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  1. Hi veggietails, nice to meet you, I'm new here too. I can't eat quinoa or beans either, doesn't sit well with me. I focus on vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Good luck with the training! Like you, I'm also working on obtaining more muscle definition.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, Emrys and C.O.! C.O., by high raw, it means I still eat cooked veggies sometimes, I'm not 100% raw. I love broiled cabbage, garlic sauteed brussels sprouts, sauteed asparagus, steamed or sauteed broccoli, cooked greens, and cooked sweet potato. I don't eat them raw. I eat mostly raw about 90% (high raw) but do enjoy cooked veggies every now and then.
  3. Hello all, I'm Lore from New Orleans, turned vegetarian a few months ago, and then became a high raw vegan a few weeks ago. I was high raw a few years ago and it was the best I ever felt in my life and I got strong, then I merged back into the SAD. Started feeling bad then had some major health issues creep up and I've been battling that for these past couple of years so decided to gradually go back to high raw vegan. I do eat cooked veggies every now and then but mostly stick to raw veggies, nuts, and fruits. I'm leaner and stronger without meat and grains, that's just how my body wants to be. It's good to be in a place where others have similar goals and that's why I'm here. My current goal is to develop definition in my muscles as well as to build muscle. I get very inspired by everyone's progress here and it helps me to keep going! I've been lurking for awhile and finally decided to join.
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