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  1. Thanks Dylan, I enjoyed writing it. I'm glad to hear you say that! That's very motivating for me to hear someone say that! I appreciate you taking your time to read it!
  2. This week started different then any other week 365 days prior because it was my birthday week. On July 9th I turn 31 and most people my age sit around and complain that they're not young any more, and say. "Everything changes when you get to 30!" Now I'm 31 and enjoying life more than ever. So I guess they are right about things changing. If we keep our eyes open to what life is trying to show us we will not be confused about our existence. To me I keep myself under control by saying. "All that is, and has always been will always be." So enjoy life don't take yourself so seriously. The body is vastly complex so like anything that is complex you have to take you time to understand it with little distractions. Many of my friends asked me what are you doing for your birthday? Funny... The only thing I count think of doing is my workouts, and training appointments. So most of the time I just replied that I didn't know. Tuesday July 9th my birthday rolls around and I get an email from Black Fitness Today that they wanted me to be one of their fitness ambassadors. This was a great highlight of my morning. They need a head shot from me and I needed to redo my fitness images on my website anyways. So I contacted Studio Texturea photography company here in Atlanta and we did a fitness shoot. I could not have been more happy with the way the images came out. Despite that the last few days I didn't have a chance to workout very much other than teaching kickboxing and my stretching and Yoga work. http://www.exertfitnesstraining.com/sites/default/files/node_images/IMG_1916b.jpg On Wednesday 18 other health and fitness enthusiast and professionals were selected to become BFT first fitness ambassadors. I celebrated by going to pool and continued reading the book I've been working on called "Thrive" by Brendan Brazier creator of Vega, a vegan health supplement. Thrive is a pretty good book so far. There is a lot of build up in the early chapters, but good reading. After hanging at the pool and having a beer as I chilled out, read, and did leg work poolside. I decided that I would continue my case study called "Train like Bane". This is a nine week study that I've been doing on High elevation training mask. I'm currently still testing my system so that I have a baseline, and in 2 weeks I will complete the first phase of training without the mask. I have no idea what will happen after the ninth week but there should be some nice data to analyze. This phase of TLB I doing at least a 13 mile run once a week. I'm not an endurance runner so I thought that this would give me an adequate amount of challenge where my life as an athlete would also not be much of a factor. I get to the gym not the park this time. I decided that I would complete my run on the treadmill. For most people I talked to they have nothing but bad things to say about the treadmill. For me with now a lifetime of experience in the gym the treadmill is just another piece of equipment. I normally don't listen to music though, but knowing that I would be running and not actually moving anywhere I opted to listen to something this time. First I listen to a guided meditation, it was a "Sports self talk" that cover visualizing and action. After that I continued listening to relaxation music. I have been trying different supplements the aid me through each run also. This time I tried GU marathon gel, and GU electrolytes two tablets with 40 oz of water. The Gel was delicious a friend give me two flavors, both having an excellent taste. First hour I tried Mandarin orange flavor, and the second flavor was Chocolate. And... Holy S*** it was awesome! I picked up the package again to make sure it was real. Wow! I think you can put that stuff in a cake and no one would know the difference. It packed 100 calories of delicious long run power! As for its effects It definitely felt like it lasted longer than Power bar's brand. The only thing that I didn't like is when I turned it over to check the ingredients it wasn't a lot that I could pronounce and even fewer ingredients that I knew what they were. I finished my 13 mile treadmill run in 2:31 which is my fastest time technically. I know that some of this was to do with being inside on the treadmill, but I was pleased. This was a great birthday, and fitness week for me.
  3. Last night a friend sent me a text. "Hey man, I don't know if you're available but open mat down at Impact. Come by there will be a good group there." "When? I replied. "10am" he said. "Cool I'm there." Sunday is my usual long run day but in Atlanta it had been raining all week. Which is pretty rare for the season, but no one who live here for a while said much because we had been on about a decade long drought. That was bad in one sense because it was 4th of July weekend. Everyone in the city had to make do with just going to different events in between the showers scattered throughout the metro area. Running outside is my favorite under normal conditions but in the rain I was not motivated to get out there in the mud. That help me feel better about my going to train Jiu Jitsiu, the gentle art with a few friends instead. I know the training would be good cause my friend said it was a good group out there also. The next morning I wake up and roll out of bed to start getting my stuff together. The gym was about thirty minutes away which in Atlanta terms is kind of far. I didn't mind the drive though. It was mostly a suburban drive with a lot of road side scenery. Lots of strip malls, signs, homes checkered block to block. There were a few curly roads that swept through shopping districts so it was kind of a cool drive. I got a chance to kind of sit back and think to myself before I had to focus on my workout. So I'm riding through the rain and with the radio playing quietly in the background. "Man" I thought to myself, "I better not slack off tomorrow and go for my long run. Awh! That means I going to have to do it on the treadmill." So, then I thought. "Okay it might not be that bad, it is most definitely not going to be as bad as running through the mud a the river that could be over flowing by now. That at least made me feel a little better about postponing the run. So I make it to the gym. Wow!On a Sunday morning church was definitely in Session! Walk in at least 10 people were on the mat training another 10 waiting. So I strip out of my shirt