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  1. Hi all, I'm new here and I need advice to progress. I've made bodybuilding for 7 months now but I've still noticed any progress in the arms and very few in the chest. Actually, I've become fatter than before. My waist measurement was 78cm/30.7inches and now is 84cm/33inches. Maybe it is due to the fact that I am doing less cardio (I ran very often, 4 times a week). But I'm really beginning to fret about the absence of results and this increase of fat. And I don't understand how it is possible, for it seems to me that I'm doing everything properly. I sleep enough (7h) and I generally eat sufficiently protein (about 2g/kg). I am training myself 3 or 4 times a week. But before to begin seriously bodybuilding I was training myself much more (Every day), but it was too "anarchic" and the gain of muscles only observable on short periods. I wonder if it is possible that I'm under-training, because I've always been lean and perhaps I need to do more to obtain results. If you have any idea on what I could improve or tips that have worked for you, I should be very glad to hear it. Thanks
  2. Have you heard of the "Méthode LaFay"? Have you already tried this method? It's a method of body building who only use the strength of the body. The advantage is that we can practise whenever we want at home (or out). It is also less expensive. Do you think it's a good work out or do you prefer exercise in fitness room? Thanks for feedback!
  3. Hi everybody, My name is Nicolas and I'm 21 years old. I am from Geneva and I speak French, German, English and Spanish. I'm vegetarian since my childhood. I always have been rather sporty. I practice karate and running, and since my military service I have begun bodybuilding. It's been 6 months now that I am doing bodybuilding and I am a bit disappointed not to see any change. To confess the truth the only change I've noticed is my waist measurement, who is larger. And I really don't understand how it is possible for I sleep well, I eat enough protein and I practice bodybuilding regularly. Therefore I'm looking forward to share and to get some advice on this great forum. Thanks to you all!
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