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  1. Beware. There is a lot of BS on the internet about vegan nutrition, a good chunk of it from vegans themselves and even on this web board. Here is a link to some short and reliable material about proper vegan nutrition http://beforewisdom.com/blog/vegan-diets/
  2. Stop eating animal products Here is an example of the link to your picture that works, hope this helps: [url=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8030/7993447756_f9a9134b6e_z.jpg][img=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8030/7993447756_f9a9134b6e_z.jpg][/url] [url=http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8030/7993447756_f9a9134b6e_z.jpg]Sept 15, Week 11 Comp suit by carenM, on Flickr[/url] http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8030/7993447756_f9a9134b6e_z.jpg Sept 15, Week 11 Comp suit by carenM, on Flickr
  3. Calorie counting is just a tool. The problem is when people cut back too much, then they get hungry all of the time. Using calorie counting as a tool to simply stop overeating can get a LOT of good results over time. I agree about the high intensity cardio. A higher percentage of fat is burned at the lower heart rates in the aerobic range. Going really hard, especially going anaerobic with carido training drains the glycogen (carbs, sugar, fuel) out of the muscles more and burns fat much less, so that triggers hunger. That isn't a problem if people are disciplined with their portions, but it makes it a lot harder to be disciplined.
  4. A list of vegetables that beat the crap out of kale for calcium http://beforewisdom.com/blog/milkandbones/absorbing-calcium/
  5. $25 a month is ridiculously cheap for a gym. Gyms in my area can easily be three times as much or more. If you are on a tight income I can understand not being happy with parting with the money, but realistically, that is an excellent deal.
  6. Interesting, I thought the compensation would be better in private schools.
  7. DJShrew, I am sorry to hear that, even when circumstances are good a divorce can be very painful. Good news. I've found that when my job situation has been right with my life just about all other issues are much more manageable. I actually enjoy morning workouts, but I find it hard to move on to work the rest of the day so I know what you mean. Do you mean you aren't allowed to have nuts, even at home, before work? I read a news article a few years ago that a teenage girl with a peanut allergy died because he kissed a boy who had a peanut butter sandwich the day BEFORE. Is the school worried about that? That you might have a trace of nuts on your fingers or something like that? Welcome back, it is nice to see an old familiar post
  8. Don't be in a rush. Losing more than 1 - 2 pounds a week (the upper limit is for very large people ) increases the chances of losing more muscle while you lose fat. You do that too much and you end up "skinny fat" at your goal weight. Squish, soft, still looking fat, weaker, just lighter. If you are reducing make sure you get plenty of quality protein and exercise to reduce the amount of lean tissue lost.
  9. What does being vegetarian or not have to do with believing that vaccines are not harmful? There are plenty of carnists among the vaccine denialists. There are many vegans who use vaccines for their children and who fully accept medical science.
  10. Hi Nelliscarlet, First, wow....you look fantastic. Well done. I'm a little bit envious of the men in Australia this morning. Most of what is published or written about raw diets is utter fiction by people without real credentials or relevant educations.. A very well credentialed nutritionist (vegan ) who is very well respected in her field wrote a book on raw foodism called "Becoming Raw" ( by Brenda Davis R.D. ). That would be the book to read if you are interested in pursuing a raw vegan diet. A number of people also feel that a while a high raw diet has a place as a short term restorative diet, it isn't the best diet for a permanent life time change. People can feel better after having gone raw partly due to what they cut out ( in your case dairy and eggs ) and the increased intake of produce ( raw or not ). At some point in the future you might decide to simply become a vegan instead of being a raw vegan. You will probably feel and look just as good.
  11. These just came out yesterday Intentionally Unvaccinated Students Putting Other Children at Risk Study says unvaccinated students putting other students at risk
  12. Exactly, the choice to not get one's child vaccinated isn't just the personal choice of the parent. It is a choice they are imposing on their child which may kill their child, kill other children and make other people sick. So awesome that you are providing references for your opinion and simply not repeating web board folklore. I'm going to save these references and read them. +1
  13. There is a growing consortium of pediatricians who will not take a new patient if there parents don't vaccinate them.
  14. You can Google on it, but a year or two ago the British pediatrician ( pediatrician in private practice.........not a medical researcher with the resources of formal studies ) who started the anti-vaccine movement was discredited. It was discovered that he based everything he said on examining only 13 children. He was also caught falsifying data The National Institute Of Health and a few similar international health organizations spent years investigating the claims of anti-vaccination activists. Millions of dollars were spent on that research and no proof for any of the claims was found. Additionally, many childhood diseases once banished are making a comeback because there are many parents skipping vaccinations. Not only do their own kids get sick, but other children who come into contact with their children get sick too.
  15. You might find the forum at "30 bananas a day" more useful http://www.30bananasaday.com/
  16. I went vegetarian when I was 14, gave it up for about 2 years in college thinking it would make me more buff. It didn't. I didn't have a meatgasm or feel better eating meat again. In fact, I felt better when I became a vegetarian again and a few years later a vegan.
  17. Hey Marcina, sorry about your health troubles, but it is nice to see you back
  18. He can't count calories? Some people don't care. My point exactly. Animals don't have this problem. That isn't correct. Dogs will eat until they get sick. So will some monkeys. Probably more examples out there, but I am not a biologist. Why are you laughing at that. You can't conceive that someone could be an enthusiastic physiology researcher but not care for exercise? You've never had a job you have been so into you have consistently stayed it at until late and maybe blown other things off? WTF? Never had one of those or known someone who has? Never had one of those or heard of it eh? Sometimes between a job, caring for an ill relative and other things people don't have time or energy to take care of themselves. I hope in your life you only have to take my word for it. I started this thread with fitness related from a reputable source. From your responses I gathered you didn't read, didn't understand or didn't want to understand what was in that post. I tried to elucidate on some of those points, giving you the benefit of the doubt. You have responded with rude and/or immature replies. I'll allow you to have the last word in this conversation.
  19. Can you think of any reasons why that would not be true? Injuries? He doesn't like exercise? He really likes food? Compulsive habits? Lack of interest? He likes research so much he uses all of his time up with it? A long commute? Caring for an ill loved one?
  20. I might suggest you stop being rude first. So if someone doesn't have a slim waist they can't have superior knowledge to you in regards to human physiology, despite having degrees you don't and research experience that you don't?
  21. Yes, it does. Health and weight control are two separate issues as matters of fact. Seriously? So, you're saying that a person's weight and a person's health are 100% mutually exclusive? Are you kidding me? Baby Herc You wrote it, I did not. At some point issues of weight control and health intersect, but they don't intersect in every situation. A diet does not have to be healthy for a person to lose or maintain their weight on it.
  22. I didn't interpret it like that because in the article he answers a question about why it is so hard for people to lose weight and keep it off. No it is not. "Calorie restriction" means only calorie restriction. Deciding on the amount of calories you will consume. Deciding not to gorge yourself until you are sick is a form of calorie restriction. Yes, it does. Health and weight control are two separate issues as matters of fact. That isn't the same thing as what people might WANT to do or what might make them feel good. Yes it is. Everything on alive on this planet has to obey the laws of physics. Not understanding exactly how that happens doesn't mean that biology isn't subject to it, just that we haven't figured out the whole picture yet.
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