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  1. Hello! A little late but thank you for the warm welcomes! Lore, isn't that the worst? Quinoa and beans are the best, my issue is with beans and BM (TMI).
  2. Hello! Greetings from Miami, FL I am a soon to be graduate student (location TBD), have extreme respect for nutrition and health. I have been vegan for about three years or so, first sparked by my vegetarian roommate who started educating me on the agricultural/environmental impact that the “standard” ways of diets had on our earth. Currently I am working (busting my chops, 2x/week) with my trainer in order to ‘lean up’ and define my muscles, albeit actual bodybuilding is not something I would strive for (still love going to the competitions!). Although my nutrition grasp is pretty on point, I want to see different views on vegan foods when combined with heavy exercise/lifting. *Quinoa and beans, although my favorite combination, are leaving me bloated and gassy! Have mild intolerance to soy doesn’t help either * Thanks, and I'm looking forward to reading more posts!
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