVP for two reasons

    1. It gives *SOME* people gas

    2. Hexane, a carcinogen, is used to separate the oil from the soy beans


    As far as #2 goes EXTREMELY LITTLE hexane is uses, several decimal places of a fraction of what the safe does is. There are brands of TVP made with organic soybeans that do not use hexane ( read the label, write to the company ). They can be a little bit more expensive.


    As far as keeping protein up and calories low there are many other soy foods like tofu, tempeh, edammame and various faux meats. There is also seitan ( wheat gluten ) which is extremely high in protein, extremely low in calories and can be made to look like meat.



  11. Fruit can be a problem for fat loss as it is a calorie source that people can easily eat too much of.


    this is the thing, I've been told to cut out fruit but snack on almonds instead, which i imagine is a more calorie dense source and i can easily eat too much of. any recommendations on daily almonds and fruit servings? i'm currently eating about 20 almonds daily.


    Yes, that recommendation is pretty ignorant.


    There are 3500 calories in a pound. 250 extra calories a day will put an extra 1/2 pound of fat on you a week..........or 26 lbs by the end of the year.


    Check out these pictures

    What does 200 calories look like?


    Use this, a food scale and a food diary for a few weeks to correct your portion sizes:


  12. Ok. That's disgusting.


    Additionally, I can see that causing huge amounts of lethal allergic reactions since it'd be using shellfish as part of the process. Since there are quite a few people who have severe shellfish reactions and since this would permeate the skin of the banana, I could see this as being bad and potential cause of lawsuit.




    All in the name of the all-mighty dollar, eh?




  13. Anyone who tells you to cut out fruit or to eat almost nothing but fruit doesn't know what s/he is talking about.


    Fruit can be a problem for fat loss as it is a calorie source that people can easily eat too much of. Thats it. No evil essence.

  14. As a new vegan I would like to encourage you to be cautious about any nutrition advice you might get on the web. A lot of people are ignorant or have agendas, including vegans. Please check out this short post on where to find reliable vegan nutrition information



    Vegan Fitness is another good Vegan fitness orientated site, which you might also enjoy as its membership is predominantly British and European


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