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  1. I've been a vegan for about two months now, and I love it. I've never felt so good, energetic, and at peace before. Before going vegan I would end the day feeling terrible and guilty about my food choices throughout the day, now I go to bed feeling happy about myself and the way I'm living my life. I've also lost some weight, which is cool cause I've always been self-conscious about my weight. Here is what I've been able to achieve, picture on the left is from December 2012 and the one on the right is from 2 days ago. http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e280/Tha_Dude_98/comparison_zps8689181b.jpg
  2. There are three reasons for me going vegan and I consider each equally as important. Here they are: 1) Back in 2010 I read a book that completely changed how I looked at meat and what I ate. The premise of the book was that eating meat was unnatural for humans and that eating meat is basically eating a rotting cadaver that is filled with toxins, according to the book eating meat is worse for you than eating poop, which is bad! After reading the book I went without meat cold turkey for like 6 months, but soon after that I was back to eating meat and enjoying it, with a little bit of remorse in the back of my mind, but still eating it. 2) Fast forward to the beginning of 2013 and I developed testicular cancer. My left testicle was growing a tumor from the inside out and it was painful. During this I noticed that the days I ate meat were the days I had pain in the affected testicle, and the days I had a vegetarian/vegan diet I had no pain. I'm not sure if it was coincidence or not, but there was definitely more noticeable pain the days I had meat, that's when I started to suspect I had a meat allergy. 3) Fast forward to the spring of 2013, about a month and half to two months after the surgery to remove the affected testicle. I started getting allergy symptoms. My nose was runny and my right ear was completely clogged up, I couldn't hear out of it, my hearing had diminished like 70% in it. My family told me it was probably spring allergies, but I had never had that before! I bought allergy medicine and took it for over two weeks but my symptoms remained the same. I suspected a meat allergy, so I went vegan for a week, and voila! My allergies were gone. I asked myself if maybe it was another coincidence, and so I started eating meat and right away the symptoms started coming back. So then I went vegan again and they went away again, and since then I've been convinced it's a meat allergy. I haven't seen a doctor about it, I should, but I have crappy insurance and it takes FOREVER to see a specialist, so I've just gone vegan, I'm in my 8th week as a vegan now, I feel awesome, happy, energetic, no allergy symptoms, I've slimmed down, my clothes are looser, all around just feeling better. I see myself seeing this for a long time coming
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