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  1. Had my full checkup on Friday and doc will change my meds. Causing much of the high HR. Prescribed medication - Epitec 100 - Venlor XR 150 - Venlor XR 75 - Mirteron 15 - Diotroxin - Inegy 10mg/20mg - Prexum Plus - Puricos 300 Vitamins daily - Omega 3 1000mg x 2 - L-Lysine 1000mg x 2 - Spectrum Cardio complete Multi Vitamin x 2 - Vitamin B12 and folic acid x 1 - Spirulina 900mg x 2 - Ginger x 1 My weight is down to 109kg. So cool for me. Heart looks great with no issues!!
  2. Thanks MF. Had a good week so far! Moves Running 0:33'10.7 hours 133 bpm Running 0:53'01 hours 135 bpm Running 1:03'37.3 hours 134 bpm Running 1:03'54.8 hours 136 bpm Will be doing another hour today at average 135 bpm. - Current weight - 109kg - Goal - to run a full marathon on November 4 2013 - Comrades 2014 Did a full cardiologist checkup yesterday. Everything is looking great! Medication will change as the cocktail I'm on puts my resting heart rate at 95.
  3. Geezzz. Think you left out stunt driver, sky diver, shark handler and all round bad ass!!
  4. I started training for the Soweto marathon last week. Now I am no runner and have not been active in any sense since 2005. I started a business, and all time and energy was spend to build it. My health went to the dogs in this time. I am currently on depression, cholesterol, BP and pain medication. My weight ballooned to 119 kgs a few weeks ago. BP at all time high 160/105 when on medication. But after seeing a picture of myself that my wife took, I decided that I need to pull my finger out my backside and start getting serious about getting healthy! Part of my decision was to train for a marathon in November, and Comrades (89kms) middle of next year. I switched my diet to a plant based vegan, so no artificial foods or anything. Just healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, and some smoothies after training. I am for now following a Heart beat running program until I am at a better weight( currently doing 140 HR for one hour per day/6 days) to start going into cardio(150 HR) So I will update weekly on my stats: - Weight at start of program 3 weeks ago - 119kg - Current weight - 111kg - training 6 days per week for one hour/day at HB 140 - Goal - to run a full marathon on November 4 2013 - Comrades 2014
  5. Ek is nie nederlands nie, maar praat Afrikaans in Suid Afrika. Kan darem lees en verstaan wat julle se. My ouma was Nederlands!!
  6. Well you now have a good base to work from. I look much "worse"!! I will start a training journal next week. I am still in my first week of training. Gone plant based Vegan about 3 weeks ago, and the weight is falling off by the day. So far I have lost 7 kgs. So keep on posting your progress!! Maybe you and me should start a challenge to see what we will look like December? BTW - training for my first marathon in November 2013. I stopped all exercise and everything healthy, and now I'm paying for it. On various medications etc. But will be back very soon!!
  7. I am busy with The Great Run - Author: Braam Malherbe A really good read to see what real endurance looks like. They did a marathon per day for well over 4 months. Ran the complete wall of China! http://www.kalahari.com/books/The-Great-Run/632/41341150.aspx
  8. Geezzz. You look like this and you are doing ultras!!! Very good going!!
  9. Thanks CO! Thanks for the recommendation MF. Have placed my order for the book! I also ordered: Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life and Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness
  10. Thanks MF! Yeah Bruce is a living legend in the sport. I have met him a few times. Very nice guy and always helpful! I will start a log under running. What started me to get back into running after many years was reading the book from Scott Jurek. Also a serious legend in my book. Currently busy with Rich Rolls book. Starting with my marathon training program on Monday! Let the fun begin!!
  11. Hi All, Well only a plant based vegan for around 3 weeks. Decided that I need to get off my ass and do something. On 9 different prescribed medications per day. My first goal is to do a marathon in early November 2013 and then the big one: Comrades next year. (http://www.comrades.com/) Looking forward to learn from the forum. Stats: Weight - 115kg (254 pounds) 1.8 m tall BMI of around 34.
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