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  1. Hi Ella!

    Hope you're keeping well!

    Thank you for the kind words, I'll try and feel courageous instead of ashamed, after all, we all have to start somewhere!

    Oh dear, I thought the cheesecake was looking good, not to worry, i'll give it to Karl! lol! He'll enjoy it.


    I tried some GF Muesli this morning and I have to say, It was awful. I've never tasted something so horrible in my life lol I'm usually able to acquire tastes for things but I doubt i'll ever get to like that! Do you have any ideas of things I can try for breakfasts? and also any more dinner recipes would be great!

    I ordered some of the Braggs Aminos online so hopefully that'll turn up soon too!


    Also, I need to get back into going to the gym, I've not been for about 2 months so is there any way you can recommend what exercises or machines to use to get me back into going or that'll help get rid of this ugly stomach? I'm guessing it'll be mostly cardio as theres not really much else you can do for the mid-section is there? I was told that theres not much you can do and that its 90% diet as to how 'fat' you are? Is this true?


    Sorry for all the questions! I've been thinking ALOT over the last few days and I want to do really well with this and make sure I hit my goal!




    Steff x

  2. Hi Ella!


    I've never made Quinoa before but I'm happy to give it a go! I also found this in my local supermarket.... Do you think its worth trying? (I love cheesecake!)






    And here is my before picture..... now you can see what you're up against! (I'm so ashamed!)



  3. Hi Ella!


    Ok I've been researching and I can get all the ingredients for the pie so i'm going to give that a go!


    Also, Would you recommend this recipe?.... http://ohsheglows.com/2013/02/08/vegan-and-gluten-free-chocolate-cake-balls/


    Its just that this particular one is nut free so I can make it for my husband aswell as he has a nut allergy and i'd feel guilty baking nice stuff that he cant eat (not that that's a bad thing as there'd be more for me lol) and I picked it because it says vegan & gluten free

  4. Hi Ella!


    Ok, I think i'll just focus on those two clothing goals for now. Maybe I could add another clothing goal such as, be able to go and buy a dress that I've been wanting for a while but while I have my 'muffin top' it just wouldn't fit me properly. Maybe I need to post a picture of my current bodyshape and you'll be able to see the reason why I say this?


    I'll be most likely ordering products online as that's easiest (and if I can get them from Holland & Barrett then its free delivery over a certain £ amount so that's even better!)


    I'll research the products in those recipes to see if I can get them, Is there any other products I should look for?




  5. Hi Ella!

    Ok, here are my goals….. I have a pair of pin-up style high waisted jeans, I’ve had them for a few months but there’s no way they’ll fit me, I cant even get them close to fitting, So one of my goals for December would be to get them to at least fasten.


    My second goal…. Another clothing based goal… I wear a high waist skirt for work and I cant fasten that properly either  (how embarrassing is this!) So I have to pin it every day, I would like to be able to fasten it properly by December.


    My third goal…… to have more energy and feel fit and healthy. I’m not sure how relevant this is as a goal, If I need to pick another let me know, Or if you have any other ideas of goals I should aim for that’d be great 


    I’ve read the link about health reasons to avoid sugar. WOW!! That was quite a shock! I really want to ‘kick the sugar habit’ now! Those links for recipes look really nice! I’ll have to do a bit of research to see if I can get those ingredients locally.


    As for milk alternatives to soya, I have tried almond milk before and I do like it, I just didn’t realise soy needs to be in moderation too, I thought it was super healthy! So yeah, I have no problems with trying all other type milks, almond or coconuts 



    Steffie x

  6. Hi Amber


    Your story is very similar to mine.


    I've struggled to get myself sorted out but after finding Ella Magers 'Sexy Fit Vegan' website, I feel like i'm finally going to 'crack it'


    Take a look at Ella's website www.sexyfitvegan.com and sign up for the newsletters, you'll get an e-book and sample meal plan straight away which should help to get you started. Ella is also a member on here aswell, she's very friendly


    Hope this helps!


    Steffie x

  7. Hi Ella!


    I've signed up to your newsletter and have read the e-book download and the sample meal plan (which i'm hoping to start soon once I've ordered a few bits and pieces in (protein powder etc)


    I'm really looking forward to starting it though, I've tried loads of different ways of changing my diet and lifestyle but have struggled in the past, I feel like I'm going to do really well with you though


    Steffie x

  8. You can give advise and try and help people but they have to really WANT that advise.

    If they don't really want your advise then don't offer it, That's what I've learnt. and if someone says that you're wrong just ignore them, so long as you're happy then it doesn't really matter what other people think, and if what other people think makes you unhappy only then should you think/worry about it.

  9. Hi everyone!


    I'm just wondering what you all eat when you have very little time to prepare a meal?


    I work long hours and by the time I get in from the gym I dont have much time to prepare a full on meal, Obviously I could just turn to convienience food but I really dont want to be eating this over-processed crap!


    Does anyone have any ideas for recipes that take little time or for things that can be prepared in advance and frozen?





  10. Hi everyone,


    This is my before pic. This is pretty much how I look now.


    I'm pretty happy with the size of my arms and legs but I absolutely HATE my stomach, this fat needs to go ASAP!!




    I dont always look this terrible by the way! lol and please ignore my unfortunate tan lines lol I burn easy!



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