immediately and through my Gi (Kimono) top on. Then walk over and shook the head instructors hand friendly greeted him and fell to the back of the line. The situation they were working was "Taking the Back" a common subject in Jiu Jitsu where one opponent starts on another's back in the seated position. The goal of the opponent in front is to escape to a better position and the other opponent goal is to complete a choke, or joint lock. I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone who trained Jiu Jitsu before how difficult this drill is, but for those of you who haven't had the pleasure to train Jiu Jitsu let me tell you that this is a very tough drill. "Dang! Ya'll doin' back take drills. Man, I come straight into the frying pan." I joked. So after 5 or 6 rounds of that we move on to some regular sparring. Sparring in Jiu Jitsu both payers start in a a neutral position on the floor and engage each other by my grips on lapels, sleeves, and pant legs. The roll (fight) progress until one player obtain a dominate position and finish there opponent in a submission hold. Trust me, as rough as that sounds it isn't when done true to the art and displays skill and technique instead of power and boldness. It was amazing that when everyone woke up that morning instead of packing there egos with them, they all packed there thinking caps because everyone was very respectful, and inviting. Upper belts, and lower belts all playing along together without training like it was competition time. I had a very good workout. Afterward The head instructor, my friend, another student who was a Taekwondo instructor who owned a school not to far away from where I live went out and had lunch at a Korean restaurant. We had a great lunch, I order a tofu, and veggie soup. It was very delicious, after that meal we went to star bucks, another favorite place of mine, and all shared thoughts on Jiu Jitsu laughed, talk about the old days of jiu jitsiu, and present day, and the new days to come. We built off of each other and everyone enjoy setting and talking about something that we all loved some much, and that taught us so much about ourselves. But... "All good things must come to an end." After the last of our conversations started to wrap up, we all went our separate ways. Fading into our own individual Jiu jitsu sunset. "Man, what great workout..."
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    Hey Thanks what did you think of my Channel. Please Subscribe if you enjoyed it!
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    Thanks you all! That App I want to make I don't believe I have the skill but I will start on and over time I will add capability little by little. I'm going to start a Journal tonight!
  6. Justin is right, about the calories. When you train everyday it is important to make sure that you caloric intake is up. In an average weight training workout an individual can burn up to 300-700 calories per hour. If your and Ectomorph like me (154lbs, 6'0'', BF% 5-6%) then that brings you to a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) of +-2000 calories per day. Combine that with your workout at, lets say... 500 calories then you're looking at least 2500 caloric intake budget to just maintain your weight. When I need to increase my body weight I go crazy on brown rice, and Spinach like Popeye. I stay far away from food with low nutrition value even if it is high in calories as they hurt your recovery phase. I rather just eat more rice and Quinao.
  7. Nice what equipment did you use to change the SAT level. and test it. Like I explain in my blog I'm not sure if this changes the body ability to absorb O2. But with this mask I'm sure it will make it difficult to breathe. I have no idea what that will improve. That's the question that I'm trying to answer. It would be interesting to see how that would line up next to a real chamber. Thanks for reading!
  8. I started seeing these elevation mask around a lot so decided to try it. This blog is a 10 week study on if this will it increase athletic performance. I'm now in the second week of training without the Mask with my runs scheduled on Sunday morning. This is a very exciting blog form me to write now that I'm on my Vegan Diet. I have no idea what the results are going to be. How would I have done on a non Vegan diet I don't know, but I think that eating this way will help me make it through these grueling ahead So Like I mentioned earlier I'm in going into my third week of Training. I run every Sunday<---RunKeeper.com Profile and do least 13 miles. This is part of my training criteria for "Train Like Bane,"coupled with a max deadlift weight training program. I also will be recording my heart rate and VO2 max % during exercise. At the end of 10 weeks I hope to uncover what this training mask exactly improves. I'm going to also be logging my meals and workouts through the course of this training. Is there anyone out there that have used this http://demandware.edgesuite.net/aago_prd/on/demandware.static/Sites-MMA-Warehouse-Site/Sites-MMAWarehouse/default/v1372280744810/images/large/etm-1007_01_lg.jpg I would love to get your opinion what the effects was on your training. I talked to one guy he told me that he went from not being able to run 3 miles and after 3 weeks of training he was able to run 15! Damn! I'm not saying I believe that but I would love to get some Vegan perspective on it. Thanks everyone for reading! Train Like Bane #1
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    Thanks for the reply! I like this forum already! lol! Yeah I've been doing Boxing since 2006 and BJJ since 2003. I started teaching Kickboxing about three years ago. I've taught No Gi Jiu Jitsu for a year and a half. LOL! I'm now between Jiu Jitsu employment! Thanks for the advice I will start a Journal.
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    I started my new vegan diet about two years ago. I'm a fitness trainer, and kickboxing instructor in Atlanta, Georgia. I've been working in the fitness industry for about 11 years now. I've come to increase my understanding of how the human operates for maximum performance. One of my dreams is to create a health and fitness android app for tablets. So I been studying JAVA for the last few years if there is any help that anyone can offer I would appreciate it very much. also... I like to post video's of my favorite exercise variations,and warm ups on Youtube. Please subscribe to my channel and check'em out. http://www.youtube.com/user/BrienCalloway Thanks for reading.
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