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  1. Hahaha these are funny Keep them coming guys!
  2. Hahaha Dylan, No it was totally unintentional haha! But I'm fairly proud of that statement! Hi Madeline, Great to hear from another newbie lady too and yes we are very alike! maybe we should be 'Online BB Buddies' Like have our own thread if the moderators/admin will allow it, then we can help eachother out and get motivated etc. just a thought! Thanks again for the warm welcomes everyone! Got my review with my trainer on Sunday so looking forward to that.
  3. Steffie

    Hi :)

    Hi Madeleine! Welcome along! Good to see another female newbie like myself Steff
  4. Great info, Thank you awaken375
  5. I have 2 questions if possible!... I'm new to veganism but have been a vegetarian for just over 6 months, I'm also completely new to the gym. I want to get fit and toned but I'm not sure where to start, Where would you recommend I should start? Get fit and then get toned? Or do it all together? And also what foods would you recommend that I should incorporate into my diet, and what foods are best for pre and post workout Thank you!!! Steffie x
  6. Hi Palicao! Welcome along to VBB Enjoy your journey x
  7. Hi Rhea! Welcome along! I'm new too! Everyone is so friendly here and you'll get some great help and advice Enjoy your journey x
  8. Hi everyone! Thank you for such a warm welcome and for all your tips and advice I have my gym review with my trainer a week on sunday so I'm going to speak to him about doing more weights work, I love cardio but I really want to get to grips with doing more weights, Ideally though I suppose I need to concentrate on getting fit for now before I go for it with the weights. Like I say I'm totally new to the gym and even though I'm dedicated now, I'm just a bit worried that I might be doing things wrong. I took my 'before' pic earlier on (I didn't think to do it 4 weeks ago when I first joined) Its safe to say I cant wait to get rid of my belly! lol Thanks again everyone
  9. Hi everyone! I’m Steffie from Cheshire in the UK. I’m 27 and have been a Vegetarian since December last year. I’m nearly Vegan but am looking to make the full transition this week! I try and keep away from as many dairy products as I can (eg Soya Milk, Soya Cheese etc) My main problem is chocolate. Even though there is vegan chocolate out there, its very difficult to come by unfortunately. Anyway, I joined a gym 3 weeks ago as I wanted to get fit and lose a bit of weight and tone up. I’m 5ft 7 and weigh 11st 11lbs at the moment. I don’t see myself as fat as I already have quite a muscular figure, its just the years of chocolate cake and sweets that’ve given me a bit of a belly! (I’ll be sharing before and after pics so my first pic will appear very shortly!) So, I was looking online a week or so ago about what foods I should be eating (as a Vegan as I want to go 100% Vegan as soon as I possibly can.) while going to the gym to make sure I’m getting the right nutrients etc and that I wont be doing myself any harm, Then I came across this website! I saw pics of other vegan ladies who all look fabulous and I’ve now been inspired to get fit and start to tone up and then I was thinking of bodybuilding, I don’t want to go over the top but I would love a muscular figure. (I’m most inspired by Mindy who I think looks perfect!) I’m a complete beginner I’m hoping to find some meal ideas or recipes but I’m not sure where to look so if anyone could possibly help me with this I would be extremely grateful. It’s a massive journey for me and I want to make sure I will be doing it the right way and wont be harming myself in any way. I would like to find out what foods to eat pre-workout and post-workout that will help me on my journey and what supplements etc I should take to help. Any information you can give will be extremely appreciated and I hope to get chatting to you all soon! Thanks for reading! Steffie
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