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  1. Well...yeah good discussion and I don't think there are "absolutes" in anything I said...I'm pretty open-minded. So I'll just avoid them when I can, and you can tear them up if you wish. I am blessed to live in a town that used to be the self-proclaimed tomato capitol of the world...but probably of Texas is more like it. LOL! There are some great fruits and veggies that come from the locals! And for my belief, I hope they are not GMO.
  2. OK, I'm glad you brought up selective breeding. This is done frequently for show dogs. Have you ever seen the degradation of the blood lines of show dogs? It is sad really to see what is going on behind the scenes. Take a look at this and tell me if you still think selective breeding is a good idea. And please be careful putting a lot of stock into what you find on Wiki. Anyone...and I mean any idiot (although not always the case) can write or edit the entries there. Short version: Long version:
  3. Yup, you're famous I guess That definitely is a WTF moment if you don't know them or maybe even if you do and knew nothing of it!
  4. I only toy with this on occasion. I love bananas and oranges though. I really think all these theories and methods are very minor tweaks...but they are fun to experiment with imo.
  5. Hello there neighbor! I'm from NE Texas. Love the San Antonio area though! Welcome to the community!
  6. Hello! I have watched that film and the wife and I both enjoyed it. Two more I can recommend is "Hungry For Change" and "Forks Over Knives". Great transformation btw!!! Looking great!
  7. I disagree! There are many natural bodybuilders who believe spiking their insulin by the intake of carbohydrates (usually higher GI rated) following your workout has anabolic effects. Also carbs are protein sparing. What this means is that having some carbs with or about the same time as protein will allow your body to utilize the protein for what you intended. There is a ton of bro-science out there and I'm not saying what I just told you is OR is not that. But I have a book called "Better Than Steroids" that addresses this very thing and is written by a Doctor that is also a bodybuilder, Dr. Warren Willey: http://www.muscleandstrength.com/sites/default/files/field/image/author/dr-willey.jpg
  8. Never had New Glarus, but I'm from Texas so no wonder. I have heard about it. I used to be an avid member on BeerAdvocate's site, but not longer stop by unless I'm reading reviews on beers. Sorry for the plug but I'm not affiliated with them. I've only had one geuze but liked it and can't recall which one it was. There are many beers that I can name and speak about though. Some of my tops are: Fuller's 1845, Rogue Shakespeare Stout, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, Live Oak Hefeweizen, and Westvleteran (which I had sent to my by a NY buddy). I don't have access to many gueze, gose, or even lambics where I live, but when I travel, I try anything I can.
  9. Sours as in Belgian Lambics? If so, yes!
  10. I don't think you're a nut job unless I am too. I have been "frozen" in bed before when it was just me and the dobie who alarmed me by staring at something behind my back when I was laying there. I could see him because of the glow of the digital clock. What is strange, he usually gets up to go see what something is. He jerked his head up and was staring directly over me (behind me) which was in the direction of our master bathroom/dressing room suite. It doesn't open up from the outside. The look he had was perked up ears and head raised tall. Had to be there, but I did not want to look behind me. Another time we left the kids home with a friend of theirs and we went to eat a quick bite with the friend's parents. Got a call saying someone else was in the house. They locked themselves in our bedroom with one of my guns and stayed on the phone with me on the way home. We got there, searched the house and found nothing. The friend visiting swore up and down when they were in our living room, he saw a man standing in the breakfast nook. Not sure about that one. I'm kinda a believer in ghosts, but a little on the fence. I have heard one more story that was really weird. My wife is a home health nurse and so is her friend. Strangely enough, it's the mother of the kid that said he saw someone. She was visiting an old widow in an old wood frame house about 6 miles out of town. I've seen the house. Anyways, she said while she is asking the patient question in the living room, the door that goes to the kitchen slams shut. She asked the patient if someone is home and the patient non-chalantly said "no that's just the ghost that lives here. She said she went and opened the door back up and paid attention to see if windows were open somewhere causing it. she saw none. She said it happened again just mere feet away from her. She was telling us about it and her eyes got big and she said I decided then...just leave the door shut. LOL! I dunno really, but keep us posted. Hopefully if it is...it is friendly. Ha! I have had some sudden wakes from sleep that I think I dreamed disturbances though. But if you were awake on some of it...not telling!
  11. This is perfect advice! You have to make your body demand and use the increased calories! A proper tear-down in your workouts is a must to gain! And on not wanting breakfast in the morning first of all....ask yourself "how bad do I want it?". Get some ezekiel bread (cinnamon raisin is my favorite for breakfast) and put a thin layer of peanutbutter on it. Delicious. Do this first thing and you will start wanting it after a week or two. It will kickstart your hunger and allow you to take in more calories. But really the gym tear-down is the foundation with the heavy compound movements like jungleinthefrunk said!
