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  1. Reliable vegan nutrition information based on science and presented by registered dietians in a SHORT format: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/vegan-diets/ Save yourself from feeling like crap and wasting time. Ignore anything from paleotards, low carbers and raw foodists.
  2. Aside from about 2 years in college, I've been a vegetarian for over 30 years. After the first year I read "Diet For A Small Planet" by Frances Moore-Lappe. Since then I have eaten grains every single day of my life and more than once a day. Whole grain & legume combinations have been the staple of my diet for the majority of my life. My health is excellent. Outside of celiac and allergy sufferers I don't see anything wrong with grain. People have been using grain as a staple for most of human history and I have for most of my life so people telling those tales will have a hard time convincing me.
  3. Why would you want to? You would get a better quality of protein from protein powders. I doubt the difference in price would be more than chump change. You would also risk getting sick.
  4. Hi Chris; A lot of women get confuse their muscles toning up, getting firmer and getting more shapely for GROWTH. Be sure you don't make the same mistake. Testosterone is the muscle building hormone. Women only have about 1/10 of what men do, so unless you take drugs there will be a limit to how you can grow. Losing fat is all about creating an energy ( calorie ) deficit by reducing your intake and increasing your output (cardio). Doing some resistance training on a weight loss regime helps minimize lean tissue loss. You will lose both fat and muscle when you reduce your weight. Lastly, you can hire a coach and read up on your own. Bodybuilders do different routines from strength trainers. You can do strength training routines and not grow as much.
  5. I haven't followed this issue 100%, so some of what I write might, be slightly off. Denise Minger is a 20 something vocal ex-vegan who recently wrote a strong criticism of Dr. T Colin Campbell's book "The China Study" and is general overall a vociferous ex-vegan spreading a lot of information. Dr. Campbell has responded to/debunked her points, at least that is what it looks like from this article. http://tinyurl.com/3bkmf7y
  6. If anyone is interested here is an "article" I wrote on preparing beans to minimize gas, digestive distress, etc.
  7. The Center For Consumer Freedom has created another dummy organization to attack people helping animals. This time they are called "The Humane Society For Shelter Pets" and they are spreading misinformation about the HSUS. The Scumpany You Keep: The Center for Consumer Freedom More Deception from Con Man Richard Berman
  8. That settles it, you don't have a problem. Congratulations. Not true: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/soy/but-asians-do-not-eat-a-lot-of-soy/ http://beforewisdom.com/blog/soy/the-soy-asians-really-eat/ Aside from 1-2 years in college I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. In my experience, the more restrictive I make my diet the quicker those restrictions break down and I eat much worse than if I would have given myself some slack. You got medical results back stating that you do not have a testosterone problem. Cut yourself a break and let yourself use soy.
  9. I am beginning to wonder about that too. People with thyroid issues do need to take their soy intake into consideration. Anecdotal accounts are not knowledge of any kind, but I have seen so many posts from vegan fitness enthusiasts who chow down on soy, went to an MD, had their T levels were checked and who got clean bills of health. I've been eating soy for over 30 years and haven't had a problem. Last year, I even read posts from women with thyroid problems who still eat soy. They just told their doctors who adjusted their meds and even they don't have any problem.
  10. How? Seriously, without some tests and experimentation you just don't know. Very low fat diets can drop testosterone too, as well as lack of activity ( lifting weights increases it ). I've seen many ancedotal accounts over the years of vegans who eat a lot of soy, get tested and have normal levels. Your best bet is - to get tested by an endocrinologist who is open minded to soy - go off soy for a period of time s/he recommends - get your testosterone tested again and see if being away from soy makes a difference in your t-levels - if it doesn't try increasing your dietary fat - stop whining about how boring a soy free diet is and do something about it. Buy cook books, make time to make yourself nice things to eat.
  11. Thumbs Up! If it does well, can we expect an English translation? You can make some money and we will not have to bother you for recipes
  12. It is true, since I've been eating vegan I lost all of my body hair, my voice is high and I am now only 3ft tall Nice to see you around Melissa
  13. I'm onboard with all of the reasons. I've noticed that most vegans are vegans and the vegans who stay vegans do so because they don't want to hurt animals. Environmentalists tend toward reducing their animal product use rather than eliminating it. Health nuts tend not to have a problem with taking in moderate amounts of animal products occasionally unless they are the type of health nut to identify with and base their self esteem on a special diet.
  14. Getting enough calcium from food will always be an issue for vegans. Leafy greens are it. These vegetable have significant amounts of calcium and provide the things other vegetables without much calcium provide: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/milkandbones/absorbing-calcium/ If you still have room in your stomach Dr. Michael Greger claims that the research states that beets and spinach are the two best vegetables for helping to reduce the risk of multiple types of cancer.
  15. I usually don't know who the celebrities are until they turn up in a scandal in the news
  16. I usually crave sweets when 1. I haven't eaten produce for a long stretch 2. I'm not getting enough calories 3. I've gorged myself. I've read that when people gorge, their bodies will often respond to the flood of sugar in their system by dumping a lot of insulin into their blood, pushing sugar level down very low. Hence the slang term "food coma", feeling sleepy after a huge meal and craving something sweet despite having recently gorged.
  17. From Erik Marcus on vegan.com: B-12 Deficits and Brain Shrinkage It is useful to check out the stickies. You can often find information faster than asking a question. Once such useful sticky is how to find B-12 cheap, so cheap I laugh out loud every time someone makes the claim that the need for vitamin b-12 supplements is a lie designed to make money off of selling supplements ( which are natural btw, the b-12 is universally harvested from bacteria grown in vats ). B-12 Getting It Cheaply
  18. http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/dailyrecs http://veganhealth.org/b12/rec
  19. Over the years I have talked with so many people on web boards who think vitamin b-12 deficiencies are a myth. This is despite many vegan health professionals saying that they talk to such people all of the time. I saw this comment this morning in a thread I am subscribed to on vegan R.D. Jack Norris's site: From http://jacknorrisrd.com/?p=1391 ( currently the last comment )
  20. Dr. Michael Gregor has an interesting new site out. He has split his nutrition videos up into 100s of short, per topic, videos: http://nutritionfacts.org/ You can also subscribe to these videos through the concomitant Youtube channel ( you get an email whenever a new video comes out): http://www.youtube.com/user/NutritionFactsOrg
  21. It is Vegan Society approved, but I will wait until Jack Norris RD checks it out. Still, this is huge news http://jacknorrisrd.com/?p=2068
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