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  1. Sadly we don't have jackfruit in Cyprus (at least not yet) so I don't know how it tastes. About the parmesan you should prolly make a bit more than the amount mentioned in the recipe because personally, I tend to finish it really quickly. I spread on village macaroni (pasta in Cyprus), spaghetti, napolitana, vegan bolognese, pitta with veggies, seitan with tomato sauce etc.
  2. Thanks for the reply. To be sure, I love me some vegan pizza, faux meats, etc., and usually consume them once per week. Otherwise, I try really hard to stick to the raw agenda. As for the verde, the recipe is very simple, and is as follows: Ingredients: 12 tomatillos, peeled, washed, stems removed, quartered; 1 bulb garlic, wrapped in tinfoil; 1 jalapeno, stem trimmed; 1 small red onion, quartered; 1 lime (for juicing); 1 bunch cilantro. Directions: Preheat Oven to 375; line a large baking pan/tray with tin foil; place tomatillos, garlic, jalapeno, and onion into the pan; place pan into oven; roast at 375* for approx 20 minutes; remove from oven; allow to cool for about 5 minutes; place roasted ingredients into food processor, and pulse for about 30 seconds, or until smooth; add cilantro and lime juice to taste. Thanks for the recipe. I am already salivating. Will definitely have to make this soon as I am bored of the store salsa. Cheers, Theodore
  3. Thanks for the input. Indeed I should diversify fruits more since now in summer we have cheap watermelons, melons, nectarines, peaches, etc (and combine them with frozen berries and some fresh ones which they produce in Cyprus but to be honest are a bit expensive). Indeed I should eat more nuts. I try to include vegan parmesan in a lot of dishes (not the crappy store ones but a homemade one I suggest you try: 1cup raw cashews, 1/4c nutritional yeast, 1tspn salt and blend in the food processor a bit with small breaks so that they don't get very heated. cashews MUST be raw). Peanuts are really cheap here (either local from Cyprus or from motherland Greece), hence I eat 2-3 big tablespoons everyday of home made peanut butter. Thanks for the link by the way. I really should make a meal plan with calories counted because I neglected the fact that as vegans we sometimes don't get enough calories. Cheers, Theodore
  4. I am currently doing 80/10/10RV (technically "Raw Before 4"), and my daily intake consists of the following: (Approx 2500 calories - although I'm really not sure) Breakfast - 1/4 watermelon, 1 mango Snack - 1 apple Lunch - 4 bananas Snack - 2 apples, 1tbsp peanut butter Pre-WO - 1 banana, 1 peach/mango, 4 - 6 dates Dinner - 1 head romaine, 10oz kale, 10oz steamed broccoli, 10oz steamed Brussels sprouts, 1 red pepper, 1 steamed zucchini, salsa verde (i made), cherry tomatoes Snack - 1 mango, 1 banana, 4 - 6 dates (dipped in peanut butter - the best!) When I wasn't doing 80/10/10 I ate the following: (1600 - 1800 calories) Breakfast - 80g oatmeal, 3.5oz apple, cinnamon Snack - 1 apple Lunch - 6oz tofu, 6oz broccoli, sriracha Snack - 2 slices ezekiel, 0.7oz peanut butter Dinner - 6oz tofu, 6oz broccoli, sriracha Snack - 12oz watermelon, handful grapes I have a cheat meal each Saturday night, where I eat whatever, drink whatever (beer, etc.). What I will say is that after cutting grains, I found my stomach flattened considerably. I was about 160lbs before going raw, and then dipped down to 152lbs. Lately though it has crept back up to 155-157lbs, but I think (read: hope) that is because I've put on some muscle over the last couple months. Better be at least! Thanks for taking the time to reply. To be honest I don't plan on going raw (might try some detox [2-3 days] in the future) but I respect your choice and acknowledge that it has indeed worked for some people. I simply can't live without tofu, faux meats, vegan pizza, veggie burgers, bread (most people in Cyprus eat bread with everything, even with potatoes) etc. I tried some raw recipes but I found that the raw diet doesn't suit me. That being said, I still try to eat 50% raw (fruits, salads, some veggies, seeds and some nuts) as I do see some benefits from eating at least partly raw. What recipe do you use for salsa verde? I really love all salsa recipes and would appreciate if you could share yours. Cheers.
  5. Not training to compete. Not much competitions in Cyprus anyway, I think there is only one in which they use steroids (which I don't plan on doing, ever). There are more in Greece (motherland of Greekcypriots such as myself) but I don't plan to compete in either, at least it isn't why I am bodybuilding. My main goal is to get a nice healthy body, my long term goal being to reach the body composition/sculpture of Derek Tresize one day. Also I try to promote veganism in Cyprus and I really believe that if I can achieve a very good body composition I might be able to convince more people to try going vegan.
