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  1. Wow! That's...just wow! If you think of his name, let us know. I'd be interested in reading up on him more.
  2. Be careful with white potatoes too. Not that they are bad in a smaller quantity, but they have a higher GI rating than sweet potatoes. I never eat white potatoes when cutting.
  3. That's good he is more open-minded! I have a theory about number of steps in one's life. I think small dogs live longer (on average) than big dogs because they take way more steps in their lifetime to travel the same distance. Is my theory too far out there? Lol
  4. Tearing this log up! keep up the great work!
  5. Well....you can't fix ------! It's a shame there are so many close-minded people and it will be to their detriment!
  6. I agree with MiniF! BB'er definitely aren't as healthy as most of them would like to believe. I don't do that much cardio unless I'm working up towards a motocross race because frankly, busting off short intense sets of weights is not that beneficial for endurance. I control my BF more with diet than cardio and someone that concentrates on endurance will kick my butt on anything that requires it. My motos last about 15-20 minutes and I am drained after that LOL
  7. Man what beautiful country!!!! Where I live has such huge pines and hardwoods that you can't see far off very many places. Nice run there too and sounds like a great day!
  8. Injuries are aggravating for sure! Don't rush it though or you may set yourself back further. Maybe when the pain is light enough start doing therapy with very light weight and inch up every few days. Hope you get it worked out soon! Killer log here!
  9. DOMS has nothing to do with progression. It can be a sensor for progress in the initial stages (that you simply attacked a new direction with a muscle). I went from 90 pound deadlift to 315 pound in 9 months and didn't get any DOMS except in the beginning - a clear example I disagree with "has nothing to do with progression". It sure lets me know what I hit. And when DOMS is nearly gone or gone all the way...those muscles feel ready to fire again. But as I insinuated above ...I don't think it's a a must. But it mentally satisfies me.
  10. The only time it's mattered to me is if I wanted to repeat a bodypart in the same week but was too sore to do so. What a lot of people don't understand is that you don't grow while you are in the gym. You tear yourself down there which does cause micro-tears in your muscles and when you heal up with diet and rest....that's when you are apt to get stronger. When I stop getting DOMS for specific bodypart...I switch things up. I do however think you can progress even in muscles you don't necessarily get DOMS in. But I like it.
  11. I'm a weirdo and love DOMS! Makes me think I did a good job trashing my muscles
  12. Wow!!! "Sheeple"...yup! Yeah it seems we are headed in the wrong direction. The rights to free speech may be disappearing http://www.alternet.org/environment/tennessee-official-says-complaining-about-water-quality-could-be-considered-act
  13. Like mentioned above by others, you can NOT spot reduce fat. The first place you gained fat (if you were ever thin)...is the last place you will lose fat. It's just a sign of where your body type starts storing fat first. And visceral fat is (from what I know) is surrounding your organs. http://www.predatornutrition.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/bodyfat.gif I agree with your first part, but abs don't really grow like other muscles. You can work the piss out of them and they only just add definition....not really get huge if that makes sense. But you are spot-on with the first part. I don't do a ton of cardio, I control most with diet.
  14. Once in a while I still eat chicken (I know ) but I do still eat cheese and once in a while drink milk. But I prefer almond milk....just don't always have it. Thanks for the welcome! I'm no noob to working out and forums. I am an admin on another weight lifting forum...but since the desire to swing my diet...I found this.
  15. Vic Costa has one that I own that I really like. He is a natural and has a phenomenal physique! He really explains how to connect your mind to your muscle.
  16. Hi Mike. Noob here as well!
  17. Good to see this log and let me just say that if you are wanting to maximize lifts to grow more mass, do cardio AFTER you lift. If you are just doing it this way for general fitness...carry on. Great pics btw and if running is your "main thing"...just carry on like I said. LOL!
  18. haha! Great post! I'll be following along to your road of beastness!
  19. Awesome log! I'm new here and skipped over a lot but you've achieved some beastly stuff! I'll be following along from now on! Keep tearing it up!
  20. Your progress is VERY apparent! Great job and keep up the good work!!! You've got this!
  21. Yes and that is good but let me explain here to expound a bit. Most bodybuilders do a split and there is a reason for it. It allows you to severely tear the targeted bodyparts down in a single session. For example, my split is like this Monday - Legs & Abs Tuesday - Chest & Biceps Wednesday - Abs & Cardio (or take off) Thursday - Back Friday - Shoulders and Triceps A thorough thrashing of specific muscles is what sparks growth. Crossfit is like a full-body workout in most every session. And I'm not dismissing the intensity of crossfit. It would kick my butt! I am a fan of cross-fit, but it doesn't suit my goals of bodybuilding. It would however suit my motocross hobby much better. Make sense? Here's an analogy that might make more sense. Think of crossfit being akin to a long distance runner. Think of a bodybuilder as a sprinter. I say this because of heart rate and goals. Crossfit and long distance runners takes endurance primarily, but also strength. A bodybuilder busts off a short but intense set (in most cases) similar to a sprinter. Now let's compare a long distance runner to a sprinter on leg size: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_fUCTwYe2F7c/Sjut3UwQfaI/AAAAAAAAAEo/79yUKr70qnE/s320/KehresBlog+-+Sprinters.jpg
  22. Hi! I'm new here but not new to lifting and building muscle. IMO, crossfit is not really going to pack on a ton of muscle. Crossfit to me (and some can correct me if I'm wrong) is primarily endurance oriented with strength being secondary. 4 of the best exercises you can do to pack on mass are deadlifts, squats, bench press, and pull-ups. Especially the deadlifts and squats! These tap into your natural reaction to adjust to supply of strength for the demand you put on it. Great mass builders imo! But that said....be very careful of form on squats and deadlifts. It's best to have someone instruct you or video yourself with lighter weight and check your form. Youtube can be good for instruction videos for form on these movements too. As far as tips on a vegan bulk, I can't really chime in here. I'll follow along though and see what others say.
  23. Hi! I'm new here as well! Just keep your focus and you can achieve your goals. Workout basics that are my belief: if you do cardio, do it after lifting or on a day by itself. Muscle energy mostly derived from glycogen is depleted after cardio and lessened by lifting. So cardio imo is best suited at the end of your lifting session. Since your glycogen is depleted or reduced greatly from the lifting, your cardio will finish that and start looking for reserves which is fat. You can use cardio for a warmup prior to weights, but I think it's best to keep it 5min or thereabouts so you have plenty energy for tearing down your muscles with lifting. I just felt compelled to see that because I see so many noobs in the gym do this backwards. Best of luck and keep us posted! Rick
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