  12. Gotcha! I have similar problems as I have reactive hypoglycemia....but that said, if I stick to lower GI stuff OR add fats that slow down absorption (lowers glycemic load)...then I do fine. Fats also help you feel full longer. Try getting in some of that and see if it helps. And one thing I did really explain about lower GI foods is that they are kind of like a time-release capsule allowing the carbohydrates to get into our system for slower and longer times. One thing you could play around with is having a high GI food after your workout along with some protein source. I really don't know if this works, but a lot of bodybuilders believe that this spikes our insulin at the right time and is supposed to give positive results. I'm sure opinions vary. Fun to try anyways to see how you respond.
  13. When I can, I avoid them. Since the season is here, I buy most of my fruits and veggies from local farmers. 3 food documentaries that I believe whole-heartedly are Food Inc, Hungry For Change, and Forks Over Knives. This is what started me down my vegan path that is still not complete, but trying. These also address GMO foods.
  14. Before I made an attempt to become vegan I ate 5-6 small meals every day and stuck with lower GI type carbs and achieved a bodyfat in the neighborhood of 7%. This method can be done in a vegan fashion too I do believe. The easiest way for a body to gain fat is to flood your system with carbs in each meal. I've tried to think of a good analogy to explain this, but I'll just try to keep it simple Both brain function and muscle fuel (glycogen) comes from carbohydrates primarily. Eating in smaller meals and not over-doing the carbohydrate flow does two things. It keeps your body and mind happy by giving it some (but not too much) and it gives your body just enough carbs to fuel workouts and just your daily energy. When we eat larger meals we tend to put too many carbohydrates in our bodies at once. What happens after our glycogen stores are replenished if we have too many carbs? It goes to fat storage. Our bodies are designed for survival so it stores it in case of a shortage. When it never sees a shortage, we just keep adding to it. So, knowing the basics....smaller meals about 2.5 - 3 hrs apart with lower GI foods or really watching the quantity of carbohydrates we take in each meal. One more thing. Lower GI carbohydrate foods like Old Fashioned/Steel Cut Oats, Sweet Potatoes, Ezekiel Bread, etc are great sources when trying to lose weight. They get into your system slower so it doesn't flood your body with too many carboydrates at once, but satisfies our energy needs...and keep our brain happy. It gets deeper, but this is my experience and it seems to work. Hope it helps! And btw, great job so far!!!
  15. Awesome! It even gave you a haircut. LOL! I'm just messing, but seriously the change is very obvious! Good stuff!
  16. Seriously. It takes a LOT of planning and consideration. If it were THAT easy to gain mass, don't you think every 19 year old bro would look like Ronnie Coleman by now? True or even one of my favorite natural BB'ers like Joe Franco. Very down to earth guy (it seems) and dude knows how to lean down! BUT...he's not a vegan. http://www.muscleandstrength.com/sites/default/files/images/articles/articles/joe-franco.jpg
  17. I agree with jungleinthefrunk. Looks like you have done awesome transforming yourself!!! Tear up those weights.
  18. Good stuff! You can do this! I'll be following along for this successful journey!
  19. ^^^ This! Exactly! No offense to tementaXCD meant at all...but I have grown to despise how most people talk to me and ask me "how to get toned". Sometimes they follow it up with "you know, i don't want to get too big". Well I give them the news that they need to lift heavy and eat correctly. I also tell them "I promise you that you won't wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and say....OH NO...I'm way too big!" It ain't that easy. Even that "toned" look that people mention comes with hard a** work and dedication!
  20. Ditto both of these posts! You have to make your body demand more strength by challenging it...
  21. A quick answer would be to make sure you are doing what I consider the foundation of all lifts: Bench (everyone wants to bench lol) Squat (everyone wants to curl in the squat rack) Deadlift (be VERY careful with your form and move up in weight slowly) Pull-ups (build your wings aka lats) Put these preferably on separate days and up your calories moderately. A thorough workout deserves quality calories and enough rest time to heal.
  22. Thank you very much for the welcome! We have met so many great people doing motocross! We are addicted to it. Fun as a family and great community too! Thanks again!
  23. Definite progress and yeah progress is never as fast as we'd like it. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day Keep it up!
  24. Good stuff brother! You have a great physique and you could easily do natural BB shows. Would love to see a back shot at your leanest. Back and legs win shows. But based on the pics there, you don't need much if any at all. Correct posing is a large part of BB shows. Keep up the great work!!!
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