  6. I workout full body at home usually 3 times a week on a ABCD program (heavily modified to fit the fact that I workout at home). My daily plan usually includes oatmeal with soy milk, frozen fruits and flaxseeds. Lunch is beans or lentils with veggies and bread. Dinner is usually either a meat substitute or some homemade veggie burger with veggies and whole wheat bread. I also snack in between on fruits/nuts/etc. I don't have a strict meal plan which is something I plan to change but I need some ideas. I usually have available: carbs: oats, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, white potatoes (sometimes sweetpotatoes also they cost 2.60 euro/kilo whilst white cost 0.20-0.40euro/kilo). milk: soy milk faux meat: meat substitutes (I know I'm not supposed to eat these all the time but the ones I buy {i live in Cyprus which is in EU btw} are organic and contain tofu, wheat protein and veggies) protein: black eyed peas, black beans, lentils, kidney beans, hemp protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, vital wheat gluten, organic TVP, tofu sometimes, tempeh I have to make at home and order the culture so this isn't a staple for me and will never be unless they import tempeh and sell it at stores fruits: apples, melon, watermelon, banana, frozen berries leafy greens: cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cilantro, celery and 1 kale once a week (they are rare in Cyprus so I can only get 12 stalks a week) and sometimes bok choy. fats: almonds, cashews, brazilian, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds (btw should I blend hemp seeds cause they don't taste good as whole?) veggies: tomatoes, cucumber, pumpkin, carrots, sweet peppers, onions, garlic, broccoli, corn and aubergine/okra sometimes I would appreciate if you link link/write your own bulking meal plans or daily bodybuilding meal plans below and also ideas that are based on what I have available.
  7. I eat almost all of my nuts either raw or roasted. Only time I might soak nuts is if I am trying to make a raw vegan cake (which I actually stopped doing since most don't taste really that good). I am not a raw foodist btw. i.e. cashews always taste better roasted almonds are really nice when raw (don't need soaking except if you plan to remove the skin which is impossible without soaking)
  8. Usually burgers can be very high calorie if you design them to be. My high (healthy) calorie burgers usually include black beans(or kidney since for black ones I need to travel to a certain store to get them here in Cyprus), some grain (be it quinoa, oats, bulgur wheat or smth similar), nuts (usually cashews[roasted but unsalted] but you can try something else), rarely I add whole or broken seeds but I usually add flax seed meal as a binder plus some vital wheat gluten. Beware though, adding too much VWG and adding wheat/rye/spelt flour also, will make your burger taste too "bready". So, this burger is the direct opposite of a meat burger cause everything in it doesn't contain much water and most ingredients (beans, quinoa, nuts, seeds, vital wheat gluten) are high on calories when related to their weight. Also a vegan dip is always a good idea. Try avocado + artichoke hearts +cashew + maybe some nutritional yeast + lemon juice and herbs to taste. Also oatmeal as a breakfast with seeds, soymilk (or other) plus some fruit can give you a hefty amount of calories. I also love some falafel with some veggies and hummus in a pita. General rule: Legumes, beans, seeds and nuts are the best bulking foods for everyone since beans and legumes by dry weight are 20-30% protein 40-50% carbs and some very low to no fat (except soy) and nuts/seeds are 23-26% protein 50% fat and 10-12% carbs if I remember correctly. So the rule a grain, a green and a bean really applies here (plus seeds and nuts though).
  9. To C.O.: Forum is great since any other bb/fitness forums don't have vegan info or for a matter of fact they make lame jokes about vegans and stuff. Here things just feel right. To Pkiriakou: I sent you a pm (private message) with my email if you need any info and a list of the shops/items I have found up to now but the mail got stuck in outbox, don't know why. So below you will find the list which you didn't receive firm tofu (organic) - alpha mega, kolias vegan parizaki - health store lazarou (opposite mall of engomi) vegan burgers etc.- health store lazarou (opposite mall of engomi), health shop at armenias str. "Etherio Bio Store" organic tvp - alpha mega, agia skepi store vegan milks - carrefour , alpha mega(mostly-cheapest organic soy milk), kolias, holland&barret & health food stores Nutritional yeast and agar agar - etherio bio stores i think Vital Wheat Gluten - Offices/store of Mitsides at Dali (only 25kg bags) about 60 euro -value for money really (i posted this on the facebook grp Cyprus Vegetarians & Vegans but I think most people didn't realise or know what it is for. You can make Seitan-fake chicken etc. and better rising bread). In search of a vegan cheese right now but haven't found anything up to now. UPDATE 02/05/2014: Have been told that Etherio Bio Store has started stocking some vegan cheese and will go check it out. If anyone else who lives in Cyprus (probably Nicosia since that's where I am and know about stores) and needs info about where to buy what or what is available just send me a private message or respond to this thread.
  10. Does anyone know of a website that delivers vegan stuff in Europe? Amazon is good but there are stuff missing such as tempeh starter and vegan yogurt culture (do not even have tempeh in Cyprus and tofu varieties are limited and somewhat expenssive). We are also missing vital wheat gluten here in Cyprus and making Seitan from whole flour is quite tiring . I found this website (www.tempeh.info/) but I do not know if it can be trusted. Any thoughts and knowledge are appreciated.
  11. I'm a Greek Cypriot living in Cyprus, 22y.o., 4th year law student. I am taking action in trying to become a vegan (have completely cut out meat from my diet). I started my journey about a month ago but here in Cyprus we have very little vegan products. I even have to import Protein(hemp,pea,brown rice), xanthan gum and nutritional yeast from the UK. The tofu is actually expensive and we do not have tempeh or gluten (hence no ready seitan[have to make it from whole wheat flour which takes a really long time and produces only a small amount], mock meats[maybe there are 1-2 products but super expenssive] etc.). I am trying to stick to peanutbutter, oats, grains, legumes, salad, fruits, nuts, seeds and the other basics. I like lifting weights and hope one day I will be able to prove to others that you can get big without meat/dairy/eggs. Vegans in Cyprus are probably less than 1% although no study has been done on this. Cyprus is the land of Halloumi(probably everyone knows this cheese) and since Cyprus is a Greek island souvlaki is very popular. If anyone else is from Cyprus I would appreciate some tips. If someone else is from Europe I would appreciate sharing websites that deliver in Europe vegan stuff (i.e. vegan yogurt culture, tempeh starter etc.). I hope to be an active member.
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